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  1. When I put the LMAHL's in my KLF-20's I was in the middle of doing some mods on my Jolida JD9a. I was soldering in some Obbligato caps and changing out four of the BB OPA627ap op amps for LT1028's leaving two BB's in the output position. When I finished everything I put Donald Fagen's Nightfly on the Scout and had a "Holy Crap This Sounds Good" moment. Haven't had one of those in a while. The music just jumped out at me. More detail, better mids, tighter bass, I could finally really hear cymbals that actually sounded like cymbals. I ordered two more Obbligatos for the Jolida JD5T preamp that should be here next week. Can't wait to hear what that 's going to add to the mix. I've got GE 5751 JAN triple micas in the JD9 and I've got another pair of them I'm thinking about putting in the JD5T, while it's apart, in place of the Psvane 12ax7's that are in there now. Really impressed with the overall quality of the LMAHL's , I wasn't expecting such a really nice change. It's not often you actually get what you pay for.
  2. Got them in and they sound very good indeed. To my ears they're clearer and sweeter than the titaniums, cymbals are much better with more ring and presence. The LMAHL's so far seem to blend a bit better with the titanium mids. Money well spent IMHO.
  3. My only concern is whether they'll blend well with my mids. I've got the oem , can't remember the part #, Klipsch titanium diaphragms in the mids. I talked to Bob about the crossovers before I bought the mids and he advised me to let him build a bandpass add on for the new crossovers to compensate for the titanium mids. He told me these were the first crossovers for KLF-20's that he had built with the bandpass. I'm confident that they'll be OK because if anybody knows Klipsch it's Bob Crites. As I mentioned earlier I've never been satisfied with the tweeters and I've always believed that they are overwhelmed by the mids and are the biggest weakness in the 20's. The 20's to my ears sound better and smoother with movies than they do with music. Cymbals sound very recessed and gritty on two channel music so hopefully Dave's units will rectify this. That's just my personal opinion and I'm looking forward to hearing the LMAHL's.
  4. It's done, I went for it and ordered them a few minutes ago.
  5. Thanks. I've never liked the tweeters in my 20's. Even with titanium diaphragms I can barely hear them and they sound shrill and gritty.
  6. Anybody using these tweeters with the KLF-20? My KLF's have Crites titanium diaphragms in the K-79-K's presently. I also have the Klipsch titanium mids and Crites crossovers with the bandpass addition for the mid. Would I have to modify the crossovers to use the DaveA LMAHL tweeters? Will the LMAHL's blend well with the titanium mids? I've never been completely satisfied with the tweeter response from the KLF-20 even with the titanium diaphragms. They sound a bit shrill, brittle, and recessed to my old ears. Would the LMAHL's be an improvement or just a sideways move over what I have now? Thanks, Sam
  7. To my ears the RS 3's sound better than the KSF-S5's. The titanium tweeters in the RS 3's deliver more detail and the woofer has better bass. The extra 3dB of sensitivity made a difference in the overall balance with the rest of my speakers. I'm happy with them.
  8. Can't use another set of towers, room's too small.
  9. Which of these surround speakers would be a better match with my KLF-20's? I'm using an Emotiva XPA-3 (200 rms x 3) for the fronts with a KV-4 center, and an Emotiva XPA-200 (150 rms x 2) for the rear surrounds which are presently the KSF-S5's. The KSF's sound a bit underpowered vs the fronts and I'm curious if the 2 or 3 dB better efficiency of the RS 3's would be worth it. I'd love to have a pair of RS 7's but they're rare and the ones I've seen are usually way overpriced and in bad shape. I'm open to any suggestions anyone might have as to alternative surrounds to match my gear.
  10. What a load of crap! Does it sound good or not?
  11. Never owned the 10's but I do own the KLF-20's. I used a pair of 5.5's for 15 years eventually modding them with Crites crossovers, titanium diaphragms and some inner cabinet work which was a big improvement. Did pretty much the same mods to the 20's which, IMHO, made them a much better sounding speaker than the 5.5's. I sold the 5.5's to a friend who is now enjoying them as I did. If you haven't tried any of Bob Crites titanium diaphragms and crossovers in your 5.5's do so. Regards, Sam
  12. I've had mine for three plus years and love it. Tried several sets of tubes with it and finally settled on Electro Harmonix 12AX7 Gold Pins. Quiet operation and nice smooth detailed sound. Comments about the remote are accurate, it's very heavy and one could probably brain a home invader with it. Regards, Sam
  13. A set of Bob's crossovers also makes a big difference in smoothness and detail for the 20's. Does Bob sell titanium diaphragms for the mids now? I had to get mine from Klipsch. They're the same diaphragm a more recent speaker uses but I can't remember which one. Anyway, the only way I could get Klipsch Service to sell them to me was that I had to tell them I had that speaker and had blown them up. Whatever it takes.
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