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  1. dah, ok. thanks for the info. so i guess with my current setup, my front three speakers are matching. i wonder if i knew that the kscc1 was the match for the ksb3.1s when i bought it, but since forgot. interesting. and about getting surrounds.. i think i'd actually rather get some floor standing speakers, perhaps the rf-3s when i get the money, and toss the ksb3.1s in the back as rears. thanks for the advice though.
  2. ack.. i hope nobody saw my previous post, as it could have been interpreted as a matched system bashing session. i just realized/was informed that my front three do match. so my opinion no longer matters. although, i can't help but imagine its not that critical. with most receivers there are individual speaker level controls you can, and probably will, use. i suppose.. although i myself am not experienced enough, there could be tonal irregularities with a mismatched system.. but, i dunno. as soon as i save some money... i think i'll go the mismatched route with some rf-3s up front, and then put the ksb3.1s in back. hopefully it won't be too bad. anyway, good luck with your HT ------------------ Technics SA-DX940 Klipsch KSB 3.1 Klipsch KSC-C1 DIY 12" ported sub crappy surrounds Sony DVP-S360 dvd
  3. i was looking at the matching chart, and saw nothing named KSC-C1, which i believe is what i've got. Is this the same speaker as the SC-1? ack. no. its not. i just noticed on the synergy page that the SC-1 has the 90x60 horn, while mine appears to have the ... mm... 90x40 perhaps? in that case.... can anyone tell me what the KSC-C1 was supposed to be matched with? right now i have it with some ksb 3.1s in the front. thanks ------------------ Technics SA-DX940 Klipsch KSB 3.1 Klipsch KSC-C1 DIY 12" ported sub crappy surrounds Sony DVP-S360 dvd
  4. Ray- Ok, now I see what you were saying. Unfamiliariey with the notion of a lossy recording threw me for a spin. and thanks boa and dman, i think i'll check out the telarc version/disk.
  5. cyber- i'm using a sub that i built myself.. 12" ported design.. plays everything else wonderful, music and HT. ray- I'm not entirely certain how one would acquire or make a multi-generation copy of a classical piece off of a lousy recording, as most of them are released on compact disk these days, and then ripped by home users equipped some some commercially available software such as musicmatch or whatever they got with their spiffy new CD-RW, but, upon listening to the pieces i have again, it sounds like cannons were not even used in the versions i found. perhaps rifles or something. there is no boom, more of a crack to their sound, in each of the three different versions i found. i even had my roommate, a music major, listen to them, and he had no idea what was going on in the pieces. In the end, i guess i'll just have to take your advice and find the cd myself, hoping that i'm not stuck with those dumb rifles or whatever they were. ------------------ ---------------------- Technics SA-DX940 Sony DVP-S360 Klipsch KSC-C1 Klipsch KSB 3.1 DIY 12" ported sub crappy surrounds
  6. just wondering if anyone knew of frequency cutoffs for mp3's. one day i was searching for the 1812 overture cause someone recommended it for its bass heavy cannons, and i downloaded it from a few different sources, and it sounded horribly weak. i've heard those bass peaks are at 30hz.. and am afraid that perhaps the encoding process cutoff some of the low frequency?? any clues?
  7. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man. I'm glad to see more feedback on the topic.. but I suppose I'm just going to have to go find a dealer to audition stuff myself. But i'm kinda thinking i'll just go with the rf-3s, cause recently i've become mad obsessed with building my own subs.. and this way it'll be cheaper and i can get exactly what i want. but thanks for all the suggestions!!
  8. about the amp size.. i think i will go ahead and get a bigger amp. UNLESS... hehe.. i found an amp with a remote!! but it only puts out 150watts..... grr it appeals to the lazy side of me way too much. I'll probably opt for more power though.. ultimately a better choice. thanks for all the help though
  9. yeah, i knew about using exact calculations. The box volume will be as close as i can get to 1.75 cu. ft. And i will factor in the volume of the amp too. And steve, maybe i'll take your comments to heart and spring for a larger amp. But.. $100 for teh box isn't too bad, i think thats the cheapest i've found them. On the other hand, it will cost me about $25 for the materials and maybe 3 hours work.. plus i get the woodworking experience, so i'll probably just stick with building the box.. but thanks for the info.
  10. rf-3's eh?? that is actually what i was really going to look into. It would still appear to me as if nobody owns the rp-5's, and this i don't understand. BUT. it would definitely appear as if htere are many satisfied owners of the RF-3s so that may be the route i will take. And as far as top of hte line subs go.. for now i'm going to have to build my own.... it will have a 12" rockford fosgate that i'm pulling ou to fmy car, one, maybe 2 passive radiators, adn then a 150 watt amp. so hopefully that will be enough for a while.. at least until those RSW's come out....
  11. hmm, ok, perhaps i'll just go the regular amp route then. But this leads to another problem.. where do i find an apropriate amp? i've already got my reciever, any suggestions about where to find a good sub amp? i've seen those super expensive mono-block amps or something, does anyone make decent cheaper priced ones? DAH!! i just found sub amps at partsexpress.com and budget restraints tell me i want the 160watt into 4 ohm amp.. would that probably be enough power? eh.. probably. i'm so pumped to get started now that i've found partsexpress.com. thanks for the input though
  12. DAMN!!! thanks so much for that link to partsexpress.com. I think i might add two passive woofers like the new klipsch subs and forget the port entirely!! that will let me drop the box volume and kick up the output a bit too, right? also... a misc. question... i was probably going to use 3/4" mdf for whatnot.. or maybe particle board. i dont think that the home depot by me had the mdf when i built my car box. Is using a table saw to cut the box pieces a definite? Also.. how have you guys made the speaker hole? i just grabbed a sabre saw and used that because it was handy, and it seemed to work fine. Anyone have any luck flushmounting the sub? it hink that would be ideal, but i can't figure out a way to do it. hah.. maybe grab my chisel and groove out a lip to recess the speaker.. who knows. ahhhh.. either way.. thanks for the help, and i'm glad to hear that others have built their own subs too.
  13. so i'm going to build myself a ported sub box, 2.5 cu. ft. with a 12" woofer. One problem that remains is amplification.. i am pulling hte sub out of my car.. so i do have the car amp, and was just going to buy an ac to dc power inverter. But, then i remembered that some people are able to hook up their subs to the main(?) speakers for bass output? does this work without amplifying the sub? if noone knows about that.. can anyone tell me how many amps of current a car battery puts out so that i can buy the right power supply? thanks for any info
  14. yeah.. thanks a ton for your thoughts. the sf-3 looks better every time i see it. and hot damn. i just checked out the velodyne webpage and now understand the depth of your love for bass.
  15. ah ok. and yeah, this is for 5.1 DTS all the way. i've got a technics sa-dx940 100wx5 channels. I currently have KSB 3.1s for mains, KSC-C1 for center, and some crap for rears. I realize a timbre matched system is beyond my reach, so basically i just want some big towers for mains, then i'll toss the 3.1s in as rears. I also would like the mains to really BUMP(excuse the lingo.. i know most of you hifi buffs don't go for excessive bass...) cause i'll be living in my own apartment next year and am looking forward to throwing wild parties.. (although it will be tough to restrain a killing spree if i see anyone touch my klipsch-babies) and alright.. how the hell is it possible that the synergy sf-2s have a lower response than the "reference" rf-3s??
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