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    Yes another Yamaha rf-7 ii ?

    The other units I was looking at are Onkyo TX-Rz710 or RX-Z810 INTEGRA DTR-50.3 or 50.4
  2. jacoviii

    Yes another Yamaha rf-7 ii ?

    Ok so it's time to ditch the HK 340. My local shop is pushing Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A1070 they say it has a fuller sound then the rx-v line and will not sound too bright. I was leaning to the Onkyo/ Integra. I heard about the HDMI issues and the first thing out of the local shop was they dropped the Integra line do to it. The new AVR will be running RF-7ii , RC62 , S1 and RF62 I do not have a sub as of yet. I will probably buy from accessories4less looking to stay @ $650 or less at there price not new in store MSRP. The room is 18x 25 vaulted vaulted ceiling 11ft
  3. jacoviii

    got a rc52 can i use

    before x-mass i hope right now i have old 1989 kenwood 3way towers dome tweet 5.25 mid low 12" i have a harman/kardon 340 with ez eq mic
  4. jacoviii

    got a rc52 can i use

    i thought the 3 fronts were the most importent to be timber matched and it would be ok to use lesser rear surround speakers but if i just shot myself in the foot i will take them back
  5. jacoviii

    got a rc52 can i use

    ok well i went to BB and they had a set of S1 new in box for $200 so i got them for the surround of my 5.1 so that will leave me some extra $$ for the RF?? what rf should i get the room is 18ft x 26ft vaulted ceiling 11ft
  6. jacoviii

    got a rc52 can i use

    hi i bought a rc52 can i use f2 or f3 for fronts