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  1. I would also set up an alert on Craigslist. You never know when something might pop up. Do it in all the areas you'd be willing to travel to to pick up what you want. I live in Rapid City, SD so not a lot of Klipsch to chose from here but from time to time something pops up but you have to be quick because there are a few of us here always looking. Got a pair of Heresy recently and the women said after I contacted her she got three other people wanting them, then offering her more once they found out they were already called for. For me Denver is where I can search and find almost anything I want if I'm patient. But is right about 400 miles so not something I have time to do very often. I really have to want what I found! https://noticraig.com/how-to-set-up-free-craigslist-email-notifications/
  2. I started my Klipsch experience with a pair of KG 3.2, then found a pair of 5.2 and moved the 3.2 to the rear. I had a KG-2 for a center. I hated the KG-2 and ended up finding an Academy and then transitioned to the Forte IIs. If I had found a KG 2.2 to use for a center instead of a KG-2 I may still be listening to the KGs. I really liked the sound, and for the price of KGs vs other Klipsch speakers they are hard to beat.
  3. I had 5.2s in front with 3.2s in the rear with a KV-2. The KV-2 was the weak link there. If I had had a 2.2V I dare say I might have stayed with the KG HT set up a lot longer. In my search to replace the KV-2 I found an Academy which started my move over to forte IIs. When I found my first pair of forte IIs I pulled the KG 5.2s out of the line up and still had KG 3.2s in back until found another pair of forte IIs and they sounded good. After we bought a different house and I didn't have the room to use forte IIs in the rear so I switched to some KG 2.5s until I found some KG 2.2s in oak oil that matched everything else. So I guess I'd say that the KG ?.2 and ?.5 lines would work well if you don't have the room to use forte IIs. Just pick the size of KG that works for you. For the difference you'll spend on forte IIs vs any of the KGs I'd say they are the way to go for HT.
  4. I've got the older Audyssey MulitEQ XT in my Onkyo PR-SC886 and have always had great results. I'd love to get a newer Onkyo to get MultiEQ XT32 since I've read it makes a big difference but I'm so happy with what I've got I can't justify spending the money. I've never used MCACC but I can say I'm much happier with Audyssey than I was with Yamaha YPAO.
  5. Has anyone tried them with the Verizon Wireless Galaxy Nexus?
  6. I'm not too knowledgeable about PCs so sorry if this is way off. I've never bothered upping my RAM because when I look at the Performance tab on Windows Task Manager the physical memory usage meter shows that I rarely use half so I assume that tells me I've got enough memory. Am I understanding that information correctly? Windows 7 64 bit system with only 4 gb ram.
  7. I'll mirror much of whats already been said. I've owned a number of different Harmony remotes trying to avoid buying the Harmony One due to the price difference over the others since they all basically do the same thing. The One in the end had the best button layout for me so I went with it. I've had the One since December 2008 and have never looked back. I truly loving using it.
  8. wow... could use a few paragraph breaks before I try to read that! Just looking at it makes my head hurt []
  9. Price aside, what puts the Anthem or Arcam ahead of the Marantz.....? I love music, the Anthem sang and the 7005 was not as good as my UMC.I have not heard the Arcam but I once had an Arcam avr and it did music nicely.The XMC may have only one HDMI out, it's a non issue as that is easily solved for a few bucks, as to bugs who knows? But I'm way in.There is no unit with no complaints, if there is it will have.The 7005 was the Giant killer, then someone discovered it used Denons cheap avr analog section,so I read.I know I was not impressed with sound, it operated great. If I'm not mistaken splitters don't work as well as you might think. Its been a while back I read up on them but it seems to me that if both pieces receiving the signal from the splitter don't have the same capabilities then you'll only get the lowest of the two's. For example if you want to split the signal from a blu ray player to your tv and to your receiver or pre/pro since your tv isn't capable of decoding the surround sound codecs they are not passed to either. I think tech support at mono price told me that, but don't quote me because it was months to a year ago. The reason I was trying to do this was I used to hook my TV via component and my pre/pro with HDMI. But after a firmware update my old blu ray which used to send 1080i to the TV with component and 1080p to my pre/pro with HDMI started sending the TV 480 (can't remember i or p, doesn't matter it sucked). I've read its part of the analog sunset http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/10/analog-sunset-begins-all-the-new-blu-ray-players-will-only-outp/ . The reason I did it this way was I didn't feel I needed to have my surround sound system on for some of the stuff I was watching on Netflix, etc. I just wanted to watch it with just my TV speakers. If you notice in my signature I've got two blu ray players this is the reason why. I've got my Sony BDP-S480 hooked to my Onkyo with HDMI. I found it at Best Buy as an open box item missing the remote for $60. Since I use a Harmony I figured the missing remote wasn't an issue. I was looking for a Sony because it lets me set the output to be the original resolution where as the Samsung I have you can set the resolution to one output and it does it for everything, or set it to auto and it upscales DVD. I didn't want the blu ray player to upscale DVDs if I watch them because I think my Onkyo has a better video chip than what is in my TV or my blu ray player. I figured for $60 it was worth doing it this way and not dealing with a splitter. The Sony blu ray player is only used when I'm watching a movie on either DVD or blue ray and the Samsung is used when I'm watching Netflix or other streaming stuff and even movies that I don't want to bother firing up the surround sound to watch. I bought that Samsung on sale at Best Buy around Christmas really cheap so in the end I've got two blu ray players for less than what the Samsung was selling for a few months before and no worries about handshake issues. Since the Harmony remote turns everything on and to the right inputs for what I want to do there isn't anymore hassle doing it this way either. I know it seems odd but it works for me! [] I guess I'd check with mono price tech support or read the reviews and research it a little but it seems to me that the splitter might not do everything you want it to do. Like if you have a 1080p TV and a 720p projector I don't think it would pass 1080p. I don't remember the details but there was a reason I avoided the splitter idea in the end. It was a year ago so maybe they've improved the splitter's ability to handle handshake issues.
