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  1. What type of ground loop isolator do I get for the coax tv? Also I noticed when i turn the xbox 360 on I get a loud hum over the center channel. So at least 2 speakers are having hum issue when a source is on and going through the marantz. The center = xbox360 and the left side channel =tv
  2. I have been having a constant hum in my system that I cant figure out and get rid of. Its in my side surround speaker when the tv is playing through it. And while trying to trouble shoot it i noticed a hum in my center channel when i run the xbox 360. How can I get rid of the hum? Will XLR balanced connectors solve the issue, running those from my amps to my Marantz SR8012? Any ideas or help will be appreciated. And if XLR cables are my answer can you point me into a good cable for my 7.2 system?
  3. But 2 15's are even BETTER than 2 12's. Dual subs will always be better than a single.
  4. Thanks guys, I hope it arrives by next week. Little disappointed I ordered it on sunday and still no shipping info. Its sucks to be impatient. Any set up tips or tricks?
  5. Well forget the Denon X6500. I just ordered up the Marantz SR8012. Hope I like it!
  6. I would guess they were B stock. Ask the seller.
  7. Ok, I got a question I am confused on. If I run a 7.2 system now and upgrade my receiver to the x6500 can i also add in 2 channels for height or 2 atmos speakers? Where all the speakers will be used at the same time so all 9 speakers are playing? Also if I can add 2 more speakers can I use the receiver just too power those 2 speakers and the original 7 are powered by my emotiva amps? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  8. I am in the midwest. In Indiana about 40 min. From downtown Chicago. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  9. Ok, can I move my rf-83's to my rear channel and get rf-7III and rc-64III up front or will there be an issue with timbre match? I think I got the upgrade bug back! Thanks to youthman and his videos. I also would love to upgrade my svs PB 13 ultras to the new PB 16 ultras. But I dont know what I would do with 5 svs subs and RF 63 speakers? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  10. I wonder if it will run cooler if I power my speakers with emotive amps? What made you choose the Marantz over the denon? Also you think the RF-7III is a noticable upgrade over my RF-83's ?
  11. I am back! Thanks to one of my old friends Youthman. I just upgraded my tv to the samsung 85" 4K. So now I am also thinking of upgrading my Denon 4311ci to the Denon X6500. Just wondering what the community thinks and if anyone has any real experience with this receiver?
  12. How is the latest transformers movie. We just rented it to watch saturday.
  13. Always wondered who could afford those speakers. Now I have my answer. I am at peace.
  14. Heritage La Scala II Floorstanding Speaker - Cherry or walnut for 1750.00 each is that a good price? And how do these sound compared to my rf 83's?
  15. If that's for the pair new I'd say that's a pretty decent price. If that's each, not so much. IMO I don't think the 7 II's would be much of an upgrade from your 83's, I personally think it's a lateral move. Look up youthmans review of the two for some insight. You know of a dealer that sells these for $700 each?
  16. Is $1,400 a good price for these each?
  17. Thinking of upgrading, and was wondering what a good price is for these speakers.
  18. No i have not seen them. I got my rc 64 from them. I will have to check it out.
  19. I am in the market to pick up some cherry RF 7 II speakers and a RC 64 II center. I am just trying to find out what a good price is for these speakers and who is a good online seller of these. Thanks!
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