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  1. The One will no longer hold a charge. How can I get a hold of warranty to fix this?
  2. I like the Black and Copper, it reminds me of the old forum. Well done!
  3. Mine showed up today, it's perfect for work and sounds pretty good for what it is. Everyone walked by today and loved the "vintage" look.
  4. Sorry for the delayed response. Neither unit has been serviced, they both work so nicely I haven't felt the need yet I am sure they would benefit from it.
  5. Located in northern Utah, willing to ship even though it will be expensive. The 2505 is heavy!
  6. Selling my favorite pieces of audio equipment. They are in excellent shape, all light work, dials are smooth and quiet. I've only used these with Belles, Klipschorns and La Scalas and the 2505 provides plenty of power. Checking out pricing on several other sites, $1700 seems fair for both, if not I am totally willing to negotiate. Located near Salt Lake City, Utah.
  7. When I was 14 my dad sat me down and made me watch Hell Freezes Over lazer disc and I understood. Lots of car rides, drinks and late nights listening to Eagles records. So sad to hear this today. RIP
  8. http://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=218&ad=36899604&cat=494&lpid=1&search=klipsch&ad_cid=2
  9. Good stuff! Tarantino usually makes a violent film which I am not too stoked about but, I still end up watching everything he's done.
  10. Start with Heresys and a Dayton T-amp and his audio future will thrive.
  11. ........As well as this group. Good times!
  12. Saw these guys many times in their early days.
  13. The price is right and they look great. GLWS!
  14. I liked it as well. The Eagles doc is really a good one!
  15. $800?...........wtf is wrong with people?
  16. So clean! Looks amazing, I'm sure you're very stoked.
  17. Great documentary for sure!
  18. I like this thread because I am also interested in how many of you have a time for a nice dedicated listen. I try to get in 3-4 nights a week, I really do try to make it a priority because having a good listening session is almost therapeutic for me.
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