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  1. If the electrician is amicable make the change to one speaker, then compare it with the unaltered original. In Mono if possible. An immediate A/B comparison is more trustworthy than recalling a sound signature from memory.
  2. Thanks for your review. Totally agree about the 730 smoothness. I've had a similar experience with Sansui and Marantz vintage receivers in liking the 730 better. Listening levels are around 80 decibels inside, 90 peaks. Time to bring the R-117 outside and let it breathe!
  3. Time to be saved from hard times. I come back to this live version a lot. Such good guitar tone.
  4. I've run across some of his reviews of other gear. Like you said Jerry take what you like and skip what you don't. Very glad to never buy or sell gear to him....that transaction would take forever!
  5. Most all the Heritage line is getting way up there in asking price. What the sellers are actually getting.....who knows?
  6. Bump on the Sunfire. Please make me an offer.
  7. $450 seems high to me but I have no experience with Luxman. Bill will be along shortly 😄. The R-117 has power over it but I think the HK 730 is still a contender. Chorus II with HK 730 is a great combination. I've been enjoying them for many years.
  8. If it's relatively easy to bring that would be great!
  9. I haven't removed the grills yet. JWC said he liked the way they sounded without the grills attached, and now I understand why. With grills they have plenty of sparkle for my ears, but I'll try them the other way soon.
  10. Was hoping to have the transmitter inside a cabinet but line of sight can be done if needed.
  11. Looking at that feral dog video, looks like all one needs is a snow shovel.
  12. Wow, that was fast. Congrats to you both. Love those HK's.
  13. Good luck with your sale. Great prices all around.
  14. For FM I use a Sony HD radio. Nothing against the HK, it gets a good signal. I like grabbing some of the HD stations with the Sony.
  15. Great setup! Did you grab that monolith stand during the sale? They're currently out of stock. That Daft Punk is a good sounding album.
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