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  1. Voted on by our equally inept City Council members. One of whom lives on an Army base here in NY. Talk about private security! Also the elimination of bail for criminal offenses, including gun charges has led to a huge increase in crime. To be denied bail you almost have to shoot the judge’s mom in front of them.
  2. Well in NYC that would be Mayor Bill DeBlasio. The single worst mayor in the history of the city, and that’s saying something.
  3. 61 years living in NYC, the wife and I pulled the plug this summer. The city is in the worst shape in my lifetime, which includes the bad old 70’s. Between the filth, the homeless, the junkies and the criminals, I was never so cautious going around the city over the last year. You should not be afraid to walk around the city you live in, but that is the reality of the situation right now. We all know who to blame.
  4. Having bought a pair of Cornwall II’s from Preston Tom, I can confirm he is a man of his word and very easy to deal with. GLWTS, Tom.
  5. I am a big fan of the ROTEL/Klipsch synergy. I run a RA-1070 Integrated amp with my Forte speakers and use a RA-12 Integrated amp as my Pre-amplifier with my Chorus II’s. ROTEL, much like Klipsch overdelivers at their price points. I find them neutral in delivery which allows my speakers to shine. Enjoy.
  6. His commentary on speaker cable is well worth reading and has caused more than a few audio-fools to pull their hair out. Thanks for your work, it certainly looks like he lead an interesting life.
  7. Not to derail the thread, but I found.a guy who worked with the designer of that SAE amp. He was doing repair work on that engineer’s models, SAE, Ampzilla, Son of Ampzilla, etc. last I heard he was working for VPI turntables. As a side note, the loudest I ever pushed the SAE was 1 whole watt, given the efficiency of the Chorus II, it was concert level loud for these old ears. (As a tribute to the passing of legendary bassist/vocalist John Wetton, I cranked up King Crimson: USA.)
  8. You may want to consider the Rotel lineup of Integrated Amps. Their more recent models such as the RA-12 and A-12 have built in DAC’s. I am currently using the Rotel RA-12 as my Pre-Amp while hooked up to a SAE-501A 250wpc power amp. It offers a tons of flexibility for inputs, optical/coaxial, to which I run my Oppo Blu-ray and tv. Cd and phono sections as well as a front panel input if you ever want to run your IPhone or other such device directly to the Rotel. It is also Blu-Tooth capable. Used they are well within your budget and I saw one recently trade on AudioKarma around the $600 price point. Good luck in your search.
  9. I for one thought he was dead in the water, playing on the regular tour and missing cuts. Phil The Thrill proved me wrong and as a long time fan of his, I enjoyed it thoroughly. A well deserved win.
  10. My wife and I just got our second Pfizer shot at Southampton College today, and we were informed that a booster shot was in our future. We were also told to make copies of our immunization records as they will be needed in the future, (my guess is for plane travel, etc.) Big Brother is watching.
  11. I bought my Klipsch Chorus II at Continental Sound in Forest Hills, Queens in 1990. They sold some nice equipment back in the day and bought my Sony ES amp and CDP there as well. Not that I am in the market but I haven’t seen a Klipsch dealer in the metropolitan area since J&R Music World closed years back. The highest end Klipsch product they sold were Heresy’s.
  12. I got round one of the Pfizer vaccine on Saturday, no side effects other than a slight headache, which may or may not have been related. Second dose is the middle of April. For me it was a no brainer. I would love to have our society get back to some semblance of normalcy.
  13. Rotel integrated amps offer great bang for the buck. Plus a myriad of connections on some of the more recent offerings, i.e. RA-12. Toslink/Coaxial connections, phono section, USB port in front faceplate, built in DAC....used prices should be in your wheelhouse. More than enough power to drive Forte speakers.
  14. Johnny Johnson, the great R&B piano player? Loved him and saw him a bunch of times in NYC. “The baddest left hand in the business”said Keith Richards. As to the passing of Chick Corea, another great contributor to the American art form that is jazz has left the stage. RIP.
  15. RT FAN

    Robin Hood etc....

