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  1. All very interesting. They have the 288 driver up for sale on eBay....I wonder what happens if you "buy" it from the EBay site? I'd hate to think someone would pay for one of these on eBay & then get no response......doesn't seem like Bill at all.....or maybe the new people are running the EBay site? 288-8K 288-16K 288-32K HF Driver.pdf Classic-Series-288-8H-Spec-Sheet.pdf
  2. Try messaging them on their EBay site. https://www.ebay.com.au/str/greatplainsaudio
  3. I agree with you on the point of them not being keyed into the fitting plates, as this will definitely cause issues with them coming loose over time. Pretty sad to see this hasn't been addressed in a speaker of this calibre. Your 10 year warranty definitely won't cover the fact that they come loose, this is a bad engineering error, probably implemented by the bean counters. If you decide to leave them as is, don't use the bare wire connection, as this will definitely cause them to come loose. Stick with the banana plugs & just make sure they are a nice tight fit for the length they will extend into the plug.
  4. “but that boxy “stuffy nose” bass sound was still there, obnoxious as ever.” I think part of what you’re hearing is purely the sound of horn loaded bass from a LS. Dont expect LS bass to sound warm or full. They have what I would call a “lean” bass sound. Snappy, forcefull, powerful.....sure, but they will never have the same bass tonality as a bass reflex or sealed box system. Not even the same as a K horn. Even when you tame the side wall resonance & try anything else you like, you can’t change the basic sound signature of the cabinet design. Just my 2 cents worth after spending time with Klipsch heritage & other famous vintage brands that shall remain nameless on this forum.
  5. Excuse my ignorance....but what are SKhorns?
  6. You may find this information useful. https://www.northreadingeng.com/Klipschorn_build/Klipschorn_build.html
  7. ...and there's your answer right there.
  8. There's your answer right there. ....and I'd be using an ALK crossover or if you can snag one of Deans.
  9. Apart from the "headache" mid horn.
  10. Absolutely.....Greg makes those himself.....can't see him purchasing a product from someone else, when he has the skill & knowledge to manufacture the horns that he utilises. These horns were the start of everything for Greg.
  11. I've had Al's Trachorn & also Daves Elliptrac & used both extensively over some time. For me, the Elliptrac was a step above the trachorn, with a bigger soundstage & smoother, more relaxed sound. I've used the same driver on both horns (Various versions of K55, A55, GPA). Currently using the BMS DCM50 on the elliptrac & find this combo hard to beat. Both are excellent horns. If you can handle the woodwork on the elliptrac kit, I believe it's a bargain.
  12. Looked your Sansui up on the net.....what a beast....300 watts per channel & they command a huge price these days. I didn't realise it was a 2 piece unit. The power amp & pre amp are two seperate units that bolt together. That ones a keeper!!
  13. The Sony & the 1060 look great. Here's my Marantz 1060. I purchased this about 12 months ago from the "States". It had been totally refurbished with all new caps, resistors, everything cleaned & a new black faceplate. I used to drool over these back in the 70's, but couldn't afford to buy one. It sounds better than I remember them & can hold its own with any of the new more modern designs.
  14. If we “insist” on trying this option, it doesn’t mean we are wrong. We don’t need to be dragged along with options we’re either not interested in or not likely to try. Just be happy for us if we feel we’ve made a worthwhile improvement, after all, this hobby is so very subjective. OK?
  15. In regards to the "half -baked" opinions....this one is a real classic. Yeah...we should all go out & buy 2 x 25 watt amps to run some home made cabs with tiny drivers to achieve "real' bass. Throw me all the graphs you want, but if you think that's going to gel with a set of La Scala's, then you need new ears.
  16. I’m running a Luxman L509X on a pair of Belles & the sound is sublime. The best of both worlds to my ears, liquid tube like mids & tops with plenty of heft & control on the bottom end. No mucking around with tubes either & wondering whether they’re going off song, also totally silent. Beautiful amplifier.
  17. Yes, I agree, the iron on is far easier to use, but very difficult to get into all those tight spots around the dog-house.
  18. You need to use a contact cement glue. 1. Make up templates from thin cardboard material for all the sections you need to cover. 2. Make sure the templates are exactly correct before you cut the veneer. 3. Cut the veneer to size from the templates. 4. Apply contact adhesive to one area & line up veneer to one of the edges & then gradually lay the veneer into position. I did these in this fashion & although very tricky to do, the result was pretty good.
  19. There are many systems out there using this or a similar configuration of drivers. You have many choices of crossover to use with these drivers. ALK Universal ALK Gentle slope AP 12 series ALK Extreme slope crossovers CRITES AA CRITES A/4500 Talk to Michael about your options here or ALK if you can wait a little longer. & you can quite easily construct some of the above yourself.
  20. This has probably fried your mid drivers. Putting a full range signal directly to the mid drivers is not really recommended!
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