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  1. True, but that doesn't mean we should be happy about it. Besides, I have a feeling Klipsch was a little more deliberate when they weighed the pros and cons of raising prices 25% within a three-month timeframe. I sure hope they didn't justify the decision by saying, "Well, if they can afford $6K, they can afford $7.5K."
  2. Exactly. For many this price leap puts the Cornwalls out of reach; in fact, many might question why all of a sudden they have to pay Cornwall IV money for Forte IV speakers. Oh well. No doubt the glowing reviews of the newest Heritage line-up have increased demand for the speakers. But still, I hoped Klipsch would hold the line after the first 10% price increase and continue to offer good value for the dollar across the Heritage range. At least I bought my CWIVs when pricing was more sane, but at this rate I'll have to take out a second mortgage to buy the Cornwall Vs when they come out in 5-10 years.
  3. I received an email from Upscale Audio this morning stating that Klipsch is raising prices on the Heritage line 15% across the board on September 1st. This is on top of the 10% Heritage price increase that took place back in June. In other words, when I bought my Cornwall IV speakers back in November 2020, the MSRP was $6K/pr. On September 1st, I believe Upscale quoted the new MSRP as $7588/pr. As you can imagine, the price hike on the more expensive speakers in the line is even more severe. What gives? COVID resurgence and “inflation” isn’t sufficient explanation for a 25%+ price increase year-over-year on an existing model. Or maybe it is, but if those are the real reasons, shouldn’t we expect prices to drop once supply catches up? I love my Cornwalls, and I’m a dedicated Klipsch fan through-and-through, but this latest price increase puts a bad taste in my mouth. Quite simply, it feels a little like price gouging, especially coming so close on the heels of a previous significant price hike. What do you folks think?
  4. +100 on Beck's Morning Phase! When I stream the 96/24 version of that album to my CWIV's the quality of the sound is otherworldly. I think Morning Phase won a production Grammy so we're not the only ones who've noticed! Beck's Sea Change is another phenomenal-sounding album. And, of course, anything by TOOL, but Pneuma and Culling Voices off of Fear Inoculum are pretty great demo material for dynamics.
  5. I don't want to break up the set just yet, but I'll let you know... Oh and bump...
  6. I had a few minor nicks on the lower front edges of my Cornwall IVs that I filled with a Mohawk wax stick. After wiping the wax off I'm left with a few "glossy" spots that just won't come off - I've tried alcohol, Goo-Gone, and mineral spirits and nothing worked. I'm not sure why the finish got so glossy so easily - I didn't burnish the surface much at all. Is there way to easily restore these to the original satin gloss or am I SOL? If it's not really a DIY task, what would it take for a professional to do this right? Do the entire cabinets need to be repainted or (assuming these were painted with a base/clear) could the clearcoat just be resprayed on the front edges (i.e. edge banding)? Is this something that could be performed well by a mobile furniture repair company? If it's going to be a large undertaking to do this right and/or not make it worse, I'll likely wait until these are significantly older before dealing with a repaint. Fortunately since the blemishes are low on the speakers they're pretty dang hard to notice. Thanks in advance for the suggestions!
  7. These are still available. Last few days for a Klipsch forum "exclusive" before they also go on USAM too!
  8. I should re-post to update my experience because the last couple of times I’ve contacted Klipsch customer service the response has been quick, friendly, and - most importantly - they got my problems fixed without any long waits or follow-up. Hiring the additional help must’ve done the trick because just...wow.
  9. The MX-VNYL was my first dedicated phono stage and I loved it - only sold it because I upgraded to the M6-VNYL then a Manley Chinook SE Mk II. The MX-VNYL has plenty of gain for 0.5mV LOMC cartridges, is VERY flexible with tons of on-the-fly loading options, and it was QUIET. GLWS!!
  10. Yep, they're still available. C'mon @Peacemaker, you know you need a second set of HT speakers! 🙂
  11. Yes, they're still available. Done. Sorry about not replying sooner - for some reason I'm not getting notifications when there are new posts.
  12. Yep, it’s been frustrating over the past few months trying to get timely updates for parts and support inquiries. I know that the customer service side of the house has recently hired on new help, now if only the warehouse could respond to customer service’s stock and status inquiries a little more quickly...
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