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    Fronts- Klipsch Jubilees w/ JBL 2360A/EV-DH1's black
    Center- Klipsch KV3 black
    Subs- Klipsch SUB12's black
    Surrounds- Klipsch KG5.5's black
    Back- Klipsch Jubilees w/ JBL 2360A/EV-DH1's black

    4- Klipsch KPT200
    2- Klipsch 1977 Cornwall CD-BR
    2- KG5.5 Med Oak

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  1. Hi Forum, Looking for a pair of Failtal Pro HF200 drivers and would also possibly be interested in HF14AT drivers in place of the HF200's. Do these sound as good as the spec's make them out to be? They look like they would kick some butt in a 2 way system. Please let me know if you have any laying around that you would like to let go Thanks, Electricpisa
  2. Nice Corns there Cantilope! Your bullnose looks identical to mine. Thank you for sharing..... I see you have KLF30's w/TI. Did you ever A-B the KLF and Corns? I was looking at getting some KLF30's a while back and was just curious what I was missing i don't think they look the same at all. the white ones look like they have shoe molding and the other ones look like screen molding I could be wrong, but I think its just the angle and color of the trim. If I look at mine with grills on it, it looks very similar. Just too hard to tell for sure until I get mine stripped. There are a few paint chips off of the bullnose and it doesn't look to be birch....it looks like a oak grain, definitely not a birch.
  3. Nice Corns there Cantilope! Your bullnose looks identical to mine. Thank you for sharing..... I see you have KLF30's w/TI. Did you ever A-B the KLF and Corns? I was looking at getting some KLF30's a while back and was just curious what I was missing
  4. There was a time when I felt the same.... and you may still change your mind, if you like what you see in the exposed wood grain pattern. I use to think all birch graining was bland, until I found a pair of 77 decorator cornwalls in Waco, Tx. My 77 Decorator's are my favorite pair out of 3, and they have the prettiest grain structure I've ever seen on a decorator cornwall. Since my high school days, I have always had a soft spot for cornwall's, they're my 2nd favorite of the Heritage. My favorite are the Belle's, and I've never even owned a pair..... still chasing after the elusive pair of Belle's in Brazilian rosewood. Only once did opportunity present itself, but woulda, coulda, shoulda....... I fk'ed up and let them slip away. Yea, had a few of those in my life too, and my guess is that they won't be the last....However, I did also pick up 3- commercial Jubilee bottoms 4 years ago for a steal, so sometimes the pendulum swings both ways Any pics on those 77 CD-BR Decorators?
  5. Hi Forum, Looking for a little bit of advice here.... I have 3- commercial Jubilee base bins, 2 in the front with one in the back and I'm currently using EV DH1A (6ohm) drivers with a JBL 2360A horns on each. I've been using some JBL 3110A crossovers I had laying around and it sounds real good, but at the same time, although I think I have a pretty good ear, I have never had the luxury of listening to a TRUE Jubilee 2 way or 3 way set up, so I don't know what I'm missing. So two questions...... One, does anyone have any suggestions for a better crossover that I can use with my current system? Even if its a schematic that I can build for either a 2 way or 3 way system. Two, does anyone have any Klipsch tops for sale? I assume a K401 or K402 with a KPT-Grand-HF-T? Please give me some direction here so that I can REALLY release the sound that I probably am not hearing;) By the way, I do listen to the system fairly loud, not just on movies, but also with just good ole 70's tunes
  6. Gilbert, I believe so.... With the PDF for confiirmation, and everything matching exactly as its listed right down to the velcro, and a few others that have found the exact same set up, I think the mystery is solved...It's a factory trim kit. Now I just need to make sure I correctly remove the paint to bring them up to there original state. As much as I like the look of the Decorators flat bare motor board and I really do. I hate to remove any of this kit because it's original....
