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  1. I am kinda new at the whole HT thing, but i love. I have an Onkyo 606 receiver with a PS3, samsung dvd-r160, bell express vu 9200 HD all hooked up via HDMI cables. I am only receiving an analog audio format. I have no idea why this would be it would be great?
  2. I just bought the harmony 890 pro for my new home theatre system. I have everything other than my tv in a closet and i am running the wireless extender. It was a little bit of a pain to get everything working well to be begin with, but it works great now.
  3. How far does a tv stick out from the wall when it is on a traditional wall mount? The guy i am going to buy them off of was going to upgrade my surrounds to the rs-52 and a rw-12d sub.
  4. I am planning on getting the Onkyo 606. I've heard that they are good AVR to get started with. Do you think it will look funny if the speakers will stick out past the TV. I am getting the 46" Samsung 750 series.
  5. I am kinda new to the whole HT thing, but i've always loved it. I am looking at getting the RB-35 fronts, RC-35 center, RS-52 surrounds, and the RW12D sub. I had two questions is this a good system, and I have to have to the front three hung on the wall and the surround hung on the ceiling? is this possible, I have been looking at the specs and the are actually pretty damn heavy. I helped my buddy setup is his system last night and we put in RSX-3 HT system. Surprisingly, I was extremely impressed with it. I was also thinking of going to the RSX-5 system. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks Darren
  6. Yeah, unfortunately i have purchased the 576 however, i was thinking of bringing it back. I have everything wired into a closet and ran with a single 40 ft HDMI cable to my tv. i have the RSX-3s' right now, but a friend of mine wants them. I wanted to upgrade to RB-35s. Is there any other receiver around this price range from 500-800ish. I was looking at the Pioneer 91txh, but it only has two HDMI inputs. Where are you finding the 705 for that kind of price. I can't find them anywhere near that price?
  7. would the Onkyo tx-sr576 have a power to run the Klipsch RB-35, RC-35, RS-52 and the RW-12D. I am also looking at getting the Samsung LN46A750.
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