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  1. like spikes, or a low platform with casters to make moving them easier or just leave them on the floor. In looking at pictures of people's KLF 30's in variious threads it seems as though sometimes. the speakers are elevated slightly over floor level. Thanks. Norm
  2. Thanks Crunchman, great information. Appreciate it. Norm
  3. It's been nearly 8 yrs since I have posted on this forum. I have an old pair of black satin KLF 30's. I can't tell whether it is a vinyl finish, a very thin painted wood veneer or something else. I was hoping for a light walnut color and am not sure what my options are with these. Thanks in advance. Norm
  4. I have an old pair of lascalas that I really like. I have read about all the mods for the KLF 30s. Would the modded KLF 30's midrange be closer to the lascala than it is in the stock form? Sort of looking for a warmer sound than the stock KLF 30. Thanks Norm
  5. I have an old pair of lascalas that I really like. I have read about all the mods for the KLF 30s. Would the modded KLF 30's midrange be closer to the lascala than it is in the stock form? Thanks Norm
  6. Thanks for the pictures. Was it tough getting the rear panel off? Also, what is the speaker in the last picture. It looks quite nice. Norm
  7. These are in decent though not great cosmetic shape. I am not entirely clear what the underlying wood is or whether it is really cheap veneered wood. THe black satin finish is slightly rough and uneven. Can these be sanded/bleached/ stained? I have never personally veneered anything before. I was thinking of dark cherry as a color but don't know what the wood is going to look like after stripping and sanding. Any ideas ? Thanks Norm
  8. Thanks for the reply. I didn't see any link for pics. I would love to see the home made bracing and where it fits in vs the factory intstalled bracing. My KLF's are older without bracing. Also any suggestions for damping material and where to place it would be great. Thanks Norm
  9. I have read through many of the long and excellent posts about this speaker. Could someone summarize the changes that seem to make the most difference and if it means buying a new part-where to buy it. There is so much information available about this speaker, I am almost in overload. Thanks for any help Norm
  10. I have read that the lascallas, the fortes, hereseys sound really good with the HK 430. I have a pair of KLF 30's and wondered how they sound with the HK receivers and whether the HK 930 or HK 730 is a better fit with the KLF 30's than the HK 430? Anyone out there with personal experience? Thanks Norm
  11. Thanks for the information so far. Any specific plans out there? Norm
  12. I have a pair of pretty beat up w70s ( at least I think I do) with the wrong tweeters, and a strange crossover. These are square magnet 15" drivers with a curled (convex) surround. I don't know their range. Could they be a good substitute in a cornscala? Just trying to minimize costs since I have them. Thanks Norm
  13. A friend of mine is a good cabinet maker and would build any cabinet I can get plans for. I have la scalas and would like the widest range, deepest and best imaging speaker klipsch made. But, if that speaker is a corner horn, that might not work. Can klipschorns be put against walls and not in corners? Any idea which would fit the bill as the best? Thanks Norm
  14. How do they differ sonically in let's say a lascala, or cornwall. Just curious if anyone has had a chance to actually do a shoot out with them and heard them side by side. Thanks Norm
  15. I have pair of stock KLF 30s. I am wondering what incremental steps would make the biggest and hopefully best improvements to the sound. I have a pair of la scalas and the mid range and treble of the lascalas is much clearer and more pleasing to my taste. Any ideas on ways to improve a good pair of speakers? Thanks Norm
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