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  1. First of all its spelled Hayabusa...and now I have THE newest fastest production motorcycle the BMW S1000RR. So what right? This is an audio site primarily. It great to peruse around the Forums again and don't they look great?!!! But what the heck happened to Palladiums? Are they relegated to somewhere in the Klipsch attic. Anyway I'm off to go to motorcycle road racing School on the 20th and don't worry I won't be crashing. Its a very cool hobby and my theater suffers the consequences but again not to worry because there has been a new infusion of $ to work on this in a little while and we're going to wrap it up quick when we do. The best thing I've done for it since I've been on last is to put some nice furniture down there. A big sofa and a nice white love seat. Just both big enough to absorb some of the echoing and make it look a little pretty. As we say the woman's touch as my neighbor Deb and her husband Joe donated and helped me to get it down there in my cave respectively speaking. There's a funny story about the sofa. I bought it from our clubhouse used for $150 because we got new stuff in there. So when I had the chance, to avoid my wife's watchful eye and because the Audi dealer gave us an SUV loaner while ours was in for repairs I snuck or sneaked over to the clubhouse and threw the wrong couch in the SUV which I slightly damaged not caring because it was supposedly a used couch..it got some small bumps and such. The head lady of our governing board was so surprised that I could get the couch out on my back as it was kind of heavy and we'd had a rash of thefts so how did I get past the security cameras to boot? Long story short I had to buy the new couch for $850.00. Its a nice couch.
  2. Hey Shakey, Its obvious a lot of time and effort and money went into your ride. She's a looker! Nic
  3. Hi All, My Palladium based HT really comes in handy this time of year. Even though my Hayabusa has been replaced by a new BMW S1000RR which sits in my garage and thats all weather permits, I have an alternative. I'm really thankful that I can watch The Doctor, The Texas Tornado, and The Kentucky Kid on a nearly 6' X 11' projected image. I've seen the film many times but I never get tired of it because it has just the right balance of racing drama and documentary information. Additionally, since the S1k has done pretty well as a CRT competitor it will make me feel closer to the action. I know for sure that its a hellish proposition to hang on to the thing with the throttle pinned. She's an amazingly powerful girl who I've only begun to become acquainted with after three thousand miles. I'd happily give a full review but I think I'll wait and see what kind of interest surfaces in the raising of this old thread. I was amazed by the interest in things motorcycle in the forum when I first posted. It took on a life of its own and brought about discussions way over my head and knowledge. It was a real pleasure to witness the joy that it created. I had lost some of my fervor for HT and focused on motorcycles for over a year now but thank God I have my theater to fall back on now that the weather has gotten cold. Last year I was so taken with my Hayabusa that I rode right through the coldest part of the winter. I don't see that happening this time around for more than one reason. Most importantly I logged in over 24,000 mile in one short year. I had planned on going the turbo route which is popular on the Busa but I was worried I was going to put over ten thousand dollars into a bike with so many miles on it. So that's the main point...I don't want to run up a bunch of miles on my new bike and have to buy another one next year. I didn't plan on having two expensive hobbies...that's just the way it happened. Fortunately the theater has more of a finite end of expenses. I've hardly had to put a dime into my theater this past year. It still needs finishing but I can live with that for the time being. Thanks for reading, enjoy all those new presents, and I would love to hear about your "motorcycle theaters".
  4. Thank you Garyrc; I saw your post when it went up and realized tonight I need to respond. I feel very gratified by your comment. Nic
  5. My comment was a little off base. I've never even heard a K Horn. I was referring to how I feel the Palladiums really light up with some power since you felt they were harder to drive then one might expect if that was the jist as I understood it. By the way, everyone here is entitled to express them self as Diz so aptly noted. Nic
  6. M, Pls send me a PM with what you're willing to pay for 37s in very good condition. Pls no games, just a number and whatever else you feel is appropriate. I know you will have questions and want pictures but for the time being they are good condtion espressos. Thank you. Nic aka Shake PS I'm considering the sale because I have a new obsession and plan to buy 39s at some point...I have no real need to sell them.
  7. Hey Dep, I took a quick look at some of mine which came from differenent sources and in a poorly lit basement with a flashlight I couldn't see enough difference to report any. When I have more light I'll take another look and report back if I see any. Mine came from three differenent sources. Peace out and lots of luck. Just out of curiousity send me a PM if youre interested in a pair of 37s and what youd pay. Just to satisfy a recurring curiosity. I think Pals are literally the best but I have another obsession right now and I might maybe in the most remotest of worlds let them go until I can find a pair of 39s I could afford. Nic aka Shake
  8. Hi Assumer, A pair will come along if you want them. I got all of mine on the cheap except for the center.
  9. Did 300 miles today to get my Busa suspension tuned by Washington Cycles who really know how to do it right. Like a new bike especially after motor tune. Wednesday will be dyno tune and ecu flash and I'm hoping for at least ten horses between the two. Maybe more maybe not. Too bad a couple of the kids with us banged into each other. Totaled two bikes and one in the hospital but ok. Too bad.
  10. Congrats, I'm jealous but glad for you. Hope to have them some day.
  11. Thanks very much Gentleman. Shake
  12. Thanks Ym, You are more than welcome.
  13. All, So sorry to all as I pulled a humongous goof. My speakers are not bringing near what I hoped so I'm keeping them and the amplifiers as well. Again, I realize this puts me out there in the stratosphere as far as my thinking goes. I thought I was offering things at a good, salable price but not so. So I have to walk away with my tail tucked between my legs and offer a huge I'm sorry. Just to help you understand I offered a $12,000,00 pair of P-37s for $4900.00 and I was told I would get refusals at $3,900.00 They sound amazing and I just can't let them go for that. By the way I thought I had removed these offerings by way of editing so I will have to try again, Thanks, Shake
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