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  1. Congratulations on the sale! Heckuva deal.
  2. Reminds me of an article in Discover magazine years ago. It described a study where (can't remember how many) men would exercise to get their clean white T-shirts sweaty. Then the shirts were put into boxes, where women could smell the contents and rank each box in order, best smelling to worst smelling. After DNA testing was done on all the people involved, the women who liked a certain box the best were the most genetically diverse compared to that man.
  3. April 3-5. Quite a few are arriving on the 2nd, myself included, to set up and be ready for Friday and Saturday's festivities.
  4. Played Hearts once and don't remember. Learn Hearts and teach Euchre, sounds like a deal.
  5. Yeah! My wife and I are friends with a guy who loves to host tournaments at his house. As many as four tables going each round. $10 buy in just for healthy competition. Fun stuff!
  6. No laughing at old people intended. I've learned lots of great Euchre strategy playing my in laws. Only know a few card games. Interested in learning more.
  7. I've never played pinochle but defer to my Dad's opinion. After learning Euchre about six years ago he said it's more enjoyable than pinochle for him. His reasoning is with a losing hand in pinochle it can drag on 20 minutes. Whereas a losing hand in Euchre lapses much faster and you're ready and optimistic for the next.
  8. Weren't those for sale with their internal components? He must be parting them out.
  9. Link Wasn't someone looking for RS-35's recently?
  10. Wish I could bring drink and gear but will most likely fly into Little Rock and rent a car.
  11. Link Been looking at this rack for a while and it went on sale yesterday.
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