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    AVR/Blu-Ray - Marantz SR7009 (9.2.2) - Blu-Ray Oppo UDP 203 - Apple TV
    Front Height Amplifier - 2 Marantz MA6100's
    Speakers - Klipsch RF-82 - Center RC-64 - Front Wide 2 RP-160M, Front Height 2 RB-10
    Rear Surround - Surround Back 2 RS-52, Surround 2 R-14M
    Subs - Dual MFW15's (Seaton Sound ICE amplifiers, soon to be triple MFW's)
    TV -Samsung 55" 8500
    2ch - "The Sixes" and a stock MFW15

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  1. I kept trying to call Klipsch today to discuss the Forte III's and all I heard was "we are in a department meeting, please call back later".... going out of town tonight for 4 days so I guess my purchase has to wait until Monday.
  2. I love Klipsch but Mark makes some damn fine speakers and his subs are insane. I only have his amplifiers for my subs but they have been rock stable and awesome. I can't say enough good things about the things he builds.
  3. Just read a review on "The Sixes", he gets it mostly right, I own a pair and I think the imaging is fantastic, I agree about the phono stage, it's lifeless but digital input or from another good source and these things will blow you away. Overall a pretty good article but he doesn't check for spelling, oh well. http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/klipsch-the-sixes-speaker-review-mid-fi-at-its-finest/
  4. Even if they had them I would have returned them since they're brand new.
  5. My worry was more like the passive side might have been wired backwards at the drivers but all seems fine now, it was very strange though.
  6. I had the speakers running all day, don't know how but now they sound just fine, incredible bass response, detailed mids and highs.... in hog heaven.
  7. I just moved them to their position in the room and it sounds better, however still seems out of phase. When it a good spot these things POUND!! I'm looking for cables to hook up the sub, not even sure I need to! Dayum!
  8. Just bought a brand new pair of "The Sixes" and off axis they sound better than in the sweet spot which hints at them being out of phase, something I can spot easily. The cables are keyed so is it possible somebody wired them internally out of phase?
  9. I skipped on them and haven't seen anything come up since. In the mean time I bought a new set of "The Sixes" and have them running downstairs breaking them in. They sound out of phase which I'm starting a new thread on in the Personal Music Systems thread.
  10. The ad is as follows below, I'm very interested but worried about the work he had performed on them to make them more like the Heresy I's which as I am told are a bit brighter. Thoughts on the price at $525.00. Are the II's warmer even with the modification performed?
  11. I think I have an idea now how long the cable is... thanks guys, I just ordered them.
  12. I want to order them but I can't find out how long the speaker cable is that connects the two together. I called Klipsch this afternoon, but gave up after being on hold for a long time. I called Cructhfield and they have no idea, no spec page describing how long the cable is. Anybody have a set that can answer?
  13. Skule, Actually two subs will smooth out the response, when set properly they don't over-power the system they compliment it. This I can promise since I have two large subs in my system. 124db is nothing to sneaze at!
  14. Skule, Fellow Viking! I hail from Oslo Norway originally and my mother was born in Voss. We miss it very much but had a blast going there for the 1994 Olympics. [] VERY nice system you have put together! I also love Klipsch and Marantz, my system is a bit tamer than yours but I do have dual AV123 MFW-15's in the system (plus they still work even!, long story). Have fun! I need to update the picture, we have the new Samsung UN55C8000XF LED LCD, I moved the Plasma in this picture to the basement.
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