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    Klipsch Heritage series and Mcintosh, dynaco, magnavox tube amps, good patch cords and wire ! Also wish I had younger ears. Lifetime of serious music has cheated me out of my music.
    Now retired. Time to play.
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    Klipsch heritage of all sizes, Mcintosh amps , preamps, cd posters, etc.
    Began tube amps with magnavox console amps pulled and rebuilt . Anyone can say what they please, but old magnavox tube amps are a poor mans Mcintosh .

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  1. I own serial numbers 357 ( Signed by paul Klipsch 11 Aug 54; Salem, OR) & serial # 453 klipschorn. Owned them several years, both work. They do not match due to Mono then.. People bought just one.. Have set of NOS Complete set of grills go with them . Am willing to sell..Let me know if interested. Live on Mobile Bay Area in Alabama.. tried put pics, but files too large..will have to take smaller files or reduce the ones i have..
  2. Selling my McIntosh MX130. Same as C39, but with built in tuner. Made in 90's. I am trying to combine everything into music / tv room. So getting new preamp and solid state multi channel amp. Was using it with MC 240 & 30 tube amps. Usual price around $1000. Has THX card option installed. Last one McIntosh made with phono input until they started back in last few years. Make me an offer. Have not listed it yet, but will soon..just moved so no time yet.. Have box. But not correct one. For MX 134 preamp box.. Montfort Jones Fairhope Alabama Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. mjjr1956

    WTB Khorns

    Have you found a pair? I just moved to Fairhope ,Ala and my horns do not fit, so selling them. I have not listed or tried to sell due to so much else getting moved and set up. Think they are 80's. Were perfect before move but may have couple nicks now. Crites crossovers. Walnut. Also have single black LaScala for center am selling. Let me know if interested. Really not far away. Montfort
  4. Have 3 new Atlas Sound PD-4V's and PD-30T's New...need info about themm Are they worth keeping or Sell..and does anybody want them ?
  5. For 5.1 Surround. I use 4 Heritage Hersery's..2 Klipsch Subs, and a Klipsch Center, not sure which one.I think it is a 3? ... ..Before I used the Klipsch center,( had Advent) I could not understand what was being said ..it was not clear, no matter how loud..I thought my hearing was bad..what was happening was my center was not as efficient as my Heresy's..so they were too loud..I replaced the center with Klipsch..Now I love it...Would not change anything..I am a huge fan of the Heritage series...So I cannot comment on any of the newer model..the newest ones I have had were Forte's..
  6. This is what I have found..... Have to decide what to sell....pair of Belles or Horns w/ Crites mods..Have 2 sets of Belles..one original, other w/ Crites Mods (Keeping these) . Had Klipschorns in corners, with Bob Crites Crossovers and tweeters...Decided to pull them out, replace with Belles with original AL crossers , original tweeters.. At first, I set belles in corners, not flat against wall..Was disappointed..They sounded no where near as good as my Horns..So, I hooked up my other set of Belles, w/ Crites crossovers and tweeters, also in corners away from wall...Again..Disappointed. So pushed the Belles against the wall...then I was happy...Much better... My next move was to hook up one with Crites Mods, and one original...faded from one to the other... My discovery was.. 1. Belles should be against the wall.. 2.Bob Crites Crossovers and Tweeters made a lot of difference..So much cleaner , but some brighter..had to cut treble, add bass..The sound was great..the originals were muddy and not clean sounding..Probably old crossovers.. So my summery was...Keep the Belles...add Crites Mods to other set..so they match.. Just wanted to share this info with ya'll...
  7. I was going to sell a pair of belles .Have 2 pair..one in storage...But have been thinking...Am using Belles for my rear Speakers..My Khorns for front...Main speakers. If keepBelles, Then would have 4 Belles...Front and rear.. .sell the horns.? keep the Belles? .My room is small, and the horns have things blocking one side...will the belles sound as good as the horns? or close enough? would work better in my set up..can go flat against the wall...Need opinion what you would do...sell Horns , keep the Belles? or sell the Belles, keep the Horns?
  8. Thanks. To be clear, you mean; pos of amp (4ohm tab) > pos of one speaker; neg of that speaker > pos of second speaker; neg of second speaker > neg of amp; right? I'm going to try it this evening and see how it sounds.
  9. Hey Guys I havea question about a new setup im working on for my son's house. He has two McIntosh MC50's hooked up to a pair of Cornwalls in his music room (20x30 ft). I have an extra pair of LaScalas that I am letting him set up in the room also. Does anyone know about hooking up one Cornwall and one LaScala into each MC50? I am pretty sure there will be more than enough power for this but will it change the ohms or anything else that I should be concerned about? Any of your opinions on this subject would be appreciated.
  10. Looking for one of each in good shape with remotes. Willing to buy or trade cartrides and needles. Good brand like shure adc stanton , etc have lots of electronics around. If got one email me.
  11. Can I get a little advise on a universal remote...?? I need one that can do as many as 10 different pieces...
  12. I need a K-33 e for a lascala..you still have one??
  13. i picked a pair of the KT_DS speakers and wanted to mount them..saw on this old post you were familiar with them...where do i get the omni mounts.??? and if you still have the set up instructions>??? thank you , Montfort
  14. just acquired a ksw sub and need help hooking it up, all i have in back of my 5.1 receiver is a rca....what do i do..??? have one speaker wire ( 2 strand, red/black) run thru the wall to the place where i want it to sit, and had an rca plug on it for my old sub...how many wires do i need ...it is quite a hassle to run another wire up the wall and thru the attic then down to the plate in stalled, but will do again if i have too...any help out there,,..???
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