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  1. So, two questions: What prompted you to swap the rsx-4 speakers? I think the room is close to the size of your room so this is good info. Next, do you have high ceilings? If so, where did you mount your surrounds on the wall? High/low?
  2. I have a 7.1 surround system made up of rsx-4 left/right/ surrounds and rcx-4 center. I am moving to a home that has a huge (close to 1000 sq ft) room, and am thinking these speakers are just not going to fill the room. I am thinking that I should replace the front 3 and am hoping that I can reuse the rsx-4's as surrounds, but don't know if the current lineup will match. Can you help me in identifying speakers that match the rsx-4 surrounds? Currently looking at rb-81 left and right, and rc-62 center. Will those match? Thanks for your help!
  3. Thank you for the link! I already have (7) rsx-4's in silver and love them. The rsx-5's had almost identical specs (minus power handling and sensitivity), but were quite large to have sticking off the walls. But now I know where I can get replacements should any of mine fail.
  4. Agreed! I am most concerned with hurting the speakers. The volume at which I listen to system never approaches 90dB from my listening position and so far I have heard no degradation of sound performance at any volume level. So I guess I shouldn't worry. Please understand that I see 50W RMS power handling from the speaker and a receiver that claims 130W per channel and it freaks me out a bit to think of destroying these speakers...which I absolutely love (and can't find anymore...in silver).
  5. I don't know what the wattage is. But if the speaker is rated at say 90db sensitivity (@ 1W, 1meter), I find it strange that I have to turn up the volume more than 50% on a 110W per channel receiver to get that 90db sound out of it. Is there just a specific frequency where that sensitivity rating was measured? I am just trying to wrap my head around it. Thanks!
  6. So the interesting thing (to me) is that I got a sound meter, and had to turn the volume up louder than I normally do (more than 1/2 of full volume) to register 75db on the sound meter from 15 feet. I thought these speakers output 90-94db with only 1 watt of power? What am I assuming incorrectly?
  7. I am interested in purchasing a new receiver, but all receivers that have the features I am looking for seem to push 100W+ of RMS power to all channels. Can one of the Klipsch experts let me know if I am in-danger of damaging the speakers when the RMS rating is more than double and close to triple the RMS rating of the speaker (50W RMS for RSX-4, and 75W RMS for the RCX-4)? I don't know when the RMS power rating is reached (at which volume level), but I would hate to turn the system up to a level that I want to listen to music/movies and have the speakers melt. Any advice you can give would be fantastic. I am interested in the Pioneer VSX-1018AH-K receiver. I sit roughly 12-15 feet away from the front RSX-4 and RCX-4 speakers.
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