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  1. This is a good thread and Derrick brings up some good points as far as newbie questions. As mentioned earlier, it's important to know the objective of the end user. Example: There are some that just want it loud. Period. Say they are the party group that wants to blast it away and party on! Then there are some that would say hey, check this out. And they turn it to ear bleeding levels for 3-5 seconds or so, and say these things rock! And never turn em back on till its time to show off again. There are even some that just like the looks of a speaker and care less about the true sound. They just look cool. Or the name brand is cool. Then there is the "Dad" who just wants surround sound for the family watching plain ol TV. I have had some brag about some of the commercials just because it sends sound to the rear speakers. Even the small cube speakers would make them happy. Makes me wonder how many of the newbies are truly searching for a system that they will use for critical listening. I think knowing what kind of music they generally listen to could possibly give a hint at what "group" they fall into. I think many newbies use the term 60/40 music/HT and think that's all there is to it. Hey, maybe someone could make a form for the newbies to fill out with the basic questions??? HA.
  2. Sup Carl!! Lil Wrecker is giving me the stink eye right now just daring me to power it up. I have hardly even used it here in the past several months. Between work, family and life in general, my audio toys have been neglected. But I sense a change in the air; more specifically, some air waves being moved! I was reading up on the trip yall made and it sounds awesome. I hope I can make it to one of them.
  3. (Robert Dinero)...........You talkin to me? Huh? You talkin to me?
  4. mxr dad

    I'm Baaack

    Copper certainly plays a big role in my power cords for sure.
  5. mxr dad

    I'm Baaack

    Thank you. I will for sure be testing the power cord next weekend with full force. . It's going to be fun cycling through the old Library of Concerts again. The wonderful thing about music is; a good song is a good song forever. The 60's, 70's and 80's churned out some great music for all genres. Time to piss off some neighbors!
  6. mxr dad

    I'm Baaack

    Well, actually, I'm going to go impersonate a golfer. Wannabe. I did reach out for help once and the guy handed me another golf ball. Really its a great sport. A great trainer for maybe a baseball pitcher. Throwing those clubs accurately takes some skill.
  7. mxr dad

    I'm Baaack

    I have to go golfing Sunday and tomorrow I have family things going on. I'm pretty sure its looking at me right now, glaring, kinda like daring me. Thats OK though, its gonna need even more rest than its had when I get done with her. I be wrecking me some bricks soon.
  8. mxr dad

    I'm Baaack

    LOL. Good to be back. My poor Lil sub has been sitting in the corner being silent and feeling neglected. I think I might be able to fire it up next weekend and blow the bugs out of there. Graph? We have them now? And here I was proud upgrading that power cable. Actually, I made my own. I found some Unicorn hair, mixed it with some frog hair and twisted em together and bound them in used bubble gum and let me tell ya, it stays put wherever you place it! I reckon I should mention no offense to anyone, just kiddin here. See there? You guys are bad influence.
  9. mxr dad

    I'm Baaack

    After a long "timeout", I am now back to keep you guys in line again. I don't know how you made it without me but ya did! My audio hobby kinda took a back seat (unwanted) but I have to admit, I missed a few of ya. Not Carl, but the rest of you were missed. (Just kiddin ya buddy). Where do we start? Oh yeah, I remember. During my hiatus, I upgraded my electrical cord on my AVR and its AWESOME now! Oh boy, did I really just say that? Are we still debating that now days?
  10. I'd have to google that word if the title wasnt so blatantly clear! Welcome to the jungle fellas. But at least our jungle is a little safer now. BUT, there is 1 question all new mods must answer............................... If you melt dry ice, can you swim in it without getting wet?
  11. Any updates on the flying? Was it worth it? Easier to fly now? Delivering for Amazon now? Talk to us Goose!
  12. mxr dad

    Cell carriers.

    In my area, ATT has best coverage with a close 2nd to Verizon. T Mob and Sprint have the poorest. Which kinda stinks, I really dont like ATT.
  13. Cool, thanks. But you know what? I think Youthman should buy you and I both one of those birds he has. He started it!!!! I really dont need another hobby!
  14. I found it. Wowza, that was close. If I didnt know the outcome I would expect a crash. I guess the P4 avoidance is worth the extra money over the P3 huh?
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