  10. RF-7s and Chorus and Chorus IIs are the speakers I'd love to try. People that own them are so passionate about them that I think I have to hear it for myself. So far I've loved the Cornwalls the most but they just don't work size wise/aesthetics with my vision of a living room speaker. But the sound is so far my favorite Klipsch. So maybe there is something to that Heritage sound thing!!! You've got RF-7ii and I'd love to try them to but I think I'm just too tight to pay the price of admission on those, maybe in a few years if the prices drop some.
  11. I passed on a pair of Lascalas because they didn't seem to have the bass I'd expect from that big of a speaker. I'd be curious to hear from owners of them what they think too.
  12. I missed the beginning of this thread, you had changed your signature before I saw what Yamaha receiver you had. I had a RX-V663, which was not too high up on the food chain with Yamaha receivers. After owning a couple of different pre/pros after it I can see it did have an empty, not full sound if that makes sense. What you said about the lack of bass reminds me of what I didn't like about YPAO. I owned a UMC-1 and found it very musical, I am not a UMC-1 fan because I felt the HT side of the fence was lacking from what I found when I compared it to my Onkyo 886 with Audyssey. I owned them both at the same time and ended up selling my UMC-1. I know others like the UMC-1 for HT, but for me I thought it was lacking but that is probably because I didn't tweak it enough and EmoQ was a joke. But I totally would recommend it for music. I'm not familiar with Denon having never owned one but on paper that thing looks like a beast! You've got Audyssey MultiEQ XT32 which I'd love to try but I'm not willing to spend the money to upgrade to an Onkyo that has it since I'm so happy with the sound I'm getting now (ignorance is probably bliss, and thats good for my wallet!) Have you always been unhappy with your current set up? Did you own different Klipsch speakers before? I guess I'm wondering (dare I say it) if you like the sound of Klipsch? I know some people don't really like the sound of horns and maybe thats part of the problem? I only ask because you have an awesome system. I'd love to have it in my home and I've owned a few pairs of Cornwalls and Heresy from the original Heritage family and have owned a few pair of Forte IIs from what some call the extended Heritage family and wouldn't think any of them would sound that much better than a pair of RF-7ii, if better at all. I've been waiting for a pair of original RF-7s to surface near me and I'd snap them up just to try them. I noticed now that you've been a member since Dec 2004 so I'm guessing that this isn't your first rodeo with Klipsch, what did you have before. I had to use the rodeo line because of your user name! []
  13. I don't see me jumping on the XMC-1 either. It would be $900 with the 40% discount, probably would get $400, maybe $450 for the UMC-1. Just don't believe I will hear or experience $500 worth of difference between the UMC-1 and XMC-1. That selling price of a used UMC-1 sounds a little optimistic from what I've seen them selling for, but I could be wrong. If they are selling for $499 with the 40% discount card now but then again compared to what $400 would buy elsewhere for used stuff it doesn't sound crazy. I can see it both ways I guess. It also depends on how much Emotiva starts selling the UMC-1 with HDMI 1.4 for, if that rumor ever comes true. I'll be curious to see down the road what the UMC-1s sell for after the XMC-1 comes out. I've still got a 40% discount card from my first UMC-1, I wonder what the market value of it will be if the card saves the buyer $600? Another thing I'll be curious to see when the XMC-1 releases.
  14. I see they have something new for room correction: Exclusive TACT TCS 3e Dynamic Room Correction
  15. With my experence between EmoQ and Audyssey I tend to agree
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