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  1. I bought a pair AK2 1986 model Klipschorn back in June of this year. The original owner had bought and installed the Crites AK2 replacement as the original AK2 had incredible oxidation inside the factory installed "monster cables". After several weeks I was not happy with the sound of the Crites network. I thought it was a bit bright and harsh for my taste. I found JEM audio on the web and contacted Jim. He sold me on updating the caps for the original AK2s. I had them installed and am now happier with the sound. I don't think they sound as good as a previous pair of AA 1976 Klipschorn that I once owned. Is that because of older ears or is it inflated musical memories? Well I guess it could be either or both. I would recommend Jim and the caps that JEM sell. Whether the caps are approved by someone other than myself make no difference to me. I like them so what else matters?
  2. Hi Folks, Considering the efficiency of the khorn is there any advantage, in relation to detail and definition, of having a high powered amp >100W?? I always thought the higher power amps made for more headroom. Where does the speaker efficiency and amp headroom lines cross? Thanks.
  3. Looking for a used set of Klipschorns. I'm in North Alabama and willing to drive for the right speakers. Thanks Wayne wilbucd@yahoo.com
  4. Hey Folks....I need to resurrect this post as I just ordered the Dayton 10 Ohm resistors mentioned above. Just to be clear.... This same 10 Ohm resister is used in parallel with the 2 Ohm resister on both the RF7 and the RC7. Am I correct?
  5. Hey folks. Quick question. I'm building a new music room. Dimensions are 16x23 with a 9' ceiling. Will the Klipschorns perform better on the 23' wall in the corners with the couch being backed up to the wall or on the 16' wall having about 6' to the wall behind the couch? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks
  6. I'm about to move to another house but will be required to store my RF-7's for 3-6 months. Does anyone have some original boxes they wouldn't mind parting with? Otherwise I guess I'll be wrapping them in blankets and hoping for the best. I'm in Huntsville, Al and would be willing to pay for shipping and maybe a reasonable fee for the boxes. Thanks, Wayne Wilburn wilbucd@yahoo.com
  7. I already own a RSW-15 so no demo needed although I'm always up to hear other peoples stuff.
  8. Black is preferred to match my other one but the other colors could work as well. My budget depends on how far I have to drive and the asking price.
  9. I need a 2nd RSW-15 to balance out my room. I live in Huntsville, Al and will drive 3-4 hours to pick up. Thanks, Wayne Wilburn wilbucd@yahoo.com
  10. I need a 2nd RSW-15 to balance out my room. I'm in Huntsville, Al and will drive 3-4 hours to pick up. Thanks, Wayne Wilburn wilbucd@yahoo.com
  11. For accurate I like female voice smooth and as natural as possible. You can tell if it's life like in seconds. Listening to Diana Krall's new album on vinyl just now. Very impressed with the recording. An instant favorite. I agree, female vocals, piano and strings are hard to beat.
  12. I owned a pair of Klipschorns years back. I would trade the whole 7.1 Klipsch RF system for another pair if it were just my call. Actually another set of those might not be out of the question. I have nice corners in this room.
  13. If power is not the issue then tell me what constitutes having 1000w mono block home systems? They are surely not playing louder than we are without their ears bleeding. Are some speakers just that power hungry? I spend a lot of time surfing high end systems and many of those mega watt amps are in rooms no bigger than my 19x24 room.
  14. Ok I have learned I don't know as much as I thought I did....... as usual. I will reconsider the bigger amp and do some more homework. Yes tubes have always been on the bucket list. I am currently using a Pro-Ject turntable with the Ortofon Red. Hard to spend money on a catridge that cost $700, as the Black Ortofon does, without being able to hear it first. I miss the days of high end audio stores that actually carried inventory and offered demos. Also realize that at 48 years old and a long list of rock concerts in my past it may be my ears that are actually the limiting factor.
  15. Yes I'm afraid thats going to be a better answer for what I'm looking for. Room acoustics is a black hole to me. Don't even know where to start.
  16. I've always thought higher power was to make up for the peaks in the music. Therefore the higher the power the cleaner the music. Granted the headroom would be dependant on how hard you are pushing the amp. Or put another way, the higher the power, the further away the clipping point is for the amp. Sorry I don't have the audiophile glossary in front of me
  17. I'm looking for more detail in my 2 channel music. Mainly vinyl. The vintage McIntosh MC2505 50watt amp I am using sounds good but I am wanting to step up to the next level so to speak. Please don't turn this into a cartridge, turntable, preamp or speaker wire debate . I understand all of that. I'm wondering if there is a point where you can have too much or "wasted" power in regards to headroom and clean volume, relating to a specific speaker, listening at reasonably loud volume. Granted, testosterone dictates that you can never have too much power but really, where is the break even point? I'm interested in electrical algorithm type answers, not "use whatever sounds good to you" or name brand debates. For reference I'm using the original RF-7's and considering an amp advertised at 300 wpc RMS. The speaker sesnsitivity is 102dB @ 2.83 volts/1 meter. 300wpc sounds like a lot to me but I see where some people use 1000 watt monoblocks. Is that much power an advantage to detail or is it overkill? Thanks in advance.
  18. I appreciate all of the replies. I have considered the Chorus ll's before. I just liked the look of the Cornwalls. As with most purchases of older equipment the decision will likely come down to which of the two first pops up for sale within a reasonable drive.
  19. I've been sharing a pair of first gen RF-7's between a HT setup and a 2 channel stereo to play my vinyl. I'm tired of changing the speaker wires on the back of the speakers to flip between movies and music. I have an all RF series 7.1 system and I'm not interested in breaking up the set. Would really like to try a set of Cornwalls for my 2 channel music and am wondering how you folks think they would compare with the RF-7's. The 2ch system I'm using is a McIntosh 2505 amp with a McIntosh C26 preamp. It's all solid state....50wpc. I've had Klipshorns in the past and nothing beats their detail in strings, vocals and horns but I prefer the direct firing woofers over the folded horn design for bass. To me, the RF-7's don't have the detail that the khorns have but they certainly have that forward firing thump on the chest. Wondering if the Cornwalls could be the best of both worlds??
  20. Hey Folks, Do wall mount brackets exist for the RB-3 and RS-7 speakers or will I have to build a shelf for these to sit on? Thanks,
  21. Have a post in the garage sale area. I hit the insert image button and list my URL address but when I hit insert nothing happens. Even created a flicker account and put the pictures out there because I couldn't fogure out how to load them straight from my PC. What am I missing???
  22. wilbucd

    War Movies

    Don't forget the Civil War movies. Glory and Gettysburg are two of my favorites. The cannon barrage before Pickets Charge in Gettysburg is a great work out for the sub!
  23. So the question is how can you tell if the source for the NEW vinyl was analog or if the record was remastered from a digital source? I'm not looking to buy a vinyl CD.
  24. Hey Folks, thanks for all of the options. I just spent a rain soaked weekend at Six Flags in Atlanta with the family and am now ready to get back to searching. I will look at everything offered up here. Doing the research is half the fun of buying.
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