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  1. Haha. I'm in talks with him right now. My wife is going to murder me.
  2. So there is a guy in my area selling a pair of the industrial la scala's. Has them listed for $600 although I have the feeling he can be negotiated lower. The picture he sent me looks like they are scratched up pretty good (as expected from being moved around). My questions are what is the difference of these vs the home version? What is the footprint difference vs the home version? Sound difference? Can the aluminum trim be removed or is it worth it? Are they worth purchasing for home theater use? What is a fair price? Anything else you can think of. Just trying to figure out if these are worth it or not.
  3. Last shot looking down towards the bar area.
  4. A couple shots of the new curtains.
  5. Hi everyone. It has been a long time. I check in often, but haven't posted in some time. I thought I would show more recent pics. I recently added the curtains to cover the reflective screens on the posters while watching a movie. My wife wasn't too keen on painting the walls dark as it opens up into a larger area in the basement. This was a good compromise. They also help to lesson the echo in the room considerably. I plan on painting the ceiling a dark grey color in the areas of the "theater" side as well as hanging the surround speakers from the ceiling. Overall I am really happy with it and we enjoy the room a lot.
  6. I'm curious to see what you do with your Quartets. I recently acquired a pair myself. I love how they sound. The previous owner upgraded the tweeters to Bob Crites. I'm interested in seeing what all you do and what kind of a difference you think it makes.
  7. Not sure if anyone cares, but I thought I would post a pic. Love these Quartets!
  8. I have a Pioneer SX 680 that I'm using for my Quartets. I absolutely LOVE this thing. To me it matches up very well with Klipsch. It may not be rated as a powerhouse, like you said, but I tell you what, you don't need to turn this thing up much past low before it really starts to kick!! I bought mine from the original owner. He took excellent care of it. He did have it in storage for the last 8 years. So it needed some cleaning. It's very simple to take apart. I gave mine a good dusting on the inside. Then I bought some Dexoit from Radio Shack and cleaned all the pots. I couldn't be happier with it. I also hooked up an airport express to mine so I could stream music from my iPhone. I would say go for it. Especially for $75.00. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
  9. Ok. So I recently purchased a pair of Quartets and I am in love with them. In fact, I love how they sound so much that I am seriously considering changing my home theater setup. My question is would something like the Forte II's be good for a theater setup? If so, what center would be good for them? And surrounds? Also, would I need a subwoofer still? I have never really heard anything in the reference line. Should I audition a pair of those first before changing course like this? All I know is I can't seem to listen to these Quartets enough. Don't know what it is, but they just sound incredible to me and I would love to get that feeling from my theater setup as well.
  10. Man. I just bought a pair of Quartets that I absolutely love. I'm drooling over these Forte's. I work for an airline and I'm half tempted to fly down there to get them. Only problem is I still wouldn't really have any way to get them back home. Plus, I am not too sure if the wife would let me pick up another pair of speakers so soon. Haha. Good luck on the sale. That's a fantastic price.
  11. Update!! Well, I bought the Quartets!! Oh...my...god.....amazing. Absolutely was floored. I purchased them on my way up to Michigan to visit family for a few days. Can not wait to get them home. I was able to demo them for quite a while at the sellers house. Played all kinds of different music. Everything we threw at them sounded incredible. What sucks is I think these are only going to be a new beginning for me. I'm starting to rethink my F3's for the home theater. I'm seriously in love with how these Quartets sounded. I'd love to grab those KG4's now for the bedroom. Man oh man...I think I'm in trouble.
  12. Well. The kg3.5s fell through. I have, however, found a pair of Quartets. Anyone have any experience with these? The tweeter has been upgraded to the Crites tweeter. The seller says they are in excellent condition. Compared them to new out of the box. Have not had a chance to see or hear them yet in person, but I have a date scheduled with him. What is a fair price for these? He is asking $550. Seems a bit high. But I have not really heard much about Quartets so I do not know.
  13. Yup. That's what I was thinking. I have a spare sub looking for use too.
  14. Hmm. Well you guys have me thinking. Found a pair of KG3.5s for $180. I'm thinking about checking them out. Sounds like they should be a good match.
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