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  1. Nope. I filed a missing package report, and the buyer is in the loop.
  2. Thanks, Joe. I did file a missing mail request today . And the buyer and I have been in constant contact to ork through this.
  3. I sold a cartridge to another forum member here and shipped it via USPS Priority Mail on February 12th. It shows that it moved through the USPS system once (in other words it left the origin post office and was scanned in at the next stop), but has since been at a standstill with no updates. What's the typical protocol in these situations? I'm not at fault for not shipping it, but feel bad that it hasn't made it to the buyer. That said, it could still make it, but the lag time is getting ridiculous. Any input would be appreciated ...
  4. Mmmm ... I'd love to try those alongside my Welborne Star Chief"s to see how they compare! I love my 45 amps! GLWS
  5. Bump, and a price drop to $365 shipped.
  6. Perfect shape with less than 50 hours use. Was deciding between this and the Zu Denon I just sold when I got a deal on a Soundsmith Zephyr that I always wanted. I'll cover PP fees and shipping in the CONUS. By the way, I've run an OC9/MLII and an AT33/PTG, and the OC9/III is probably my favorite of the 3. Definitely better than the OC9/MLII. I have more pics I can email, just ask.
  7. Damn, too slow. Congrats on the sale...
  8. I'd also consider a partial trade for a good MM or MC cartridge with plenty of life left.
  9. I went there as well ... still go up a couple times a year to help out at my fraternity house.
  10. The lift bridge between Houghton and Hancock in the UP of MI. One of my favorite places anywhere ... God's country.
  11. I picked up the Welborne Star Chiefs that were for sale here, purely based on the reviews I read about them. They're in my system now, and have a very similar sound to the Eaton amps. I'm a habitual system tweaker, so it's not unusual for me to make changes on a whim!
  12. Really nice pair of 45 monoblocks built by Alan Eaton. Good review on his stereo version here: http://glowinthedarkaudio.com/alan-eaton-se45.html. Sound excellent on my 97dB folded open baffle speakers. These were my first exposure to the 45 tube, and I'm sold. Point to point wiring, copper ground buss, Tamura OPTs ... a virtually identical pair recently sold on the auction site by the builder for $1400. See his description here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-Single-ended-vintage-45-mono-block-tube-amplifiers-Tamura-output-transformers/184522957962?hash=item2af66ce48a:g:j6QAAOSwk4JfpInk. I am including a pair of National Union 45 tubes, 2 pairs of 6SN7 tubes and a pair of 6AX5GT tubes. I'm also including red and blue lamps (came with red, and I bought blue to match the rest of my system) and a brand new pair of Cardas CCBP-S brass speaker terminals (that cost me $80) that I was going to swap out for the stock terminals but never found the time to do. No power cords included. I will pick up UPS shipping costs to the CONUS. Amps will ship in two boxes. I am around until the 22nd, after that I won't be able to ship until the 28th or so. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll answer them to the best of my ability. I have a bunch of photos that I am happy to email to you ... just send me a PM with your email address. Amps (and me) are located in SE WI (Lake Geneva). Buyer is welcome to pick them up locally. Buyer to cover PP fees (3%).
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