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  1. Thanks. I’m specifically looking for SACD payback and therefore the SA8005
  2. WTB: Marantz SA8005 CD Player
  3. I definitely thought the tweeters were less harsh after the dampening, less rattle from the speaker boxes because they were stiffer. After the Crites refresh of the crossovers, the speakers seemed to have more clarity. The improvements weren't drastic but noticeable for sure. For me the harshness in the tweeters was most irritating.
  4. Those are a sweet pair of speakers. I have them also in oak and did the bracing, dynamite on the horns and had Crites update the crossovers.
  5. WTB Paradigm X 30 or similar unit. Thanks
  6. I have the CF -3's version1's with several mods based on some great feedback from this thread - bracing, dynamat on the tweeters, and had the crossovers updated by Bob Crites. I also ended up refinishing them. I recently upgraded to a marantz AV 8802a and power these bi-amped with Parasound 2225's v2 and boy do they sound awesome. Wish I had an opportunity to grab the cf-4's but I am completely happy with the sound.
  7. I had a 9090DB and had it fully restored, I only have high praises for it. I had to downsize and free up some space and it was time to let it go. I was maintaining two seperate systems and the amount of equipment and speakers I had was a bit much, I still regret getting rid of it........ definitely a fine piece of vintage audio.
  8. I ended up pulling the trigger on a pair of Parasound 2125's V2. Looked at the Halo but had to keep it to a certain budget. Thank you everyone.
  9. Looks like I narrowed my options down to either the Parasound 2125 or the Emotiva XPA -2. I'm leaning towards the Parasound.
  10. The OP is clearly on a budget, not spending serious money, and is not a delusional audiophile, so what's your point aside from insulting the entire forum? Thanks for the post. I was kind of confused by what I was reading. By no means am I delusional audiophile. Just an A/V enthusiast of 20+ years, who is looking to make an upgrade and wants to reach out to the community so I can make the most informed decision possible based on member's past and present experiences.....
  11. One stereo amp per side, bi-amping the cabinet (lows/highs). I am assuming, of course, but that's how I read it. I've also always liked the Parasound gear. Bruce Yep that's exactly my set up. Sounds like I need to with better quality even if it means lower power since the epic's are 100db efficient.
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