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  1. I've done the same with Heresys, Fortes and Klipschorn trim and the result was great.
  2. You probably got that from the Bruce Edgar interview of PWK for "Speaker Builder" magazine. Thank you for that. I really like the La Scala and have a real love for it.
  3. Nice! I would like to have a pair as well. Nice looking C26, I love mine. Great Score! [Y]
  4. Thanks for the kind words guys. I am really excited about these, can't wait to get both of them done and start listening.
  5. I've been working on the one as you can see. After taking the Belle apart and sanding every piece and treating them with Howards Walnut restore a finish and some Watco rejuvenating oil (recommended by Klisch) the one looks much better.
  6. I am just about done with one of them and it really looks great. I have questions about the bass horn so I think I will post some questions in the Tech Questions thread.
  7. Thanks guys,I've been working on one of them and the color of the veneer is coming back to life. I must be sanding through years of coatings of lemon oil or something. The one is looking great! I've always wanted a pair of Belles.
  8. Is there a way to remove the grils in the bass horn?
  9. Hi guys, I picked these up yesterday. They are BK-WO and they look more like OO, it looks to me that they may have sat by a window for many years. I will sand them down a little and bring some life back to the veneer. These seem to have a little more bass than the LS (with the stock AA's) is that true, or is it just me? I was surprised by how short the squaker horn was compared to the LS & Khorn......do I need to upgrade? Any thoughts are great. [Y]
  10. Great looking rig for sure. [Y]
  11. RIP Ray, thank you for all the great tunes.
  12. So beautiful! I would love to have that.
  13. I bought a beat up La Scala from a guy who was just using it to listen to it out on his front porch and he was running it mono and bi-amped. I would like to do the same thing with it at my place. He did something with the AA network so he could bi-amp it.......[*-)] I put on old AA network and hooked it up like this to an old Marantz 2238b I ran wire from the + side of the right channel and the - side of the left channel to the network and it sounds fine. That might not be the best or even correct way to hook it up but it works.
  14. A little bit of orange juice and vodka here. La Scalas are working and I am the only one home. Life is good. [Y]
  15. You're in Sandy.......my old neighborhood. I may have to think seriously about this.
  16. I wonder how that would sound with Klipschorns?
  17. I paid $600 for mine and I love them, in fact I liked them so much that I sold a pair of beautiful Cornwalls because the Chorus did such a good job and didn't have the large foot print. People are always trying to compair the Chorus and the Forte. The Chorus is so much bigger and that 15" woofer dominates. Placement is an issue with the Forte as well. The Chorus is not as picky because of the front ports. I really perfer the sound of a fully horn loaded speaker but, the Chorus is the next best thing in that line of Klipsch speakers. I love mine!
  18. Congrats! I have been wishing for a pair for years now. Pics please. []
  19. I want the MCMs just because of how bad *** they look. []
  20. I feel that the garage is very important. I just bought a new house and the garage was one of the main reasons, it's a big 3 car (1400sqft) garage with a huge RV pad. I have set up Heresys in there, I put in a full size fridge and now I am going to finish the floor with an epoxy, flake, and clearcoat and insulate the doors. Shelving and over head storage racks and a good work bench will be needed soon.
  21. They fill that room with ease right? [] I love the La Scala.
  22. LS are such great speakers, I love mine. When I added a sub they really came to life............dude, even my wife loves them.
  23. THere is a guy on KSL.com that is selling a perfect pair with cain grills.........check it out. Great price too!
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