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  1. Do all the drivers have sound coming out of them? Is there a jumper on the terminal and does it make a good connection? If you have a multimeter measure the DCR at the terminals.
  2. I don't blame you for trying to get top dollar, they just might not sell as quickly is all. I think the advice given is that the majority of people would pay the extra $50 to go brand new w/ warranty. I actually like to buy broken junk because the price is even better!! Usually free
  3. Does the seller accept returns? I guess if they don't and they list the amps as working and they are not working you can still put in for a claim through ebay. If it were me and I only wanted one of them I would buy all four for $250, keep one and sell the other three for $100ea. You end up getting one for free which isn't bad and you get to pass on a good deal to others. I don't know enough about these models to comment on quality but as others stated I am sure they are clinical sounding which is good and/or bad depending on your goals. Personally I wouldn't use them for music playback. I would use them with a HT processor to power individual channels FL, FR, RL, and RR along with a powered sub.
  4. I can clearly see K-400 on the top of the horn so Cast Aluminum it is
  5. Very good advice I will do my research before dipping the rollers. I tried that as I indicated in post #123 and the magnet didn't stick. It's either Aluminum or some sort of Aluminum alloy. I am certain the rustoleum product I linked will work for either. And yes I am not spraying the cabs just the horns.
  6. Looks like the industrial finish to me. I think I am going to use Duratex with a smooth roller. The examples given with these methods look good to me. Thanks for the tip. I will also use more water when mixing as the majority of you have suggested. Does anyone know if the horns are Aluminum? I have some buffer pads made for removing gaskets on Aluminum engine parts and might clean the horns up with them and then use this to seal it. http://www.rustoleum.com/product-catalog/consumer-brands/professional/aluminum-primer-spray Or I might just use that spray after a good cleaning if it is not recommended to completely clean the horns. I just want to prevent future peeling. Do it once ya know.
  7. Yes it's peeling off. A thorough clean and spray paint sounds reasonable to me. I am thinking the horn is Aluminum? A magnet doesn't stick to it and I don't see any rust.
  8. I wonder if the right handed rollers have the same effect in the southern hemisphere.............fascinating stuff here.
  9. Left handed rollers cost more to manufacture
  10. Great info guys thanks!! That product looks like it comes out great form both examples given here. I will get a few quarts because I am doing 4 speakers. I would rather have extra, I can always use it for something else. What about the inside of the squawker horn?
  11. http://www.parts-express.com/acry-tech-duratex-black-1-pint-roller-grade-cabinet-texture-coating-kit-with-textured-3-ro--260-100?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=pla This the right stuff? I just found out member 'Matthews' is sending me a replacement diaphragm gratis!!!!!! Thanks again Matthews!!
  12. The club was barely used in the past 10 years. There was a couple shows per month tops and smoking was banned in the club some years ago. I hate the smell of cigarette smell that has permeated into gear, it's worse than the smoke itself because it becomes stale. It wouldn't have been a deal breaker at the price I got them at. I am not sure if I am going to just give them a fresh coat of paint or pay someone to veneer them. I know someone that will give me good price on veneering. What do you guys paint these with? Is it hard to paint them properly? Sorry I am an electrical guy not a painter
  13. I pretty much haven't stopped listening to them For the people who didn't see the listing photos I can take some pics and post them. I mean they aren't that special to look at currently, standard night club black paint w/ minor marks here and there. They sound good and don't smell like cigarette smoke which is all I care about. I really don't want to start a new thread on capacitors. I have looked but haven't had luck finding any info on the specs for the old caps. The ones in these are Aerovox so I have been trying to find datasheets for them with no luck. I have read conflicting information about the esr of these old caps. Not current esr but the esr when they were produced. I would think they would be on the high side compared to modern film caps but someone on here stated they were low, around .05 ohms which I find hard to believe given the material used. Honestly I might just pull these out and test them because it sounds good now. It would probably be tough to measure leakage without high impedance measuring equipment.
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