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  1. i went ahead and just hooked up the speakers. it sounds fine even with the sub on a little. im happy why buy a new amp when the old one works.
  2. i want to use the amplifier inside my v2-400 subwoofer without using the sub drivers at all. even if i turn the subwoofer knob to minimum on my cp1 preamp the sub still fires. i opened up the sub and noticed its pretty easy to disconnect the woofers. is it safe to run the amplifiers with the woofers disconnected? it would seem so, but hopefully someone has more knowledge than i. also, i know this probably isnt possible, but could a full range signal be sent to the satellite terminals? ideally i want to use the klipsch amp as an integrated amp for some bookshelf speakers, but i doubt i could do that without significant alterations.
  3. thanks for the reply . this forum seems a little dead compared to some of the others. im glad for the help. im pretty sure the whole plug came out, ill double check on that too.
  4. i stepped on the din plug while it was hooked into the sub and the metal part came out of the plug all the connections are severed. im pretty sure the cp1 preamp has the same wires coming out of it as the older preamp. this is the case isnt it? i thought buying the cp1 would be the easiest way to fix my problem (and the headphone jack would come in handy).
  5. GAH, just remembered i have an old stereo receiver. problem solved. ill just run that into the speaker level inputs on the sub.
  6. just remembered we have an old stereo receiver :0 that was easy
  7. i have a dvd player with analog stereo outputs, and one optical digital output. i have no receiver. i have klipsch promedia v2-400s... im going to buy a sony sa-wm40 powered sub (has speaker level inputs and line level inputs) . im not familiar with how this work , but i know you're supposed to hook the sub up the an LFE output on a receiver, or send the receivers amps through the speaker level inputs and let the sub crossover to the sats for you... the problem is i have no receiver. i have two ideas to get around this, and im not sure either will work. 1. i could try and join the dual analog rca stereo plugs on my dvd player to a 1/8 in mini stereo jack (i already have these adapters, as i hooked up my klipsch promedias to my dvd player using this + a 1/8 stereo coupler), split that 1/8 jack with a y adapter, and send that signal into the line level input on the sony sub. problem is, im not sure the line level inputs are made to handle an analog signal... i know there's two jacks in the line level input area, both about the size of a 1/8 inch stereo jack. is one of these for an analog signal? if so, that solves my problem, as i can plug in the klipsch sub and satelites to the other half of the y adapter. 2. i could try and send the amps from the klipsch promedia sub into the speaker level inputs on the sony sub. then i would use the speaker level outputs to hook up the klipsch satellites. problem with this is i believe the amps from the klipsch promedia sub only send high frequency (because they're made to go directly to the satellites, not through another sub) so i think the sony sub would not get any of the low signal, and in turn sit there and act as an extension cord for the high level output of the promedia sub. at this point, im hoping that one of the line level inputs ont he sub will accept a regular analog signal. im pretty sure the promedia sub only outputs high frequency for the sats, so the sony sub would not be able to filter out the low frequency. if anyone has tried something similar or knows more about this type of shenanigan then please help me out im too poor right now to get a receiver, and i was hoping i could get a sub and actually be able to use it. if not, ill have to wait another couple of months until i have enough money to get a receiver and then subwoofer ;/ that was a very long post sheesh. hope it made sense
  8. my dvd player only has optical digital output and stereo a/v outputs ;/ so i guess the only way would be to try hooking the stereo a/v outputs the the line level input, or send the klpisch promedia amps through the new sub, which probably wont get me any bass at all
  9. i dont hvae a receiver right now and im building an HT system piece by piece. if i got the subwoofer first, could i connect it straight to my dvd player using the line level input ? my dvd player has a/v stereo analog outputs... i have adapters for it though. what type of jack do the line level inputs on most subwoofers take? that failing, would it be possible to output the amps on my klipsch promedia subwoofer (from my computer) through the speaker level inputs on a new subwoofer? and then connect the satellites to the speaker level outputs on the sub? problem with this might be that the klipsch promedia sub will filter out the low frequency and only send high frequency to the bigger sub ;/ i dont have money for a receiver right now and i was hoping there would be a way to do this. This message has been edited by FooF on 10-29-2001 at 03:11 AM
  10. if you have the original v2-400 preamp eventually it will almost always crackle/hiss/distort when you change the volume knob. basically you can replace it over and over again, just forget about the problem and live with it (thats what i did), or pay $50 and get the cp-1 (which i believe usually doesnt have the problem). as for loose knobs, thats pretty much standard also
  11. well the problem went away and they seem to work fine now. ;/ dont know if thats good or bad. could resurface after my warranty is out.
  12. quote: Originally posted by DBvader: really?? how odd...she just alwas sent me a new one when mine got crackely (this was 3 times btw) so you have 3 crackly preamps you dont use ? hehe. mine has been hissing when i turn the volume knob for a long time i could handle that just not the buzzing.
  13. well sblive is known to have problems connected with via chipsets. you have a via chipset? it can also happen with intel chipsets but not as often. pretty sure this has no connection to the speakers at all. i also had the problem, but slightly different. it happened to me when i scrolled in web pages. its pretty well known problem and i was able to fix it with pci timeout settings in my motherboard's bios (changed pci timout to 5 instead of disabled, and i enabled master read caching) i would check your motherboard manufacturers page for bios updates, or try changing those settings in your current bios. theres a page that addresses most soundblaster problems like this. heres the link: http://alive.singnet.com.sg
  14. well my rear speakers started making a buzzing noise. it never goes away and its louder than the ambient hiss that is normally present when the volume knob is turned way up. it only occurs when the preamp is plugged into the sub (even if its not connected to the computer at all). its not interference because i put the subwoofer in a room by itself away from anything else. plugging the preamp in still caused the rear speakers to buzz. i talked with klipsch support and they want me to send my SUBWOOFER AND PREAMP to them... the problem is i think its going to be like $40 or more just to ship that humungous subwoofer, even if i knew how the heck i could package the thing in the first place... would i be better off assuming the preamp is shot and just get a new cp-1 ? i doubt the cost would be any higher, and i would get an upgrade this way... is there any chance the amps are shot and not the preamp? anyone else who has buzzing from rear speakers have their problem resolved ?? let me know... i hate to ship the subwoofer and preamp to discover the problem was with the preamp
  15. yep i could, but i use my headphones for other stuff too, and i dont like crawling under my desk to unplug the 'phones.
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