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  1. Long time member and a nice straight drive up I-90. They'd be going to a good Klipsch home!!!!
  2. That looks like a great deal for someone. By the time I paid shipping I had about the same in mine and they are no where near as nice as those!
  3. I love this idea. I've got a pair of Quartet that the bases were damaged in shipping. I think this is the way to go!
  4. I went back and looked and when I was moving things around to make room for another amp I did end up using a stereo instead of mono cable. Some say it doesn't matter, it does with a Panamax power trigger. Thanks guys!
  5. I've read the manual. Unplugging it might make some sense, seems to fix a lot of other issues with electronics!
  6. I know I'm dragging an old thread up from the grave!!! I've got an old Panamax M5300-EX that I've never tried to use the triggered bank of plugs but now it would work great for my current set up. I know you have to have the switched plugs powered off, then plug the trigger in. I am wondering if maybe the trigger in the Panamax just died. It was working a few weeks ago after figuring out the switches had to be off before you plugged in the cable. Now I can't get it to work at all. Any advice from others who have had issues with Panamax triggered outlets?
  7. I too have a pair of Klipsch RP-500sa that I'm using as bounce speakers in the front. Do you have two pairs, using the rear as bounce at the moment? I started with one pair wanting to try them to see if they gave me enough sound to avoid trying to do the in ceiling speakers. I use a Dolby Atmos demo disc to judge what I'm getting and I can tell even as bounce speakers they are making a difference. I know people are using RP-500sa as height channels and Klipsch even has a switch for a different crossover when used at height channels but I wonder how that placement affects sound when the processor is trying to send the Atmos sound based on you choosing ceiling or reflective Atmos. https://www.soundandvision.com/content/do-wall-mounted-speakers-work-atmos-setup Seems like a lot of articles are saying they are not the right way to do it? I just wonder if since Dolby holds all the cards to how the signal is processed if you are not using ceiling or reflective are you getting the correct sound signal from the processor? Yes you'll get something from the height speakers but is it the correct sound for that moment in the movie since Atmos doesn't have height channels? I have no idea, I'm really asking a question looking for ideas
  8. Well somehow my 5.1.2 grew into a 7.1.2. I moved my surrounds more to the side and put the rears about were I had the surrounds before since the room really doesn't lend itself to having the speakers as far back behind the seating position as Dolby would probably prefer. It actually sound great. Big improvement over the 5.1.2. It might even be better if the rear speakers were further back but I guess as long as the levels are set correctly I guess maybe the processor is helping correct it some. Anyway I noticed an improvement so I'm happy. I guess it never hurts to try and see what happens, usually just bad for my wallet... As far as the RMC-1 so far so good. One time I had to shut it off with the power and let it reboot because I wasn't getting sound from any sources. In the RMC-1's defense, I was setting up different activities for my Harmony remote and I was doing A LOT of switching between sources so I have to give it a pass on that one. Overall I have no complaints and would give a positive recommendation for anyone looking to Emotiva for a pre/pro. I think they've worked out a lot of the bugs that were troublesome early on, and they still are releasing firmware updates so its nice they are still working on it more and more. I've read online Emotiva is still working on their bass management but since I only have a single sub it isn't much of an issue to me. A much better experience than I had with the UMC-1! Now I'm thinking I may as well see what 7.1.4 sounds like... poor wallet... 😭
  9. I agree with the 1080p vs 4k. The way the room lends itself my seating positions are about 10ft from the 70" TV so I'm sure there isn't any real difference for my old eyes. "I just want my next processor semi future proof" In our hobby does that really ever happen? LOL. I agree with future proof for me. I ended up with the RMC-1 over the RMC-1L because after talking to Jake at Emotiva while placing my order I realized that the expansion modules could be a lot of different things, not just more speakers for even a larger Atmos or whatever tomorrow's surround sound might be. The modules might be things that have not even been thought of yet so I figured the RMC-1 with its 3 expansion bays would give me piece of mind that its about as future proof as a pre/pro can be. What I plan to do with Dolby Atmos should be pretty discreet compared to some of the systems I've seen online. I just plan on doing a 5.1.2 set up first trying the speakers on top of my front right and left speakers. I went with a pair of Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-500SA to handle that job. I agree with you when I see set up diagrams of 9.1.4 systems that is a lot of speakers to figure out where to place. If I had a true home theater room that was built for a 9.1.4 and the speakers were in the walls and ceiling than that would be a different story. But I just have a basement that has to serve other purposes so I need balance I guess. This quote is to blame for me thinking Atmos would be worth trying: "If given a choice, I would take 5.1.2 over 7.1 as I feel it's a more immersive experience with the height effects channels." Ed Mullen - SVS I don't have room behind my theater couch to have rear surrounds so 7.1 isn't an option anyway. I've been reading a lot about Atmos and it sounds like for me going to 5.1.2 will be my biggest game changer in my system. 5.1.4 is an improvement but not the big jump the first two give you. But again I know its all because I had the itch to get back into HT and now I want new toys!
  10. Thanks for the response Michael, I had already watched your review and it has a lot of good info. That was Sept 2019, so almost two years ago so too am hoping things are better. I'm torn between buying a "big name" pre/pro that for the most part will just work when I turn it on vs trying an Emo pre/pro that I think from prior experience will sound better than the mass market pre/pros. I know the big boys have their own issues from time to time but its par for the course at Emo.
  11. Thinking its time to upgrade my old pre/pro and enter the modern age of eARC and Atmos. I'm considering going to a 5.1.2 set up since I don't think my area is big enough to need 5.1.4. From what I've read the big difference is having the first pair on the ceiling, adding the second pair isn't that big of a difference. I don't have room for a 7.1.2, the way my room lays out doesn't allow for rear speakers. Against my better judgement I'm considering Emotiva's Gen 3 prepros (RMC-1/RMC-1L/XMC-2). I say that because my last Emo pre/pro was the UMC-1. I took two bites at that apple (second hoping software had fixed the issues I had the first time) and both times I went back to my old trusty Onkyo PR-SC886. Fast forward a lot of years, a different house and have the itch to get back into HT. From what I've read on the Emo forum things are not perfect with the Gen 3 units but then again you only hear from the guys with problems. There could be many happy users that have no reason to be on the forum searching for help. When I had the UMC-1 the SQ when listening to music was better IMHO than the 886 but I couldn't deal with all the bugs on the HT side of the UMC-1. I've got a Emo amp and CD player and would like everything to match. Probably the dumbest reason to buy a brand I know, but the other side of it is the better SQ which I think we all can understand. Soooo long story over... I would like to hear from Klipsch Forum members about their thoughts on the Gen 3 pre/pros to get a different perspective than I can get on the Emo forum. I'm sure if you own Emo you are probably a member over there too, just easier to talk about Emo when you don't have to worry about getting clubbed like a baby seal by the fan boys over there.
  12. I've got a DeWalt router I've never used. Along with Klipsch, I have a weird DeWalt 20v addiction... I was thinking I could probably use it to recreate contour on the bases. I just don't like that they won't be original but I guess not the end of the world
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