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  1. Glad to see Roy Delgado redesigned the Jubilee with bass reflex ports. I had a conversation with Paul back in the early 1990's and mentioned adding bass reflex to a horn design to extend the bass and Paul abruptly shot it down. I did buy his white papers and he gave me a little pocket knife. It's around, somewhere. This is obviously a totally different bass cabinet design compared to the original Jubilee. To say it's the same is Heresy... Like calling a VW Bug and Porsche the same car. I wonder what a passive crossover would look like for this setup, thank goodness for DSP.
  2. Have they changed the design of the Jubilee base horn? I have seen a version drawn with a longer horn extending into the portion that's now being shown as the reflex volume. Also, the new design is showing one woofer whereas the older design has two.
  3. That sounds good. I remember speaking to Paul, a long time ago, somewhere between 1992-1995. He sent me his white papers and a little pocket knife. I had mentioned adding bass reflex to the Klipschorn and Lascala back then. He wasn't having it . With the more simple folded horn of the Jubilee I would think there would be less distortion and delay than a K-horn. It's interesting that the bass reflex tuned ports are entering into the horn bell, if I'm viewing the animation properly. I would have thought you'd get some cancellation, unless the bass produced by the ports is below the horn cutoff. I like the design, reminds me of concert level folded horns from the 30's and 70's, but with the addition of the bass reflex and DSP.
  4. The Jubilees look a little like Belle's on steroids. PrestonTom, I'm located in Gales Ferry. Can't PM you however I'd like to opportunity to speak, get your opinions.
  5. The 16 ohm, orange cloth surround, white magnet, burgandy badge 12TRX circa 1960 was a great loudspeaker. Extremely efficient. With a 20 watt Eico amp they were loud and clear in a 400 sq ft room, as loud as a live rock concert with really good seats. The Klipsch licensed Marquis bass reflex enclosure was the ticket. No muddy bass and clear vocals. Had a beautiful original pair, lost to a fire in 1990. Oh well, after seaching high and low and owning a pair of Klipschorns for a while I ended up with Kef reference 3's. They sound great but don't have the dynamics of the Ev's or the Khorns.
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