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  1. How much will they cost as well? I know they were recently showing them at CES; did anyone get a chance to hear them? I hope they are better than the KSW line. I mean, the KSW line is good, but like Steve said, they need to come out with something that blows their old subs away.
  2. I put a review for it right here: http://www.audioreview.com/reviews/Subwoofer/product_7731.shtml My review is the one by John from Omaha, NE.
  3. I think it is a good sounding sub, but I had many, many problems with it... see my other topic on being "dissapointed with KSW 12" It is great for Home Theater; in music it is good, but nothing spectacular. But for 300 dollars, it is a great deal.
  4. Ahh update to this story... I sent in the amp a while back, and they sent me a new one about 1 1/2 weeks later. Put it in, seems to work fine. But the next day, it won't turn on. No power indication either. I eventually discover the fuse blew... weird. So I bought some new ones with the exact same specifications. Those all blow the second I turn it on. I call Klipsch for a new amp and the woman I talk to said she can't send a new one because my warranty is void... WTF. I told her that the one that is broken is the one THEY sent ME; they should have a responsibility to replace it. She was rather rude, and I just said goodbye. I called back the next day and spoke to some other people. I told them my story and they understood; they let me send my second broken amp in. I just got a new one a few days ago, and finally... FINALLY it is working fine. Of course, I have to break it in all over again, but at least I have a subwoofer that works after two months of hassle.
  5. My KSW 12 came the same way... weird...
  6. Well I called Klipsch today and they said they would said me a new amp for the subwoofer. All I have to do is unscrew it, stick it in the mail, and as soon as they get it, they will send me a new one. Sounds good to me
  7. The auto setting is just as bad as the "on" setting. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I bought it from www.brandnamez.com
  8. It all started happening about 2 weeks ago when I was doing the THX test on the Fight Club DVD. It was doing the test for each speaker, and when it got to the LFE test, nothing happened. I checked the KSW-12 to make sure it was connected properly on turned on. It was. The green light was on, and the cable connections were the same as they had been since the end of December when I'd bought it. I was confused, so I turned it off and then on again. Everything seemed to work fine. (BTW, I take EXTREME care of all my home theater stuff, only touching speakers and such to dust them off or to change connections). Anyway, over the next few days, the KSW 12 would randomly work and then NOT work. The green light would be on and connections would be fine, but no bass would come out. I decided to put a little pressure on the on/off switch toward the "on" direction. When I did, and held it there, the subwoofer began playing again. When I let go, the switch would still be in the on posistion, and the light would still be lit, but no sound was emmitting. I moved the switch, and it was very loose. I could even push the switch IN. I know it's very screwed up because the phase switch below it is very tight and has no problems at all. Now I'm having difficulty even getting the KSW-12 to work. I have to mess with the switch for 5 minutes at times to even get it in a posistion where it will play. What should I do? If it has to go in for repair how long will it take? Thanks for any suggestions you may have.
  9. Is biwiring a great thing? I notice all of the Reference speakers have the option for it, but I wonder if the sound quality is actually improved. Anyone tried this?
  10. LOL too bad i just bought an entire reference series of speakers... broke now.
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