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  1. Last price drop ... good deal on a solid phono preamp
  2. Another bump ... great pre for the $$
  3. Bumping this up ... free ship in the CONUS
  4. Got my albums from boomac today .. great packing and as described. Listening to Lee Morgan in mono as I type this! Thanks!
  5. PM sent with my list
  6. Would also consider a trade for a similarly valued gently used cartridge. Prefer MC, but could be interested in the “right” MM.
  7. The P75 is pretty legendary as being one of the best sounding “budget” phono preamps on the market. I used it in the MC phono enhancement mode with my AT33PTG/II cartridge as well as in the MM mode with my Bob’s Devices SUT, and it was excellent in both cases. It works perfectly, looks great and comes with the power supply, all jumpers, instructions and the original packaging. This is the original version, which from some threads I've read online, is supposedly superior to the v2 model, especially when used in PE mode. I can confirm that it has sounded great in my system, and with multiple cartridges. Free shipping in the CONUS. Price is firm ... you won’t find a better MM/MC pre for this kind of money.
  8. tlarwa


    Honestly, what’s holding me back is the speaker terminals and having the power cord and inputs/speaker terminals on opposite ends. Just not sure how I’d situate these in my rack. From all I’ve read, they sound terrific!
  9. tlarwa


    Thank GOD. My wallet thanks the buyer...
  10. Everyone’s a smart *** 😄 I actually own a whole bunch of screwdrivers ...
  11. Super simple to bias. Even comes with the tool to do it with. I owned one for a little while.
  12. I’ll be sure to post one once it’s up and running. Hopefully later this week. I am making a few upgrades ... different coupling caps, Goldpoint selector switch and Goldpoint dual mono attenuators, that I think will make a difference. Plus, the custom faceplate (black) will look a lot better than stock! More to come...
  13. Thanks, but I ended up buying a kit. Just waiting for my Front Panel Express custom faceplate to arrive and I'll be able to finish it up. It's been a fun build, and I was able to change out a few things to my liking. I'm glad I decided to go with my own build! But I'm sure you won't have any issues finding a buyer ....
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