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  1. I'm not a violent man, especially towards women, but that's grounds for REDRUM.
  2. Ouch. Nuttin' in the world I could spend more money on than automobiles. Oddly enough, there was a guy many years back who was cleaning up in the car audio world with a Grand National. He custom designed some horns as I recall and installed them under the dash. Nobody else even came close to matching his SQ.
  3. Ouch. Find solace in the fact that such behavior never goes unpunished. Someday, someway, doom will fall.
  4. ..or the Big Guy himself could send you one [] Strange... I thought I copied the entire web site too before it went dark. Anyway, I found my paper manuals so everyone is happy.
  5. Went through my digital shhhtuff thinking I had one but couldn't find it, so I may be wrong thinking it existed in the first place. I do have the paper manual which I can scan as a PDF and send you. 'Course, I just moved, so I gotta' peep it out first.
  6. I just realized you may not be considering some type of computer based music server. If that's the case, then I've offered you even less... "Swing-n-a-miss!" []
  7. I myself love buying physical media but the trend would seem to be toward digital file downloads. It would also seem some manufacturers are getting out of the business of building dedicated CD players. Your price range falls short of really exceptional but not ridiculously overpriced CD players. Add to this you already have a multi-format player and it seems an easy call to go with a DAC. The ability to play whatever you want from your listening position without having to Jockey discs is as they say, "Priceless". Many on this forum like the HRT Music Streamer, available at a few different price points under $400. I'm not sure about mult-channel pass-through on those models as I own something different for dedicated 2 ch listening but there must be dozens of choices that fit your needs and budget.
  8. When Spotify hit the U.S. I installed it to see what all the fuss was about overseas. Install went fine, started some music playing, then the first commercial came on. I hit the "Mute" button on MY KEYBOARD and the commercial was silenced. A minute or so later I hit the "Mute" button again and it was still a commercial. "Mute" again. After the third attempt at this, I realized IT WAS THE SAME COMMERCIAL. Their software knows you're not listening and PAUSES the bloody commercials! Ugh uh... NO WAY. In total, it was installed on my machine for less than 10 minutes. I don't do commercials and I don't pay for iNet radio - too many free options where I may have less features, but I get nothing but music. Last.fm for me.
  9. You didn't mention which Paradigm model? I really like my Paradigm Studio 40 speakers. They do some things better than my Forte II speakers and vice versa. I can tell you they won't be as efficient as the RF3s but you may be surprised with their mid and high freqcencies and how well they image. Still, no one here can say whether or not you will prefer one over the other. Best advice any of us can give you is to try and setup a situation where you can hear the Paradigm speakers in your home before you commit to buying them. You really can't make an accurate judgement listening to them in his home. Room placement may need to be different than your RF3s to get them to sound their best, so don't just plop them in the same place and make your decision. Each speaker reacts differently to your unique environment, so move them around a little.
  10. Hmmm. Right in my backhood. Looking forward to hearing a pair of Khorns. What about bringing our own hardware (preamp/amps)?
  11. I believe Krell also made a KSA 100 and KSA 50, and while not necessarily "ecological", there is no need to rupture a disc and your wallet as with the KSA 200. Some believe the KSA amps to be some of the finest sounding amps the company ever built.
  12. The largest, most efficient Klipsch speaker I own is the forte II - around 98ish db as I recall. I often wonder the percentage of forum members who do own the Khorn, since new they are $10k and in excellent used condition they languish in the Garage at anything over $3k. From Mark's web site: The challenge was this: How to take the magnificent sonic qualities of the BlueBerry design and extend that into a power amplifier. We love the sound of SET amps, but we didn't like the small output power. The answer is the Pure Class A Triode or "pCAT." An all up design that provides effortless lifelike clarity and cohesiveness of SET amps, but with 25 to 50W of output power. I know some guys use "flea powered" amps with their Khorns and love them to pieces. I've never listened to a Khorn, so my experience is limited to the aforementioned pCATs and forte setup. Back to cars - a Chevy Cavalier will eventually get to 100 mph, but a Z06 Corvette will do the same much more dynamically. I guess my biggest frustration with tubes (and while out of production, I consider the pCAT a "modern" design) is that the designer tests for a compliment of tubes that is likely to suit the largest population of enthusiasts and that also doesn't wind up costing more than the amps themselves. Rolling is encouraged however, and therein lies the slippery slope - things can either sound much better or much worse and cost a lot in terms of money and time spent. I like what I hear from my tube system, it just lacks the dynamics of the SS system. It's entirely possible it's a tube issue, and it's entirely possible I'll never figure it out. With sand amps, you heat it up for an hour and that's it - you get what you get. KT88 after five minutes... Bryston 3B-SST2 after several hours...
  13. You, Sir, are LASER FOCUSED! I like that! I'mma little whipped tonight, but tomorrow evening I'll run some temps on my pCATs and Bryston 3B SST2. I'll tell you right now, the Bryston runs barely warm to the touch deep into a listening session while the KT88s run to max heat (bloody hot) in just a couple minutes and park there no matter the signal.
  14. I dunno... I've never understood or experienced this. To me, loudness and dynamics are completely different, and while my full Juicy Music tube system can play loud, it's not nearly as dynamic as my SS Bryston preamp/amp system. Detail, clarity and tonality are all important, but without dynamics music is lifeless in my opinion, and 10 watts doesn't bring it in my experience. Music designed to wind you down vs. wind you up... sure... tubes, but to continue the automobile analogy, say you've a wife, three kids and a house with a three car garage out in the burbs. On the key rack are three sets of keys... Minivan, F-150 and Porsche GT3 RS. Which set you reach for depends upon what you intend to haul - kids, lumber or a$$. If I'm haulin' the , SS all the way.
  15. Oh I dunno'... push the right button around here and it can get pretty noisy. "Onna these days AnalogWave... ONNA THESE DAYS, BANG-ZOOM!"
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