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  1. Yes, by adding a second amp through the pre-outs. But NOT by itself. I was just looking over the Owner Manuel and this IS a great receiver for $220! Dennie
  2. If it's in good shape and hasn't been abused, I think it is a very fair price, if it fits your needs. Dennie
  3. As some of you know, I've run Pioneer Elite products for years and the VSX-55 TXi is a beast of a receiver. I've used the VSX-41 for years and only have high regards for it. It did everything well, including High Res. Audio. Although I've not used the "55", it seems like a fantastic receiver from the Specs., if you can get a good deal on it ($1700.00 MSRP), I'd grab it up in a heartbeat. Do keep in mind, it does not have HDMI, but unless you are using it for HT, that should not matter, as it has Analog inputs for High Res. Audio. Keep us posted, Dennie
  4. Why wouldn't you be the one to try it? Golden ears? I don't know anyone with "Golden Ears". It either sounds better or it dosen't. Keep us posted, Dennie
  5. Dennie, The check is in the mail. Thanks for the very enthusiastic endorsement. The full name is William Lester Land. I go by Bill Land My forum name is Willland. Any will do. Yeah, I was just giving you a bad time. We live near "William Land" Park, here in Sacramento. So, when I wrote the check, it was like I've known you all my life! LOL Thanks my friend, Dennie
  6. I too have had dealings with this Bill guy, and I think he also goes by "Willland", so keep your eye out for either name! I mean C'mon, who has that many "L's" in his name? ........ My experience with this "seller" was not the same as yours. I agreed to purchase a Integra DVD/Universal Player from him. Well...... Before I could even write the check on a Monday, he shipped the item. (Who does that? ) By the time the DVD Player arrived, my check was barely deposited. And Packaging? Ha! This thing was packaged so it could be dropped from a UPS Airplane and not get damaged. How the heck he got 142lbs of Styrofoam into a 31lb box, I'll never know. But the DVD player was as Snug As A Bug In A Rug. I don't think it wiggled a bit in this double boxed package that was more of a solid brick, than a box. When I finally got the darn thing out of the 73lbs of packaging, what do I find? A brand new set of Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries for the remote control. I mean (again) who does that? He also included a downloaded Owners Manual! (Bastard!!!!.... ) I have been using the DVD Player since Sept. 16th and it works flawlessly, just as he described. So, if anyone asks me about doing business with this Bill or Willland guy, I will warn them.... They will always feel inadequate when it comes to making deals in the Garage Sale Section ....... and Packaging? Forgetaboutit! Bill is a packaging fool with no shame when it comes to packaging material! I rate him 11 out of 10 stars! Thanks Bill (or whatever your name really is ()) and Philly/Robin for starting this thread. I agree that a rating system for Sellers and Buyers would be a good thing. Dennie
  7. Subwoofer section? Oh Hell Yeah.... Dennie
  8. Dennie

    The lounge.

    It is good to get the heart revvvvvveeeeeddddd up every now and then! LOL Just don't spill your drink, she dosen't clean up. Dennie
  9. Dennie

    The lounge.

    I think I'm going to LOVE this place! Dennie .....
  10. Dennie

    The lounge.

    Darn handy to have "The Lounge" right next to the "Right This Minute" thread. ........ I'll have a double shot of espresso please. Thank you! Woops, time to flip the CD over for side 2..... Dennie .......
  11. Yeah, WOW! Thanks for posting it. Dennie
  12. Thanks Muel, that is a great write up. I like the fact that you gave room size, etc...! Very helpful Dennie
  13. Congratulations and Welcome to the Klipsch Family! Are the Crossovers original? If so, they will need to be updated. Sure, they sound good now, but wait until you get them back into spec., they will blow your mind. I waited a year or so to update the crossovers and once I did, I was kicking myself for waiting so long. I've never heard bass like La Scala bass, in my life. WOW! But the old Crossovers won't do it. Keep us posted, Dennie
  14. A couple of years ago, they sold a KLIPSCH Turntable at Indy. I think it was one of a kind, but I'm not sure. Dennie
  15. The time of your life! Congratulations, you are going to be in Heaven! What gear are you going to be using with these fine speakers? Welcome to the Klipsch Forums Quakana, we're glad you are here! Dennie
  16. You are absolutely right. I highly recommend this set. I haven't see "Before Midnight" yet, but it's in my Que. The first two are fantastic. If you're looking for a movie to watch with your Gal or Guy, these are great. Thanks for the reminder Riv. Dennie
  17. Is that going to be big enough for a LaScala? If it is foam... Won't it tend to compress, which could cause the LaScala to become unlevel? I would think the feet would be better for isolation. From the Amazon link.... Product Description The AmpDude is an incredibly effective isolation platform that instantly improves your Amplifier's Performance. The Auralex AmpDude Amplifier Isolation platform is a smaller version of our classic GRAMMA, which is trusted by chart topping recording artists onstage and in the studio. The AmpDude is designed for compact guitar, bass and keyboard amplifiers. This patented isolation platform features an Ozite covering over an inert structural layer that floats on 3 "strips of acclaimed Auralex PlatfoamTM. This carefully engineered solution allows the true sound of your amp to come through by negating resonance artifacts. Hear All The Sound You Paid. For Add an AmpDude to your rig today. Creates A Cleaner, More Accurate Mid and Low Frequency Response. Decouples The Amp From The Floor For Incredible Purity. Improves The Sound Of Your Amplifier. Reduces Coloration and Muddy Sound. Diminishes Structural Vibrations H Supports Compact Amplifiers. Improves Sound Isolation. Supports up to 200 pounds. My La Scala's only weigh about 130ish lbs. each( ). So, I think these would be okay with the weight. But someone may want to use a couple for each speaker, since the size is 15 x 2.8 x 15 inches. But yes, I think the feet may be a better choice for the price. Dennie
  18. Here are isolation feet from SVSound -----> CLICK HERE Dennie
  19. Check these out.... Subwoofer Isolation stands! Here is the Amazon link ----> CLICK HERE Dennie
  20. I use one of these, it works wonders! http://www.ebay.com/itm/audio-control-c-101series-3-equalizer-with-real-time-audio-spectrom-analizer-/261300749471?pt=US_Stereo_Receivers&hash=item3cd6bd049f What has happened to these forums? I can't find the option of using "bold" text or the option of adding links anymore. Very strange... I'll second the C-101 III, I've been using one for years and it is a very good Full Octive EQ, RealTimeAnalizer. [<)] BTW, that is a decent price for a $1000 eq, I paid $100 for mine, although it was NewInBox. Congratulations Youth, those "7's" look great in your room. [Y] Dennie
  21. Hey Neil, If the needle looks okay, not bent or canted, I would give it a shot with an old or worn record to see how it tracks. If it looks bad in any way, I would get the Shure M97xe or Similar cart. before I used it. At least it works, so it's worth a shot if the needle looks okay. Congrats on getting back into vinyl. It's a journey that can be well worth the effort. [<)] Dennie
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