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    VPI Classic 1/Zu Denon DL-103 Mk2, Tubes4Hifi PH16 Phono Pre, Welborne Star Chief 45 monoblock amps, TS Grounded Grid preamp, DIY folded-baffle OB speakers, Yamaha CD-S300 CDP, Moon Audio 110 DAC, CCA

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  1. Very nice. I am sitting here listening to (and enjoying) my 45 Star Chiefs. Excellent.
  2. All yours ... and I'll be surprised if you're not happy with it. It's a great sounding cartridge.
  3. Joe, it's not threaded. Gotta futz with those tiny little nuts...
  4. Bump to the top ... this one is back on the market!
  5. He has a killer pair of monoblocks ... I tried them out on my big speakers, but they had waaaaaay too much gain for my system. That said, they were a quality build, and I would gladly welcome them into the listening room if I had the right speakers. Tim'a a stand up guy and a quality builder for sure.
  6. Bump for Joe and the Wauwatosa Tube Factory LA LUCI√ČRNAGA and the Stone Image Audio SUT. I was the former owner of both, and friends with the builders. Both are great pieces and punch well above their price point. I'd be happy to answer any questions about either, having used them in my system for a significant amount of time.
  7. Nope. I filed a missing package report, and the buyer is in the loop.
  8. Thanks, Joe. I did file a missing mail request today . And the buyer and I have been in constant contact to ork through this.
  9. I sold a cartridge to another forum member here and shipped it via USPS Priority Mail on February 12th. It shows that it moved through the USPS system once (in other words it left the origin post office and was scanned in at the next stop), but has since been at a standstill with no updates. What's the typical protocol in these situations? I'm not at fault for not shipping it, but feel bad that it hasn't made it to the buyer. That said, it could still make it, but the lag time is getting ridiculous. Any input would be appreciated ...
  10. Mmmm ... I'd love to try those alongside my Welborne Star Chief"s to see how they compare! I love my 45 amps! GLWS
  11. Bump, and a price drop to $365 shipped.
  12. UPDATE: You may have seen this one for sale earlier this year. The cartridge was sold and shipped, and then it went into USPS Priority Mail purgatory. It amazingly ended up getting shippedt h 3 months later! But he understandably made another cartridge purchase in the meantime, so this one is back with me, and back on the market. It is in the same excellent condition it was in when I originally sold it for the first time. Perfect shape with less than 50 hours use. Was deciding between this and the Zu Denon I just sold when I got a deal on a Soundsmith Zephyr that I always wanted. I'll cover PP fees and shipping in the CONUS. By the way, I've run an OC9/MLII and an AT33/PTG, and the OC9/III is probably my favorite of the 3. Definitely better than the OC9/MLII. I have more pics I can email, just ask.
  13. Damn, too slow. Congrats on the sale...
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