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  1. tlarwa

    Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum Sold

    Everyone’s a smart *** 😄 I actually own a whole bunch of screwdrivers ...
  2. tlarwa

    Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum Sold

    Super simple to bias. Even comes with the tool to do it with. I owned one for a little while.
  3. tlarwa

    Looking For A Grounded Grid Preamp

    I’ll be sure to post one once it’s up and running. Hopefully later this week. I am making a few upgrades ... different coupling caps, Goldpoint selector switch and Goldpoint dual mono attenuators, that I think will make a difference. Plus, the custom faceplate (black) will look a lot better than stock! More to come...
  4. tlarwa

    Looking For A Grounded Grid Preamp

    Thanks, but I ended up buying a kit. Just waiting for my Front Panel Express custom faceplate to arrive and I'll be able to finish it up. It's been a fun build, and I was able to change out a few things to my liking. I'm glad I decided to go with my own build! But I'm sure you won't have any issues finding a buyer ....
  5. tlarwa

    SOLD: 12AU7 SRPP Configured Preamp

    Bump for a simple but really nice sounding tubed preamp. No issues or disappointment with this one! I’ll consider fair offers but I’ll keep it as s second active preamp before I give it away. Thanks! BTW, I talked to the builder, Blair Chapman, and the gain on this preamp is about 17. I use it with a 5W SET and it performs admirably on my 98dB speakers. The Alps pot has a nice slow taper and offers a lot of control.
  6. tlarwa

    Looking For A Grounded Grid Preamp

    Thanks ... I've been watching all the boards, and a lot of them have been cross-posted. They've all sold from what I can tell, but all the forums haven't been updated. I'll keep watching up to the point I place an order for my own kit!
  7. I've got it in my head to give this preamp a try with my single-ended KT66 amp. I'm close to pulling the trigger on a kit from Bruce (@TS) and building one myself, but thought I'd see if anyone has one they'd let go first. There's a couple mods I'd likely do to the stock unit out of the gate, but those could be done on a built unit as well. Anyway, let me know if you have one not being used that you'd consider letting go and we can go from there. Thanks, Tom
  8. tlarwa

    Time to downsize, LOT of gear offered

    Decide not to sell the Mini Monos? You probably saved me ... I’ve been trying to figure out how to get those into my house 😄
  9. I am the first owner of this hand built preamp, and have enjoyed it immensely with my 6L6GC-based SET amplifier and OB speakers (and Cornwalls before that). I am only selling to fund a preamp build of my own (it will be my first). The only change to the original design is that I replaced the coupling capacitors with Jantzen Superior Z caps, which was Blair's recommendation (and a significant upgrade). The amp is in terrific condition and has no issues. I have shipped many pieces successfully, and have perfect feedback here, on US Audio Mart and on Ebay (softrideguylg). Shipping is a $25 flat rate in the CONUS.From the builder (Blair Chapman) in his original sale ad on Audiogon (I am the first owner). A link to the original ad is also included (scope images are referenced in the original Audiogon ad): https://www.audiogon.com/listings/tube-12au7-preamplifier-blair-chapman-2017-08-20-preamplifiers?show_listing=trueThis preamplifier is a 12AU7 tube based preamp in SRPP configuration. Features a layered plywood chassis, 2mm thick 6061 aluminum top plate.- Gold plated RCA connectors- Low noise toroidal power transformer- Power supply is all point to point, but mounted to a piece of 1/8" fiberglass- Audio circuit is full point to point- High quality new tube sockets- Alps (Real and NOT eBay replica crap)- RCA tubesIf you look at the images, this unit is dead flat from 20Hz-20kHz! Look at the sine waves at 20Hz (Sorry, it is hard to snap a picture at 20Hz), 1kHz and 20kHz.I have been doing this for many years and maintain my reputation as one of the most honest and reasonably sellers. Please let me know if you have any questions.I rate my gear 8/10 due to the DIY nature of my gear. All components, minus tubes because I prefer older tubes are brand new and high quality. The smudge looks on the top plate are simply finger prints. It is a swirl sanded look that I will clean with alcohol before shipping.
  10. tlarwa

    Time to downsize, LOT of gear offered

    Can you send me some more info on the ampsandsound ss preamp? I can't find any info on it on the web. Please PM me with the details and some pics. Thanks!
  11. tlarwa

    Transcendent Sound Grounded Grid Preamp

    Did the GG preamp ever sell? Been looking for one, and don’t really have the time to build one. Let me know, please.
  12. tlarwa

    Hagerman coronet 2 tube phono stage SOLD

    IM sent for more info .
  13. This listing is for a pair of PRV Audio D290Py-S compression drivers with resin adapter plates. They are the 8 ohm version. I bought these about 4 months ago from Parts Express and they have not seen more than 50 hours of use in a dedicated home audio room (not used in a pro application). They are in perfect condition with absolutely no issues. They are currently selling for $59.99/ea at PE + shipping. Pics are of one driver, but 2 will be shipped. The other driver is in the same perfect condition. Looking for $100 for the pair including the adaptor plates. Free shipping via UPS Ground in the CONUS. Contact me for shipping costs to other locations.