  7. Thank you for everyone that replied..... I have tried to reach out to the owner who supposedly has the original paperwork and that will tell, as Paul Harvey use to say, "The rest of the story". I looked a little further on the web and found in the KLIPSCH HERITAGE REFERENCE DATA - (V.2 - 9 May 2008): that it does show this as an adder. I highlighted this part on the attachement for you to see easily. As far as it not being on the tag, I wonder if the tag listed the "NORMAL" build that was done, but any adders that aren't standard or would confuse the model and cabinet style was put on the customers build sheet that was sent with it. Not sure, just a thought. I just know that everything is way to nice, other than the white paint of course, not to have been done at the factory and the attachment seems to confirm that. The black on the motor board would had to have been done by a professional because it's perfect. And if we can assume that this was done at the factory, then it would make no sense that would be put on with the Decorator Series unless the bullnose was put on to this as well? So, the mystery continues.... But, the next step now is to remove the paint, so any ideas on this other than using a standard stripping compound? It seems like maybe it's a laytex paint or something similar because when I took the back off, the paint that pulled away from the screws showed wood directly underneath it...Which is GOOD! Any thoughts? KLIPSCH HERITAGE TYPES & Codes Forum V 2.1 080507(1).pdf
  8. If you ever make it to Mid-Michigan you are more then welcome to check out my set up, I have active Jubscalas with K402/k69, also Bob whose username I forget lives about 20 min from me and has Factory prototype Jubilee's with K510/BMS(I think) and a factory passive network.He gracious enough to allow me to hear his system before I took my plunge so he may be open for more but I can't speak for him. Hi, I know this is an oder posting, but I wonder if there's a chance to listen to your jubs some time in the future? I live in SWM and have 3 jubs from a cinema with EV DH1A horns and they sound good, especially when listening to movies, but I'm wondering what I'm missing since I have never heard a factory set up:) Thanks, Tony
  9. Hello Forum, It's been a while since I've posted on here, but still try to keep up with the forum topics and still a HUGE KLIPSCH fan! I just picked up a pair of 1977 Cornwalls, first I have ever owned.....They are CD-BR's with consecutive serials 13R112 and 13R113, but unfortunately painted white (UGH!). The person I bought them from got them form the original owner a week ago that exchanged these for some work that was done on there house. You can tell they were from a residence that was non-smoking since the insides are immaculate and the caps looks nice and shiney Here's what I think they are, 1977 Cornwalls in a Decorator series in Birch Raw....The strange part is that they have grills on them, trims and risers and the face is painted black from the factory? I have done some detecitve work and I believe that this was an option that the owner purchased when new. I believe this to be factory bullnose trim, cane grills and risers with sliders. This was definitely not an add on, I'm 100% confident to make this statement. The workmanship is way too good! Can someone share there knowledge or experience in if they have had something similar or are familiar with these options? I have added pictures....Please put on your Sherlock Holmes hats and let me know your thoughts. Thank you....
  10. Indy, If you play poker....You'd have to admit, that would be a heck of a pair to draw too![] As far as the Jubs, got a chance to listen to them this evening for the first time! Put a pair of cheap speakers on the top that have some good midrange and highs, and they sounded great!....Now I understand what all the huppla has been about. I can only imagine what these would sound like with the K402's on top. I used a Sansui AU9500, which has a warm sound anyway, but I think these are calling for some tubes! Also, I'm still waiting for my contact to come through with the DX38's. He han't been emailing me back, but maybe he's out of town. I will keep trying. I appreciate you guys checking up on my progress. I'll keep you informed as this keeps moving forward[Y] Thanks,
  11. Coytee, Thanks for looking out for me[] Having these sitting hear without listening to them is like having Pamela Anderson as a girlfriend, but you've committed to be celibate[A] Thanks again! Electric.....
  12. Greg, I have emailed the guy that has them and hope to get an answer tomorrow or so..... I will contact you back before I do anything. Thanks
  13. Mike, I've got to admit....It's been a GOOD week[].......and YEP, I won $20 today on a $2 ticket since you're asking. If you think you might be interested in one of the DX's, I will let you know. Thanks
  14. I will contact him to see if he still has all 8 left......Is there a certain amp I should be looking for assuming its not tube at the moment? As far as the Jubs...Is there any advantage or disadvantage from the early models to the newer models? Thanks![]
  15. Roy, I got the email and will be going with the K402's...I probably will go with used DX's because I think I can get 3 for just about the price of 1 new one..... I need to get the crossovers so I can play with them. By the way, I sent you an email....The S/N on one of the units says PTJUBLF012 0001 and the model number is KPT-JUBILEE-LF. Any info you can share?? P.S. They are the K31-k's like you had mentioned. Thanks,
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