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  1. i am looking at a set of kg 5.5 2 sw12 II kv3 center onkyo DTR 4.6 the asking price is 600 is this to high all i want is the 5.5 what could i get back out of the other stuff thanks it all looks almost new its oak ash
  2. sorry it took so long. i will get some pictures up after a bit. but thanks for all the info Harry tells it right teh backs resonat so bad
  3. hello i just got a set of T-400 speakers. I was thinking about upgrading the xover and the tweets and mids with bob crites parts. what do you think about carpet padding fully on the inside ?? the cabinets are what i don't know what to do with can i make the ones i have good or should i just build new ones??? thanks i know the parts are heresy II
  4. i was thinking about getting a set and wanted to know what people thought about them. what is the going rate on them i have looked i have found from 200 800? 800 is a crazy price i know that. how are they with movies with out a sub how are they for music i am running a onkyo 807 right now.
  5. thanks for the help but its got to be from newegg so thats the place i am looking so if you want to look at what thay offer and make any suggestions that would be nice i was looking at the new pioneer and last years pioneer but i dont know much about them.. will the non elite still have the elite sound thanks
  6. i am looking at the yamaha RX-v1900 or onkyo TX-NR807 mostly for music metal country just wanted to know what people tthought about the 2 and what one is better i will be upgrading from a pioneer elite 43tx and i love the sound but can't get an elite this time around so i guess i am looking for the one that will sound the closest to the pionner in music if thats possible thanks for any help
  7. thanks for all the help.. i love the speakers i traded a set of polk tsi400 for them and could not be happier i did not look at it from a money point i had not turned on the polks in almost a year i have yet to turn of the klipsch lol
  8. ok a little more info i took out the tweeters andthey are K 1-97-kv from 1998 ????????????????? [:S]
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