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  1. So, I'm walking through the local thrift store, and at the bottom of a pile of *really* ugly furniture is a coffin type stereo. I can't really tell what it is, but it does have a sticker on the back saying to use genuine 'some brand' tubes. Are these units worth the $40 they want for it, meaning is it a good place to start by getting one of these and taking it apart? These units were produced way before my time. I don't know a darn thing about them. I know I read a post in here about someone stripping one down for the amp, but I need a little advice about what I'm looking for... I'm sure like most things there are good and bad ones... thanks
  2. I seemed to have opened quite the can of worms [] Everyones suggestions for the toe in were right, now to fiddle with how far out of the corners. I thought I read somewhere in here they were called cornwalls as in "in a corner, against a wall"
  3. Does this make sense? www.wavebourn.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=585 Could you turn these into tube amps? crazy....
  4. There are two 1592B's and two 1590C's Plus a matching preamp. From a cosmetic standpoint they've had a rough life. They've been labled, stickered and written on. I thought they might have some redeeming qualities, or collectiable value. The last thing I need is audio Junk taking up space. Thanks for the input...
  5. I have the opportunity to rescue some old Altec amps. Do you think it is worth my time? I don't know if they work, I can't test them where they are and getting them out is going to be a big production of many friends or a small crane. I was hoping they were tube, but alas solid state. That said, these were made to drive horns (big ones!). Sorry about the poor quality, all I had was my cell phone to take pictures. Anybody know anything about these? I did find a spec sheet here http://www.voiceofthetheatre.com/1594B.th.htm
  6. Too funny... If I was rich like Steve Jobs this would all be a non-issue thou. I'd build a seperate 'listening house' I did get her to admit Quote: "These speakers DO sound good" It's a start.
  7. Yeah, you really pushed her buttons, eh? For God's sake, Eric, toe-in those speakers! (They'll sound better!) I've been experimenting with toe in and placement (I've only had the Cornwalls a couple of weeks) I'm lucky to have a fairly large room down there, it's about 26 wide X 30 deep, so when you are sitting in the middle the imaging is sweet and doesn't seem to make that much difference if I put 15 degrees of toe-in on them. But now that you bring that up I'm going to get out the protractor and pay a little more attention. I'm still experimenting. It's a work in progress. And probably will be forever, but I'm ok with that!
  8. Actually, she was pretty good about the cornwalls when they came home, When I showed up with the audio rack and moved everything into it.... not so good. She's not going to be happy when (hopefully) some day I show up with some k-horns for the front and move the cornwalls to the back for my (hopefully) someday kick butt home theatre
  9. I'm not sure why, all I did was move a new piece of furniture into the rec room I guess it's because I'm a "controls" freak...
  10. ...or by a set of used yorkvilles that have been on the road for 10 years...
  11. They make a whole bunch of stuff for just that purpose, available at your favourite guitar shop. There are so many signal processors around it's nuts. Could you not also use a studio style mixing board (like I do) and push the levels (gains) from the inputs too high and send them into the main bus. You'll get your distortion no matter how low of a signal you send from the main outs
  12. Thank you for all the kind welcomes, Hopefully I don't annoy too many of you with silly neophyte questions. I knew I'd find a lot of smart folks in here. Let's start with this: Recapping. Is it as simple as replacing the cap? I have a pretty extensive electronics background, so that I could do, or is there more to it? Can I access the electronics by removing the rear panel with the binding posts, or do I have to remove the 15"? (Cornwall II)
  13. I had two of those many years ago... I think the guy who sold them to me called it a 'terminator bin copy' It was bigger, but the same basic shape as the 'Scalas and had a 15"Celestion sub. Two of those could supply bass for an entire school gym.[]
  14. The NAD currently serves to drive a couple of Yorkville Elites via an old Inkel mixer for my guitars. It's taken me a long time to get that 'just right' I'd prefer to leave it alone if I can get these Crowns to work.
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