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  1. ClaudeJ1: Thought THAT far back would be too much for most folks. Detroiter here. Jamerson #1 - Babbitt #2. NEED a good sub into the low 30's to taste the strings. Quiver you liver below to 20 is even better also. Think 1801 Telarc CD. I'm used to VMPS IIa/Rs. OMG!!! SP
  2. Thanks to all that have added their opinions and thoughts here. Mr. wallet is being approached now. In the end it is for me to figure out what I like best. So far that trumps (sorry) all else for me. War Story I better understand now - Circa 1978): I asked the man what he did when he visited any local Hi-Fi Emporium and listened to their offerings.. After some considerable grumblings and snorts he advised: "Always go in and ask to hear (any) applicable cut with a lot of deep bass. After hearing the selection several times upon asking if the sales guy could repeat them over again - they would ask ' 'What are you listening to?' My response was ... I thought I heard a a little of the Fundamental sneaking in there" I can't tell what the correct 25 hz organ pedal note is supposed to sound like in a specific church BUT I do know what I enjoy. It usually involves internal human organ quivering. The man was Paul. My guess at this point is a pair of Jubilees minus the tweeters and a matching set of KPT-1802's - with a lot of speaker cloth. Crossovers are TBD with good advice on set up and type. Special test at Klipsch 1978 in their outdoor anechoic testing area SP
  3. Where can I find a Jubilee and 1802 to audition?
  4. Chris - link looks interesting but attempt to reach it netted: Online Threat Prevention We blocked this phishing page for your protection: https://data-bass.com/ Accessed by: brave.exe SP
  5. Thanks, Chris. I value your, Tom's, and Coytee's council and thoughts on all things Klipsch. Always have preferred the fundamentals over the harmonics - especially when the harmonics are artifacts of the chain. Speakers are always a major part of the usually suspects list. ... and the time alignment is certainly critical if it can be done elegantly. I anticipate the Jubilees (recommended model and factory appearance options?) would shine there given my VMPS experiences. Repeated trips down the 'absolute phase' rabbit hole still nets a difference when listening with my current giants. Brian was right there. My bass concern is for any losses I would PERCEIVE in that bottom octave. Bottom octave - Babbitt octave. I live there a lot. Its a Detroit thing. War stories available regarding the use of the below MCM pic during a Hope visit from the late 70's. Disco / Ice Arena. Array of a stereo pair netted adjacent masonry wall defections. NOT for home use (or me). If I determine the still need a sub (with AK6 or Jub) - which one and why (all posting readers too)? Thanks - SP
  6. If I choose to buy a pair of the Klipschorn AK6 - which sub(s) new or used should I consider, and why? I am a confessed audiophile now owning VMPS IIa/R - Special Edition speakers now. Naturally I will try the 1812 immediately - and then the Firebird.
  7. Okay. Do I need to consider a sub? Currently living with VMPS IIa/R - SEs SP
  8. Another question - have the AK6s been crossed over via the Xilica XP (or similar) with alignment - and what was the results? MUCH smaller horn but more residential in their presence. Reaching out to Paducah now also .... SP
  9. Coytee, I have some quotes too I remember well from the man from direct conversations WAY back in the 70's at Hope (see attached). War stories available. Speakers in my profile pic are VMPS IIa/R Special Editions. JGH did a review on these guys in 1978 - this link can fill in some the blanks: https://www.stereophile.com/floorloudspeakers/486vmps/index.html They are EXTREMELY sensitive to absolute phase and have been measured down approx. 3db at 16 hz. A lot of very felt deep bass - and image is great BUT they don't have the real live sound of instruments heard in the wild. Especially piano and brass. Listening for even a few minutes with familiar tracks will reveal most I believe. That's why I would LIKE to have the Jubilee and AK6 together if at all possible. Maybe Paducah, KY.... Still wondering about the power and pre amps. New DAC and transport are about ready to have the trigger pulled now. More input guys, please. Thanks to all in advance. SP
  10. Knoxville eh Coytee. Hmmm. PICS look very intriguing Tom. I want to try to get them to LOOK like they are domesticated. Size is not an issue. Current own VMPS IIa/R SEs. They will be very difficult to give up on the bass. Image needs to be heard. Life is entirely my goal. Check the pic in my profile. It will tell you most. Can I get them with the right look or do I need to hire a cabinet maker? OMG.... SP
  11. Thanks, Tom. On the possible Jubilee mods as to appearance - PICS, PICS, PICS
  12. Sounds like Jubilees are ahead in the vote so far. Thanks to all that are contributing! I live in the Louisville metro area, Preston, Tom. Are there any suggestions were Jubilee to win on appearance mods? Not certain that a mid-century industrial / 'behind the screen' vibe will work in my home with either my spouse - or my internal sensibilities. That comparo would need to be in person certainly. Don't know how to get the comparo part done that must include both speakers in attendance. Incidentally - I have asked the same question " Which is better - Jubilee or AK6" of an in-house person at Hope. So far no responses there as yet. Existing pre and power may need to change too. I have super efficient speakers now - but they also seem do very well with SS and 200 w. SP
  13. Ready to upgrade. Opinions please? SP
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