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  1. I have a blown woofer on my silver Klipsch RSX5. I don't necessarily need a pair, but if they're only sold as a pair I'll entertain it. No one carries the replacement woofer anymore...frustrating.
  2. PM sent with phone number, call me if you're still interested.
  3. See the craigslist link below for pictures, I tried uploading pics directly to the forum but they were all too large. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/wsh/ele/5628068950.html
  4. I have for sale my prized pair of Klipsch CF-4's. I am located in stillwater mn and I am open to shipping them ONLY if they are picked up by shipping / freight company after payment has been made in full. These are about an 8 out of 10 esthetically there is some water spotting on one of them (see pics in craigslist link in next post below) They sound perfect and are completely original. They are also posted on Craigslist so they may go quickly.
  5. I too have cf4's and would like to find a couple of class d monoblock amplifiers to run them to their full potential. Hard to find to many options, I may just go with a couple of pro audio amplifiers.
  6. I'm on the mobile website. It doesn't matter if it's a thread that I've read before or never read before.
  7. On the mobile site if I click on a topic I'm taken to the last page, what can I change in my forum settings that will default to starting at the first post?
  8. My fi car audio driver is being made right now, should have it in a week or so.
  9. I'm well aware of the dimensions, the wife wants more subwoofer, so she gets more subwoofer. We plan at some point to place it behind a wall of the home theater, out of sight out of mind.
  10. Putting the feelers out to see if anyone has one for sale before I go to the trouble of building a lilwrecker sub.
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