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  1. Thanks to all.The set of Heresys I was thinking of buying is no longer for sale , so it may be a moot point, but I will keep my eyes open for another pair. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions!
  2. Guys, I'm looking into a pair of Heresy IIs. I took a look at the specs and was shocked to see that the bass response of the 12 inch woofer only goes down to 50 hz!!! I have a pair of 10 inch ANs that go down to 34 hz!! I would be using the Herseys with an EICO HF-81 amp (12 wpc) and to my ears I dont think I would getting much bass out this setup!! Does anyone disagree?
  3. Hi guys! I'd like to get your opinion. I can purchase a pair of Chorus II's locally for a good price. My amp , however is an EICO-HF81 that only puts out 14 wpc. Would these be a good match, or do the Chorus simply need more power? I've read some posts where a member here hooked up the Chorus to a T-amp and said it was a most awful listening experience. Would that be the case ehere as well due to the 14 wpc? Any help is appreciated...thanks!!
  4. Bill, how did the Heresy 2s sound with the HF 81? Was there enough bass for Rock music? Thanks, Mark
  5. Thanks to all for the replies. One more question: Is there a significant difference in performance between the Heresy IIs and the new Heresy 3 ?? There is a huge price difference and I'm just wondering if its worth it, since the speaks will be used with an EICO HF81. Thanks! Mark
  6. Hi guys. it looks like I can opick up a pair of Heresey IIs locally for a good price. Question: What about the Surrounds? Since these are at least 20 years old, do the surrounds normally rot out like other speakers? thanks! Mark
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