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  1. Thanks jcn3 but I already know the code. My question had to do with the stamped D and K in the edge of the back of my speakers.
  2. Just wondering what the significance of these letters are? In addition to the D and K there is also USA stamped twice and at the top of each back are the serial numbers 144X552 and 144X553. These are (I think) late 1982 H1s as they do have the E2 XO. Although the number "2" is stamped next to the red E rather than being printed. Any insight on the D and K would be appreciated! Thanks Tim
  3. My Heresys HWLs serial numbers are 144X552 & 553! But the initials are a D and a K. Its possible the D may be a O as it is stamped super deep on both speakers and kinda hard to make out. I wonder if anyone will see this post as its 6 months late!!
  4. I recently got back my Denon AVR 888 from the repair shop. They had to replace two power supplies. When asked my wife told them the Denon was driving my Heresey I's. They said it was posible that the 12 ga zip wire I was running to these "old" speakers resulted in the damage to the Denons power supplies. I find this hard to believe, bit thought I would ask people I trust before I set my system back up. I am running these as a true stereo system. Thanks in advance and sorry to bring up the dreaded "speaker wire" topic, but in this context maybe its relevant? Tim Donovan
  5. Thanks for the quick reply, Bill! T
  6. I just purchased from a garage sale today a pristine set of Heresey speakers for $40. Serial numbers are144X553 and 144X554. Could someone please determine what year they were made and wether they are I or II Hereseys? Also, my only experience with nice speakers were a set of LaScalas I had back in college, I drove them with a Carver amp. I have no such amp today. I want to play them, for now, thru an older surround sound reciever until I get my old Carver amp rebuilt. Will this be ok for the speakers? Please forgive my ignorance in advance. I know nothing about the difference between 4 ohm and 8 ohm speakers and just don't want to harm my garage sale find. Are the Heresey a 4 ohm or 8 ohm speaker? Thanks for you patience and indulgence. Tim
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