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  1. There's no substitute for excellent sound. You helped me get there. RIP Bob.
  2. I've read a lot on this forum about room treatments and acoustic paneling. Many have posted here how it was one of the best improvements to their system. I look forward to doing it some day. It takes some experimenting which I haven't set aside time to do yet.
  3. It was one of those slim Marantz HT receivers. Did not compare with Cambridge.
  4. The seller Rich is great to deal with. If you decide to pull the trigger, buy with confidence.
  5. After doing a fair amount of A/Bing I like the Emotiva PT-100 paired with an ATI AT602 or AT1202 with my Chorus IIs (similar to your Forte IIs).
  6. Trying to improve my audio memory is ongoing. I'll remember the reasons why I liked this over that, but if you introduce a new piece of gear I've never heard it's hard for me to compare it to my memory of past gear. Memory gets clouded by preference and bias. Best way is to have both pieces at the same time for a shootout. Does Cambridge Audio have a 30 day return on new items? If so, order both and return one.
  7. Yep. "I'll get it.....anytime now..."
  8. I sold that model Oppo about four years ago. Somewhere around 2015 I went nuts and purchased so many Oppo's, almost one for every room. Even got one for my 1 year old at the time, looking ahead to his first stereo which he now uses fairly often. CDs are an easy media form for young kids, and I think it gives them a better idea of what an album is. Will make a sweep of the house....maybe there's another unused Oppo hiding out somewhere.
  9. I've had good experiences with that as well. One of the best options when shipping BIG stuff.
  10. Thanks, these are quite bullet proof. I'm familiar with one of the five you own. Need another? 😃
  11. This is my son's. Been in his room for many years as a CD player for a 2.1 system. He mostly uses an MP3 player & phone these days (I know....) for media sources, and prefers to sell this. He treats his electronics very well. In great shape and functions 100%. The biggest flaw is all the scratch marks around the HDMI out which is how I bought it. HDMI output works fine, see pics. Has older but decent onboard DAC. Coaxial and Optical outputs for your external DAC. Said this before in other threads, Oppo players have onboard volume control via the remote (for the RCA outputs, not sure if the same for the digital outs). This is a good workaround when using a vintage receiver that has no remote. Comes with power cord, remote, and 6' RCA cable. Did a factory reset within the menu. $120 shipped to CONUS. Paypal preferred. Will be packed well. Here is some info from Oppo, user manual, etc: https://www.oppodigital.com/support/dv980h/dv980h_support.aspx
  12. I had to resist purchasing even though there are a few sets here already. They're gone. whew!
  13. Need another pair @ZEUS121996 ?
  14. Very weird. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling. More so than regular cash anyway.
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