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  1. Yes, sorry that wasn’t very clear. Would I be better with the RS-42s setup as Surround Back (current) or setup as Back Height? I can do either with the new AVR. Thx.
  2. Hello, Current speaker setup, RF-82 Fronts RC-62 Center RS-52 Surrounds RS-42 Backs SVS PB12 Sub I also have a spare set of R-14M Bookshelf’s I picked up. I recently made the transition from a Denon 3808CI 130w 1080p AVr to a Denon X4400H 125w 4K AVR (Atmos and DTS:X). I am unable to put any speakers on my ceiling as it is sloped (no attic space) and has a large beam running down the center of the room. Actual Atmos upfiring speakers wouldn’t be worth it based on the left to right slope of the ceiling. The room is about 22’ long (65” OLED at one end and 20’ wide. Sitting position is about 12’ from the screen and RS-52 Surrounds are slightly behind seating on side walls. I would like the best setup I can get for Atmos and DTS:X material given he limitations I have. Which of these options would be better utilizing what I have ($ cutoff by wife...), Option 1: RF-82 Fronts R-14M set as Front Heights above RF-82s RC-62 Center RS-52 Surrounds RS-42 set as Backs SVS PB12 Sub Option 2: RF-82 Fronts R-14M set as Front Heights above RF-82s RC-62 Center RS-52 Surrounds RS-42 set as Rear Heights SVS PB12 Sub Thanks for any advice! J
  3. I have a bit of space problem, my room is 15x17 and of that about 12ish x 17 is usable for the home theater setup. The rear surrounds in the attached picture are 5 feet apart centered on the tv and the left surround is 4 feet in front and 3.5 feet to the side of the rear left. They are all mounted 5 feet off the floor. The seating area is approximately 4 feet in front of the rears, in line with the side surrounds. I had thought that that the 4 x RS-42's were overkill already for the space and I don't really have the room to mount anything larger that the RS-42's, the wife thinks they are too big already ;o) Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Thanks for the help. I am already way over budget and this was the best price I could get from 3 stores locally. They gave me about 30% off retail on everything so far. I'd love to get into the Heritage/LaScalas but I already am on the edge of divorce with the amp and speakers to date ;o) There are some cheaper places online (US) but shipping to Canada is never free and with the dollar the way it is I'll end up about the same as local, we get a bum deal up here...
  5. I totally agree, I just went down to my local shop and listened to the RF-35's, RF-82's, RF-62's and RB-61's and there was a big difference between the 82's and the others. My untrained ear ranked them in this order, RF-82 > RF-35 > RF-62 > RB-61 They're giving me a full refund on the RB-61's. The price is $1100 (normally $1499) Canadian for two RF-82's before tax. I did go about things a bit backwards and I feel better about having the 82's and the RC-62 (I returned a RC-52) now. I hope the RS-42's surround/backs will be ok still ;o)
  6. I recently purchased a Denon 3808CI AV receiver and the following speakers, Fronts - RB61's (currently on book shelf) Center - RC62 Surrounds - RS-42's Rears - RS-42's I am using a 12" Shiva DIY sub with a 262W M&K plate amp. I have the RB-61's set as small and the front crossover set currently at 80 HZ so the sub is handing most of the front bass. My room is 15 x 17 feet and I mostly watch movies (DVD, BR and HDTV) Would it be worth while upgrading the fronts to RF-62's from the RB-61's? Thanks, Jeremy
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