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  1. Thanks for the offer. But, I already have a SX-1250 in my "stable".
  2. Nostalgia = big $$$$ . I've never seen that one, either.
  3. Just saw this, a pair of birch veneer Klipschorns on the Fort Wayne, IN CL. The title says 1977, but the ad says 1978 vintage. Text from the ad: Two Klipschorn speakers 1978 in excellent working condition one owner Birch Wood Stained Mahogney with black mesh cloth 4-8 ohm, 400 watt max., Nominal 10 watt. 35-17,500 Hz dimenions 50.75"x31.25"x28.25" Walnut stained Birch Cabinet K-33 15" folded woofer,K+55+V 2" mid and K-77-1"tweeter phenolic diagphragm compression driver 3 way system provides a Theater Sound quality at low volumes Original papers included Slight base water stain from carpet cleaning on one speaker only Link: http://fortwayne.craigslist.org/ele/3560389836.html No affiliation.
  4. stereo_dog

    Oppo BDP-95

    Just checked, out of stock on the BDP-95's.
  5. I've got a new plan, I will also consider trades/partial trades for a nice tube preamp.
  6. That is very pretty, it's like a little time-capsule cassette deck, nearly brand-new.
  7. Any interest in a very nice pair of Dynacos? These guys are plug & play.....
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