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  1. Congratulations Mark! Looks great! Add to that being able to play music/movies at your discretion and you've got a happy home!
  2. Link Posting here due to rarity, not price. No affiliation with seller.
  3. Lesson learned for sure.
  4. Under his avatar pic. Good luck with your sale Dave. I purchased one of the many sets that went in St Louis a couple years ago. Paypal'd right away, a year passed and I still didn't get down there to pick them up. By then they were all gone! He refunded my purchase but man I wish I had driven down there sooner, grabbed a pair, and see what all the talk is about.
  5. Link Some refurbed stuff for way under MSRP, like this center channel: Link
  6. Man those are sweet. Love the 'PWK' above the speaker terminals.
  7. Yes. If not listed on their website under accessories, call them. Sorry for the slight thread hack. Good luck with your sale.
  8. I think that's ok to include. To me that means not a home theater receiver. The TA-100 is small with a lot of nice features, great piece. Very nice combination of gear. Enjoy!
  9. Master & Dynamic MW60 Wireless and corded option. 👍 They clamp slightly tight but that's the only con so far.
  10. Link Sale ends tonight. Enter WFH50 coupon at checkout.
  11. From the ad: 2017 Gold Medal Odyssey Popcorn Maker Model# 2670-294 120/208v Or 120/240v Stainless Steel Cabinet On Casters
  12. I called American earlier than the 'less than a week away' (didn't know about that) and was able to cancel my April flight and make reservations for the September SWAG. Left a message with American and someone called me back almost two hours later. Surprisingly the cost for the Sept flight was one cent more, so the lady said it's a straight up transfer, no extra cost. whew
  13. Link Piano Gloss Black is the only option.
  14. You can step out of the '80s and '90s with this Oppo model: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Oppo-CD-DVD-player-DV-983H-SACD-1080-HDMI-7-1-CH-surround-w-remote/313020697745?epid=62327338&hash=item48e17ccc91:g:oUgAAOSw07JeYvMi Has volume control on the remote, a nice option with your vintage reciever.
  15. Link Seller is high in my opinion but these are in great shape. Nice to see well taken care of Klipsch. No affiliation with the seller.
  16. For a pair in excellent shape, in my opinion yes.
  17. Link No affiliation with the seller.
  18. Still using that Hsu sub you sold me years back. I'd need to save pennies for a while to get this Black System. Sometimes it's difficult living close to you!
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