    A couple of things regarding this mess. First of all the Robin Hood/Wall Street Bets crowd identified an arbitrage opportunity by recognizing that several hedge funds were short a total of 140% of the total outstanding float of shares of GameStop. So they banded together and started running up the share price on this stock, which as it soared in value forced the hedge funds to either cover their shorts at huge losses or borrow the shares for delivery at high rates in the stock loan market. In this instance, thousands of small investors caught the big boys with their pants down and crushed them, nothing wrong with that. This works well if anyone holds their position but you cannot blame someone for taking extraordinary profits in the trade. So once the crack in the dyke started it became a flood of selling. I would imagine hedge funds were among the biggest sellers at the highs, (hey if you are going top lose your job you might as well double down.)Trapping some of the longs at ridiculous prices and wiping them out as they ran for the exit. Saw an interview with an analyst who has covered GME for 16 years. He had the most optimistic earnings call on the stock at something like 95 cents per share, which would mean the stock should be trading at $20 per share. The average earnings call from his fellow analysts was something like a loss of 19 cents a share. To justify some of the lofty prices at which GME traded would mean they would have to earn over $20 per share this year. Not gonna happen. I will not shed any tears about hedge funds getting their lunch money stolen, they have been screwing over the general public for years, ever hear of “Frontrunning orders”? Heck Robin Hood MAKES their money by selling their stock orders to the big boys who then execute those orders in the most advantageous manner to benefit THEMSELVES, not the retail customer. If you think you are getting best order execution on your minuscule stock trades, dream on McDuff. Anyway, perhaps the SEC will limit shorting of shares to 100% of the float of any one company, might be a prudent move. But if you think that the small investor would win more than one round against the titans of Wall Street, you are delusional. The High Frequency traders are in and out of the trade before your buy order hits the tape, They have computing power and telecommunications supremacy that allows them to execute orders in milliseconds on exchanges all over the world. Even the biggest get a bloody nose once in awhile a some even get wiped out, remember Long Term Capital? Damn near took down the whole system. Some folks made a great deal of money in this trade, good for them. When all is said and done most of the buyers of these shorted stocks will have lost their investment. I can only hope they only bet what they could afford to lose, somehow I doubt it.
  16. He was very helpful when I spoke with him and I hope his son continues his work. RIP
  17. I am on the other side of that coin, I have seen REK several times but never caught Lyle in concert. Both are excellent songwriters. I have 15+ cds of these artists between them. Never lucky enough to have seen John Hiatt, but his album “Stolen Moments” is one of the best albums of the last 30 years.
  18. Robert Earl Keen and Lyle Lovett were roommates @ Texas A&M. I believe they wrote ‘The Front Porch Song” together, which both have recorded.
  19. Spectracide wasp & hornet spray is the most effective killing agent I have used against wasps, never without it. Spray them when they land, game over, also effective against small nests under eaves etc. I called in a pro for the monster nest in the drainpipe on my flat roof. He said he had never seen that before. As to yellow jacket nests underground, I wait until evening and pour gasoline down the hole and set on fire. Just make sure you are not near your sprinkler system, etc.
  20. I would gladly pay those prices and then some @BigStewMan This is the first Weller I have seen in a store in the NYC area in years. My supplies are running low, I am down to one bottle of Antique in the bunker!
  21. Stopped into a new for me liquor store, that had a few things on sale, cash only, that were worth the detour. As always I checked the bourbon aisle and there to my surprise was a bottle of Weller Special Reserve. Now this store is in a less than well off area, so I was quite happy to see the Weller, too bad it was $49.99. I left it there, right next to the Weller 12 that was $199.99. Short of someone in the area winning the lottery, they will be there for ages.
  22. RT FAN


    I can't help but think you will regret this in the long run, but you have been making lots of strong moves over the last 2 years. These will not last long, GLWTS.
  23. RT FAN

    What I Got Today!

    I have had a bunch of Jim Barry's over the years and think you will enjoy them. The Kistler might have the stuffing to age, but it will be quite a different wine by now. Worth the gamble, the reds should be fine.
  24. I picked up a bottle of Angel's Envy as my supply had run dry. $44 plus tax. Won't get opened until another bourbon bites the dust. Work, work, work...
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