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  1. No disrespect to Mr. Crites, but the ALKs really made my Klipschorns come alive. I know they will do the same for the LS. [Y]
  2. Hi guys, the other day I picked up a Carver PM 200 for $90, so I thought it might be good to run my Chorus' with. After waiting a few days to get XLR cables so I could hook it up and listen I cleaned out all of the dust and resoldered a transistor that had broken off the board, I fired it up and got a audible hum coming from the amp near the big blue caps or power transitor, I had great sound out of one channel and the other was getting a pulsing hum noise that sounded like trying to tune a radio or something, now the amp is is protect mode and making this pulsing sound. Any Ideas? I would be fine with having to replace some caps or other components I just have no idead on where to start the diag process. Thanks.
  3. A nice glass.... errr bottle of cab.
  4. There is too much light polution here in the valley of salt......I should head up one of the canyons. [^o)]
  5. I wish my son had one of those bibs.....very cool. [H]
  6. Now if I could just put one in each Khorn. []
  7. Great looking set up. That's great that you got them sounding the way you want, I would love to hear a pair sometime. [Y] ......btw, welcome to the forum. [H]
  8. I agree, screw making money and stay home and listen to your entire collection. []
  9. That is so cool!!! Wow, I wish I could hear them sometime. Congrats to you! [Y]
  10. Those Carver amps are the same price as an Audi R8, $115,000.00 Here is a pic of an R8 that was in the VW/Audi/Porsche dealership that I'm a tech at for a recall. (incase you didn't know what an R8 looked like.)
  11. Those are nice....I would like to find a pair. [H]
  12. I agree, I've used the Forte, Chorus and KG5.5 and nothing comes close to the LS. A 15" woofer for the low end and my HT sounds nice. I just need to find a single LS for a center....my Academy has a hard time keeping up. [Y]
  13. He's a handsome little guy. Congrats to you and your family. [D]
  14. Audio Technica AT440MLA Dual-Moving Magnet Phono Cartridge
  15. I bought a perfect pair for $100, no lie. I am not sure why they don't seem to hold their value like some other Klipsch speakers, they work really well for HT set up.
  16. This was taken in 2009 (when I first got the bug). I've since replaced them with La Scalas and now Klipschorns
  17. That is pretty funny to me, my son is a lot like that. If he has his something to guide him he does really well but, say something like the table ends he gets the wobbles.
  18. I am so happy right now!!!! [] http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=477239855620796&ref=notif&notif_t=video_processed (Notice the Klipschorns?)
  19. As a race fan, I am glad they are ok. Has anyone seen this one?...........it's a classic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-K1B4sTX4o&feature=related
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