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  1. BOA12 and MH, If I look to my setup with the Reference speakers RF-3, RC-3 and RS-3 if I play my amp DSP-A1 on little less than half power the music is overpowering. If I play Jazzanova it is simply not possible to stay in the room because the sound is to loud, no distortion what so ever. The same applies to DVD's. So I would suggest to MH stay with the RF-3 and spend your money on CD's or DVD's. So BOA12 my question to you would you hear the difference between a KLF-20 and a Reference RF-3 on low volume settings?
  2. Rwmin, you were not the only one who was "banned" It happened to me as well. But one Email and two days later I was back on the board.
  3. En nu in het nederlands. Welkom op deze site. MH uit eigen ervaring heb ik geleerd dat je je speakers niet direct in de hoek neer moet zetten. Ook haaks op de muur geeft een zeer vreemde bas. Het beste wat ik nu heb is dat de beide speakers wat naar binnen gedraaid staan zodat de bass onder een hoek op de muur kan reflecteren. Bij mij viel het vooral op als ik in het midden dicht tegen de muur ging staan dat had ik een zeer onnatuurlijke bass. Door de RF-3 te draaien naar de luister positie werd dit effect verminderd. Als je ook een RC-3 (center speaker) hebt dan kan het effect nog vermiderd worden door deze er bij te gebruiken. Maar zoals andere reeds gezegd hebben is het moeilijk om een kant en klare oplossing te geven. Experimenteer met de opstelling. Mijn speakers staan vrij dicht tegen de muur aan, en dit is naar volle tevredenheid. Yamaha DSP-A1 RF-3 RC-3 RS-3 Monster kabels Sorry guys I did this in dutch because it is a bit easier for me as well. I explained in dutch how I placed my speakers and which difficulties I have encountered with the placement of the speakers.
  4. With a little bit of diy you can solve this problem. I made two stand from MDF total costs in Holland 25 guilders. They look like this total height 4 feet I I RC-3 are placed here IIIIIII = 16x10 inch I I I I I I I I IIIIII = 16x16 inch IIIIIII = 18x18 inch Dimensions are approx.
  5. I would go for the RS-3. My setup : Yamaha DSP-A1 RF-3 main RC-3 centre RS-3 rear
  6. DMC I did the same i bought two pieces of MDF length 4 feet wide 1 feet. Two pieces of 20x20 inch and 2 pieces 22x22 inch. The 20 and 22 inch squares I used as feet and attached the 4 feet to this. The RS-3 are placed on a piece of MDF which is attached to the 4 feet. I didn't secure my RS-3 to the stands. It works fine for me. It will take some diy but it is cheap and looks oke. I spend in Holland 10 dollars for the two stands. It looks roughly like the drawing below: X X rc-3 XXXXX X X X = 4 FEET X X X XXXXXX = 20X20 INCH XXXXXXX = 22X22 INCH
  7. I can only speak for the RF-3. The RF-3 give plenty of bass without a sub. Allthough from time to time it is nice to switch on the sub for extra bass. In reference to chockstarfish I don't believe that Klipsch make as he calls it *&^% speakers. -------------- RF-3's : mains RC-3 : center RS-3's : surrounds Pioneer subwoofer Amp: Yamaha DSP-A1 DVD: JVC CD : Yamaha cd-565 Cables : Monster
  8. I presume that you have bought the same combination that you tested in the shop before you bought the speakers and the amp. I had once the same experience with my amp/speaker combination. There was a total loss of bass. In my case the problem was solved by changing to another amplifier. I suggest that you try another amplifier/receiver with the SB-3 speakers. Try Yamaha or Denon they as you may notice have a lot of followers on this BB. My set consist of a Yamaha DSP-A1 and the reference serie speakers. And it is still party time for me when I turn on my set either for movie or for music.
  9. The only hurdle I ran into was that I can't find out which letter type I can use on the buttons on the Pronto except the types given by Pronto itself. But that is only a minor one. If you have your Pronto download Prontedit and hook the Pronto up to the computer and presto everything goes. But one warning the Pronto is not Child proof.
  10. Steve P your quite right with your remark about the remote from Yamaha it S*cks. There is noway you can program it to your liking that is why I bought the Pronto remote. And midospike try to find a shop where you can listen the models you like. I bought a Yamaha DSP-A1 with the reference speakers front centre and rear. I love the sound my Yamaha makes, but to be honest I never ever listened to a Denon receiver equal to the Yamaha. But I'm very happy with my set. Depending on the mood I'm in I will switch between 2ch and 5ch(DSP mode) on the Yamaha and I do like that. But Denon/Yamaha its all in ones mind. Guys why is there only a discussion between Denon and Yamaha and where is Pioneer?
  11. quote: Originally posted by charliko: I have a new JVC DVD and connot program my Onkyo remote with it in the learning mode. Does anyone know about whether or not this problem would be solved with the Pronto or who would know....I asked the two manufactures and got a coarse answer that not all unit will work with each other....no specifics at all.....needless to say was very disappointed with both Onkyo and JVC. Go to the shop and buy the Pronto and this will end all your problems. There is a site remotecentral.com where all kind of machines are mentioned and Onkyo and JVC are both mentioned. I just programmed my JVC VCR and DVD in the Pronto with everything on it. It will work just fine. Or just ask around on this site maybe there are people who have the same models and have the ccf files for you. I have a JVC DVD so mail the model and I will send you my CCF file for the Pronto when you have bought it.
  12. Yeap your right the Pronto is the best. I just received mine. And within 10 minutes I had the basics in the remote. Now I designing my own layout, which I do with the program Prontoedit. I've got rid of my remote for the CD CDR Tuner MD MC AMP TV VCR and DVD. They are all replaced by the PRONTO I love that remote.
  13. Denon/Yamaha so many channels so many DSP programs. At the end of the day you only use a few of them, at least I do. The other onces are nice to play with you can adjust al the specs you like. But it all comes down to one thing which setting do you like best. I switch between no DSP or the concert video Classical/Rock which will use all the speakers. And who cares if it is a Yamaha or a Denon as long as it does it job to your liking. So I will stick to my Yamaha DSP-A1 which I still like best.
  14. Sticky fingers clicked twice on the mouse
  15. Afraid, I watched TND and the dialog is very clear on my center speaker. I use the reference RC-3. Which is connected to a Yamaha DSP-A1 amplifier thru monster cable. I use all the reference serie on my amp, and I can say it is a joy to listen to it. So take TND and go to a shop or somebody who has a RC-3 as center speaker and listen for yourself. Happy listning
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