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  1. isn't that hoffy's duck tape mounting system?!?
  2. quote: Originally posted by Movie Freak: K And the reason I said go to a different BB is because everything you seem to comment on is against the Pro's. I thought this was a forum for troubleshooting, praise, comments, and yes the odd bad review. But you just keep slamming the Pro' and sometimes the people that own them too. So if you have something good to contribute, great... I just haven't seen it yet. "The Pro's aren't all that and a can of hamster's" I don't call that constructive criticism, do you CatKnight? there's a search function on this forum, do a "Search by User Name" and put it my name, k27-R. then tell me that everything i comment is against the pro's again you said i slammed people that own pro's. show me one incident where i did this, one! oh geez, i said that the pro's sound quality wasn't really all that. boohoo
  3. you obviously don't know what hi-end sound is - especially if you consider Bose to be it i'm just tellin it like it is. i have had two sets of pro's (v2-400, 4.1). they're fine speakers, but NO WHERE near the quality of good headphones. the pro's are good but only to an extent....afterall they're still just computer speakers. the only reason i still hang around this board is because most people here are pretty cool, and sometimes i learn new things. but if you guys don't want me posting anymore, i'm gone. later people one last......rock on before i go........ROCK ON!!!!!!!s> btw, thanks for the tornado warning. i don't know if my "hill billy shack" here in the middle of Silicon Valley, California could take it
  4. by "the klipsch sound" do you mean harsh bright highs and boomy exaggerated bass? also, i strongly disagree wtih the statement that top end sennheisers are on par with promedia 4.1's. top end sennheisers have WAY better sound quality than any promedia's!! promedia's don't even come close. in terms of quality sound, promedia's really aren't all that and a can of hamsters.
  5. just tell them to get one of those home theater in a box. the kenwood one has gotten pretty good reviews.
  6. hehe, that's not soundstage you're talking about. you're talking about pure volume. i told you, no receiver until summer i dont even need one, i only listen to music, no movies. i thought i made myself clear
  7. it's not the Aegis Two's.....these speakers that i have are just these wee little Aego2's. it's just a lil active 2.1 system but looks can be very deceiving , trust me the soundstage is HUGE, if you close your eyes, you'd think they were much larger speakers. and the imaging...wow, it's jaw dropping. everytime i listen to them the sound quality amazes me.. i was listening to Matchbox Twenty, i closed my eyes, and it sounded like Rob Thomas and the band was in my room, so i got scared they're also meant to be used as a HT system, 5.1 upgrade w/ decoder will be available in the summer. as for the sound card, it's a professional stereo sound card that offers the highest sound quality possible. sound quality like that of those thousand dollar 24bit DVD/CD players. i don't watch movies, only listen to music, so i'm a very happy camper my set up can't reach the volume of your setup tho, so you got that on me
  8. just some Acoustic Energy Aego2's paired with an audiophile2496 sound card
  9. i garrauntee you that my set up as more accurate natural sound quailty than your's
  10. quote: Originally posted by snapgt: k27-R: Those Acoustic Energy's are a 2.1 system, and correct me if I'm wrong, but they don't have a 4.1 system out yet. Are there any reviews of the Acoustic Energy speakers around? -snap- a 5.1 upgrade will be available this summer. 2 rears, one center, and a decoder. the only review for these speakers is in last month's Stereophile magazine, they were on the cover. you can only buy these speakers at specialty home theater stores, so... i had v2-400's, sold them for the 4.1's......sold the 4.1's, and got the AE's. although it's only a 2.1 system, i have to say...i'm in love with them the only downside is that they're pricey!! only about 5 home theater stores in my area (SF Bay) carried them, and the prices ranged from $500-$700 but if you're looking for the highest quality audio possible, they are sooooooo worth it. although i didn't pay that much for them
  11. quote: Originally posted by Btrigg: Your a little full of yourself there. Most people in this bb don't know about videologic (or choose to ignore them so they can say that pros are the best). even more people don't know about Acoustic Energy (what i have )
  12. quote: Originally posted by Apparition: Despite some annoying features they are by far the best PC speakers on the planet. They should come the beginning of next week. that's a pretty big claim you make seeing that you haven't even heard the speakers yet
  13. quote: Originally posted by cody: i emailed amy and she didn't ever reply back, i emailed her twice.... f> it's the weekend. she's off
  14. does it sound like there's any wrong with the speakers? i don't think the warranty covers negligance, tho.
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