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  1. hi, it might be a defective sub. you might wanna contact the promedia representatives. i have a v2400 and i have had no problems so far. i leave it on for hours and no heating and no sound distorting!
  2. the reason why i wanted a longer wire is: i don't wanna have subwoofer by me when i am listening. plus, having it in just the opposite corner improves bass. whitezw: how much do you want if i supply my own preamp? do u guarantee that it will work?
  3. if you can build me a control pod with extended wire (at least 15 ft), i'll pay you or if you want, exchange with the one i have!!! sorry for posting twice. some people may read just one section!!!
  4. if you can build me a control pod with extended wire (at least 15 ft), i'll pay you or if you want, exchange with the one i have!!!
  5. quote: Originally posted by totalkaos: Can't you just plug it into the existing line in the new 4.1 preamps have? I think "Y-Splitter" is the way to go, because I heard somewhere in this BB that if you use the "HeadPhone-In" in new preamps, you get sound only from front two speakers. Correct me if I am wrong!!!
  6. hey holmesjd, i use my promedia with my laptop and it has 2-channel soundcard. i just used the y-splitter!!!
  7. I just got the wall-brackets for my v2400, and I was just wondering at what height should I install the brackets to get the most realistic sound? Thank you for your help!!!
  8. hi everyone, sorry for this off-topic question, but i really need your help. i have a DVD-drive in my laptop, and I don't wanna buy another DVD player for my TV. since my laptop doesn't have "TV-OUT" port, is there any other hardware to transfer laptop display to TV display? and how much would it cost? thank you. i'd really appreciate your help!!!
  9. in my room, i get the loudest (strongest) bass in the opposite corner!!!
  10. quote: Originally posted by Billie Jean: $20 isn't a bad price for mounting brackets like that. It's actually pretty good. I would've expected to pay at least $40. i'll buy two pairs and sell it to you for $80. would you buy it???
  11. wouldn't stools be more expensive than wall-brackets?? plus, it'd look so ugly having four stools in four corners!!!
  12. i have been wanting to buy a Wall-Bracket, but $19.99/pair seems kinda expensive. Is there any alternate cheaper way (No Hofy-Duck tape mounting)!!! also, is it worth $19.99/pair??? thanks!!!
  13. hi "asudhir", thanks for your help. i do know about the switcher where you can just press few buttons to switch, but what i am asking is for something where i don't have to do anything. meaning, if i turn on tv, i get sounds from tv through my pros with pressing switch button and when i play cds, i get sound from cds. you know what i mean? sorry for all this confusion!!!
  14. hi, sorry for bothering once again. i have a portable cd player, laptop, and a tv with headphone out in my room. everytime i want to use one of these with my promedia, i have to disconnect the "IN" wire and connect it with the other one. what i am asking is, is there a way to connect all these three devices with my promedia at the same time and not have to switch connection? so when i play tv, i get tv sound, when i play cd player, i get songs, etc....? please let me know if it is possible!!! thank you.
  15. thank you all!!! i think i'll go with the AIWA as TORIN suggested. btw, TORIN could you give me some more info on how good it is before I buy!!! the link for AIWA headphone is below: http://www.bestbuy.com/detail.asp?e=11000077&m=58&cat=70&scat=72
  16. hey guys. i've had one help so far and it's not that helpful. please help me out here!!! i wanna get the best out of these two. i also found another one at best-buy website. do you think this one is better than the above two. thank you for your help. the website to another headphone is: http://www.bestbuy.com/detail.asp?e=11000077&m=58&cat=70&scat=72 thank you again!!!
  17. Hi everyone, please help me out here. Being a college student, I cannot afford expensive headphones, so I found these two at my local TARGET store: #1: KOSS UR20 Frequency Response: 30-20,000Hz Impedance: 32 ohms Sensitivity: 97 dB SPL/1mW Cord Length: 8ft Price: $20 #2: KOSS TD61 Frequency Respone: 25-15,000Hz Impedance: 32 ohms Sensitivity: 93.5 dB SPL/1mW Cord Length: 8ft Price: $20 Which one do you think is a better buy? Is there any other headphones better than these at the same price range or (+ or - $10)? Please help me out!!! Thank you!!!
  18. this is friend again. nevermind, i just found out that these 4.2 systems (two 2.1 system) has same power as my v2-400. i am happy with my v2-400. hehe!!!!
  19. noooooooooo!!!! this is not fair. can i use this deal with my v2-400? i feel so sad and jealous!!!
  20. hey WhackJob, thanks for the offer, but how i am gonna use ADS2000. like someone said above, i have to have a SPDIF out on my laptop, which i don't? if you can teach me the way around, i might buy it from you. please let me know!!!
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