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  1. This is a no brainer. Negitive feedback! I mean Come-on, this was not packaged for shipment. It may of been packaged for storage in his home, but absolutely not for shipment. [N] Does it work? Sorry this happened. It should not of happened at all. If you want to sell stuff on Ebay, you have to package it so it gets where it's going without damage. This is inadequate packaging, to say the least. Dennie
  2. It seems like a fair price. Supporting local business is a must in my neighborhood too. [] Kudos! [<)] Dennie
  3. Can you answer this on the open forum? Thanks, Dennie
  4. Yes. Or, if you have a separate Pre amp/amp, you connect it in between Pre amp out to Eq. Eq out to amp. Then adjust away. Dennie
  5. If you don't get a used one, this is a very good Cart. at a reasonable price ----> CLICK HERE for Shure M97xe Congrats on the TT! [Y] Dennie
  6. Hey Tswei, The good news is.... Khorns hold there value pretty good, so if you were to pick up a pair and ended up not liking the result, you could probably sell them for what you paid for them. But! I think it is worth a try. Khorns are not La Scalas and are made to go into corners, where La Scalas were not. They were/are the portabale version of the Khorn and are stand alone speakers. Not to say they would not benefit from corners, as you found out, it is not always the case. Your 18X30 room sounds Ideal for Khorns. I would think they would be worth a try. Dennie
  7. Dennie

    First This Time

    Happy Birthday Amy, thanks for all of your hard work! [<)] Dennie
  8. Sweet!!! [<)] Congratulations and Keep us posted on how you like them. [] Dennie
  9. Flippin Crazy! [:S] Thanks for posting it Bob. Dennie
  10. Dennie

    Some sad news

    Some sad news indeed. So sorry to hear about your loss Jeff. You, your father and family members are in our thoughts and Prayers. Dennie
  11. Thank you Bill. What a great transaction. 5 Star Transaction! Bill is a stand up guy. This Integra Universal player is everything he claimed it was (and more) and I am thrilled to be the new owner. Never hesitate to do business with "Willland", the shipping package could have been dropped from an airplane and would not have been damaged. There was enough packaging material and attention to detail, that I knew before I opened it, it was going to be fine. Heck, Bill even threw in the batteries for the Remote. First class all the way. Thanks again Bill, I will be enjoying the Intergra DPS-10.5 for years to come. Dennie
  12. Your CD/DVD Player should have analog (red & white) outputs.(maybe not?) Connect them to the "CD' or "Aux" input. Keep us posted, Dennie
  13. Thanks for posting this, I've always wondered how to resurface a disc! Now I know. [] Dennie
  14. Dennie

    A fond farewell

    Hey John, I see it as he's becoming a better man, having gone though everything he has gone through. He will carry his experiences with him for the rest of his life. Sometimes/usually it's the "harder" things in life that make us better people. Love and compassion are great attributes to have in life. He is truly blessed and I believe many people will be touched by Cody, throughout his life. Thanks for keeping us updated, you continue to be in my thoughts and Prayers. Dennie
  15. As I've cautioned before, very high power can come with a high sensitivity and high gain, which can be a PITA with Heritage efficiency -- high amp gain can magnify preamp hiss and noise, and then when you can hear it over the music, you might think you have a "noisy amplifier." Absolutely! My Adcom GF-555 adds some "hiss" even when the system is off. I can here a little hiss, but I don't hear it when the music is playing. I'm sure it is still there, but it is not noticeable to me. This is something to be cautious about. Dennie
  16. Actually, there is no more of the older model available from Emotiva. No choice but to wait ! By the way, could you tell me with what kind of amp you would power an Heritage line speakers such as Cornwalls ? I'm looking over it for the future... ! And for what kind of speakers a 1000 watts monoblock would be for ? The 1000 watt amp, as earlier stated, would be for something like a large Subwoofer or concert venue. Not really necessary for home use. As for which amp to use with Heritage speakers, well that's a whole can of worms. I think you would be better off doing a search and seeing what has already been discussed many times. Some people us a 3 - 50 watt tube amp with Heritage speakers and others, like myself use100 - 300 wpc Solid State amps. The possibilities are endless. It's almost easier for you to find an amp and then ask for our experience with it. Keep us posted, Dennie
  17. This seems like a really great buy. I'm now doing research..... Dennie
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