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  1. Hey thanks! Yes, I'll be bringing the Cornwalls and maybe a pair of Belle's if there is an interest.
  2. Im kinda confused as to what will be going on in Hope this weekend.....COULD someone give out some details?? Please!!!!
  3. I can bring along a ST-70 and a couple of ASL Wave 8 Monoblocks if the group is in favor. The Monoblocks are for sale btw.
  4. Ive got some Corwalls and Heresy's I'd be glad to bring if anyone would like me to?
  5. Anybody gonna be at the local hotels for the pilgrimage? Will you be setting up equipment?
  6. Todd Lumpkin from Sound Towne, the closest Klipsch Dealer told me he would be in attendance too.
  7. Amy, I will be attending again this year as well as my son, Matt Long, and Cody Stearman of Digital Graphics here in Texarkana, Texas.
  8. Todd does in fact now own Sound Towne in Texarkana. Bruce sold it to him several years ago. Bruce, as I understand it still owns and leases the building to Todd.
  9. Hey guys, Thanks for all your great advice. I was hoping to get started sub $600 and build from there. Mark
  10. Ive just purchased a pair of used K-Horns. During the time i've been waiting on them to arrive Ive been shown the light! I heard a pair of Belles on an integrated tube amp. Okay....I now know what I need to have to drive my k-horns. Ive been a transistor guy all my life...having used Yamaha and Onkyo equipment to drive my other Klipsch products. But the only thing.....ive been looking at tube amps and realize....these things are darn expensive. What can I expect to pay for a decent amp and preamp? Im new and dont want to get hoodwinked into something that's not of good quality. Does anyone have recomendations and or pieced they might be interested in selling that might fit my need?
  11. Im very interested in purchasing a set of K-Horns and have seen several pair around...Ebay and Craigslist. I guess my main question is....have there been many cosmetic and internal component modifications made during the last 25-30 years in the K-Horns that would keep someone from purchasing older models?
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