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  1. My set has a separate what I will call crossover module with two mid range and a separate tweeter. I had a great time listening to the outside the end of last summer. I think 200 watts of tube power is plenty. I have a set of modded commercial La Scalas I really like but there is no comparison. I cant believe how lucky I was to have found them and the seller is a great guy. Im going to get him up to my home in the spring so he can really hear them sing. I looked for years for a set of these. I could not be happier
  2. two 200 watt audio research amps is PLENTY of power. I need to get a good set of cables feeding them and I will be set. I don't think I need anything else at this point. Unbelievable sound
  3. I tried them out this weekend and they flat get it on with 200 watts of tube power feeding them. Unbelievable BIG sound 500 feet away
  4. I just purchased a really nice set and will use them outdoors. I hooked them up this weekend and they are awesome. I was running a set of modded commercial La Scalas and there is really no comparison. I am running a set of Audio Research Reference 210 tube amps along with a Audio Research Reference 5 pre amp. I believe I have plenty of power for now. The amps have 4 to 16 Ohm outlets and just wondering whats the best place to start as the Klipsch have different Ohm ratings on the individual speakers.
  5. Mark is a great guy. I drove down this afternoon and loaded them up. Going to hook up a pair of Audio Research 200 watt tube amps to them tomorrow. Cant wait to hear them and I have been looking for years and finally found an awesome set. My amps have different impedence on the output I wonder which level is best? Guessing 8 ohms to start. Currently using industrial modded La Scalas I bet they sound a lot bigger with a LOT more Bass
  6. They work great just replaced the stock tweeters that are easy to blow up.Other than that I have never had an issue with any LaScalas. Been blasting them for 40 plus years!! The key is to use lots of CLEAN power preferably tube amps in my opinion. Bypass the tweeter protrction circuit also
  7. They look like regular La Scalas just fiberglass cabinets. Different woofer but same physical size
  8. I have a set of the old metal framed La Scalas that i want to suspend up high outside under a covered roof. I have large beams to attach to and a wall type hanger that I could bolt on would be the easiest but I cannot locate a system. I can always fabricate something but buying is easier. Anybody else tried to hang a set that has any ideas would be helpful. Thanks
  9. I am looking for advice on which model of outdoor speakers would be best. I am currently using a set of La Scalas with a Small tube amp. I can utilize a large solid state or tube amp. I have a spare BAT Tube pre amp I can use. I want to get a set up that will get it on with plenty of bass as well. Thank You Robb
  10. Look for a good used Antique Sound Labs integrated amp. All the power you need . I use a set of LaScalas outside with 30 watts and they are awesome. just bought a set of La Scalas used for $500.00 and an Amp off E Bay for $400.00 for a friend and he could not believe the sound quality
  11. Look for a recent Antique Sound Labs AQ1003 integrated amp. Best amp for the La Scalas out there for the money. I just picked up a used one for a friemd for $425.00
  12. I am interested in a larger set of outdoor speakers. I currently have an old set of La Scalas. Does anyone have a recommendation on the commercial line? I looked at the Jubilee model and so far have not had any luck from Klipsch dealers re the application and pricing. Thanks for any help. Robb
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