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  1. Wow I had no idea of the price turntables command now..........I'm going to have to rethink this if it'll cost $400 for an entry level player.
  2. Thanks for the replys. As for budget maybe $100-200ish. Nothing firm on that. Wow Thebes you are talking way over my head...lol. I need to do some more reading and learning. Find out what is what. I am just interested in some casual listening. I almost have my basement done and am anxious to get things hooked up. Ahhh...as for calling it a record player...... I guess thats a throw back from the little box I had as a kid. Turntable or TT ( I keep thinking car on that one) is a lot better now.......lol Thanks for the tip.......
  3. I have looked at some older posts from the search function on record player recommendations. Does anyone have anything current they recommend or where to buy from? Thanks.......
  4. Thanks, but I need a copy of something official stating that. Maybe a copy of an add or something. Or a list of retail prices. What a pain for their screw up.....
  5. Hi, Sold a pair of Quarts and UPS destroyed one. They want something with the original price to compare for what I insured them for. Any help will be greatly appreciated...Thanks...
  6. Ok I need to vent. I got new speakers a while back and put my Quartets on e bay. I have had them boxed up for about 5 years now. No where to put them when we moved. At least no where the wife liked. Anyway, shipped them to a guy in Minn. Original boxes. He got one on time and the other never showed up. A few weeks later he finally got a response and had to wait 15 days for an investigation. They found it a ways off and sent it to him . It came in a plain box and he said there was not a side on it that wasn't damaged.. Un-useable. Someone came to look at them and tried to say the boxes were old, he pointed out that the other one arrived in perfect shape. Then he said she said something that it looked like it was damaged before it was shipped. He then said he had pics to prove it wasn't. Then...she said they were insured for 1k, that meant $500 a speaker, like they might pay for the one. Like who needs one speaker!!!! I can't believe this...and I feel so bad for the guy who bought them and is really going through the ringer.....
  7. Still trying to figure what to buy as I work on my HT. Is the 1075 any good with the 7's? Is it enough power? I found a good deal on one and was wondering. Maybe I need to go with a 200w amp? I would rather not because of the price but....
  8. Hi, I was thinking of a 990 along with others. Why are you selling it?
  9. Hi, I am in the last stages of framing my HT and am thinking ahead. What texture do most HT ceilings have? I am going to drywall it and was going to plaster it. But looking at your pic, yours looks smooth? More sanding that way... Is that generally the way people do it? Does it matter? My room will be 90% light controlled. One small basement window and a half glass door. Putting a pool table in half of my basement. My question on this is if I paint my ceiling black or a dark color will that be too noticble? I need to keep the wife happy....and a black ceiling or dark one will be hard to sell. Love your pics and can't wait for you to post more. I get some good ideas from everyone and inspiration....lol
  10. Hi, I have been looking at the 1075 also. Let me know what you think of it if you get one. Also looking at Outlaw and Denon of course.
  11. Hi all, Got my speakers months ago, the f's, c and s's. Didn't want to hook them up to my Sony receiver so they have been in the box ever since. Long story short, getting close to finishing my basement and am now looking for a reciever or an amp. I can spend up to 1K ish. Rather keep it in the $800 range, but I am a sucker for nicer things. Been thinking about Denon, Outlaw and maybe Rotel. Any sugestions? Really looking for imput on Outlaw. I have read tons on Denon and Rotel. Not much on Outlaw. I would like seperates but run into the money thing. What is the general life of an amp under normal useage? Are any recievers better at being a pre for later on down the road? Thanks for any input you may have.....Cheers... Oh and demoing something is kida out of the question.....
  12. Thanks for the reply but here is my delimma. I can't afford another good avr and a seperate amp. I was wondering if I can get just an amp and a pre to run all the speakers. I guess I need to look at the specs and ohm loads. I have a low end Sony reciever up stairs, about $450 3 years ago. Would that work as a pre amp or are there certain ones that will or won't work? I would rather not use that but....if it will work it might be a possibility. Sorry about the basic questions and thanks again for the info.... The other q I still have is will i notice a diff between an amp and a good reciever like a Denon or pioneer elite?
  13. Posted this last night and not sure if it went through. Can I run a 2 channel amp (Rotel) to a 5.1 set up or is that never done and you just run the 2 channels to your mains and something else to the others. My set uo is the Rf 7 series. Also is there a noticeable difference between a stand alone amp and an AVR? Thanks for any input and wisdom you share..
  14. hmmm...too poor to buy anything too expensive. I probably won't put anything in just run the wires. I was hopeing for something cheap oh well....thanks for the replys
  15. Hi, Got my speakers for 5.1, rf, rc and rs 7's. While I am in the process of finishing out my basement, what speakers would go with these for 7.1? Anything small? Are the built in speakers any good? I would like something small and unobtrusive if at all possible..... Thanks
  16. I just purchased the whole set minus the sub, have it already, for $2365. Now I need to figure out a reciever, under $1k and a dvd and or cd player......any suggestions?
  17. Just wanted to know if you guys (and gals) use your DVD player for CD's or do you use a dedicated CD player? And if you have a stand alone CD player what is it? Trying to figure out what I need .
  18. Hey Zeal where do you live? I need the rf-7's the center and surrounds...hopeing to get a good deal on a pkg. Yeah Mass isn't bad skiing... Used to get season passes.......Ever been to snowshoe?
  19. I live near Harrisonburg Va. Yeah Del isn't far. We go to AC about every 3-6 months. I def would drive that far for a deal! Thanks
  20. Hey thanks but I'm not looking for black. Anyone else know a good dealer?
  21. Hi all, Got the ok to finish the basement which will have a HT in it. Will have to go with the RF-7 package. I live in Va, any good dealers in Va , Nc, Maryland or a little beyond that anyone knows of? I will drive for a good deal.... The closest one to me has the Rf's for $1100 a piece. Plus 5% off. Not to good I'm thinking. Any info will be greatly appreciated.. thanks
  22. From what I know, you have to give them a reason why they should invest in you. Ie....go to a couple of shows on your own and win, or do some trick installing. They won't waste their money on everyone who wants to be sponsered. And when I mean go to shows on your own, I mean like the amature class and such. Then if your good, you'll get picked up and can then run against the big boyz!
  23. erikm121


    So let me ask, is 6.1 worth converting to? DO you notice that much of a difference?
  24. Thanks, thats simple enough that I should be able to remember it! If only I had a memory as good as my wifes! LOL!
  25. For home theatre set up, how far away from the TV sides would you want your front speakers to be?
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