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  1. Pair of boxes and packing for KI-396-SMA-II Box and packing for an RSW-12 Any interest? I'll ship them to you, then reimburse me via Paypal. After two weeks they'll be pitched/recycled.
  2. Thanks for your responses dudes. Carl, I've been doing well. I hope the same for you and your family. Real busy these days with work, which is not a complaint. Michael and Jerry, my wife found a source for one, our cell phone provider. That never occurred to me! They have decent prices on new 11's. I'll reach out if this doesn't or can't happen. Jerry, I think our provider uses ATT so that should be compatible if we cross that bridge. I'm not asking either of you to hold them for me. If you find a way to sell, go for it. I'll mark this post as 'no longer looking'.
  3. My wife would like to upgrade from her current iPhone. Anyone looking to sell off their iPhone 11? Hoping for 128gb and Unlocked.
  4. Totally cool posting a TV for sale here. Good luck with your sale!
  5. Link No affiliation with the seller. I'm able to purchase and hold for someone. Looks like they're only minutes away from me.
  6. Got my first Pfizer yesterday morning. Sore arm around the stab, that's it. Second stab is May 1st.
  7. Link Just saw this, posted 17 days ago. No affiliation with the seller.
  8. Monoblocks are your goal, but @Breakdown7 recently had a stereo VRD for sale. Can't find its listing.
  9. There's no right and wrong with this, IMO. However you choose to do it, keep that configuration the same for all terminals at each speaker and at the receiver. That keeps the polarity consistent. If you decide to connect the silver end to the black (negative) and copper to the Red (positive), do that everywhere. As far as I know you won't fry anything if the polarity is inconsistent, it just won't sound right. Bass will sound weak. Heard about this from a friend. 😃 Should add, don't touch the silver and copper wires together when the opposite end is connected to your amp or receiver. A lot of amps and receivers have built in protection against this, but don't count on it.
  10. I'm 15 mins from Sun Prairie, and can purchase and hold these for a forum member here.
  11. Glad you're keeping them together.
  12. @BATMAN5892 is looking for an RSW-15 in Cherry.
  13. Welcome to the forum Will. Where are you located?
  14. I've purchased from @Breakdown7 in the past. Buy with confidence! Beautiful piece. Love the darker grain on both ends.
  15. Niiiiiice. Good luck with your sale.
  16. There was a dude that blew through our cul de sac on an ATV. Looked fun! Odd saying it but I never got into snowmobiles. Driven friends' sleds here and there and had fun.
  17. 8" of beautiful, powdery snow. A lot more than the 1 to 3 forecast.
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