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    NFL 2021

    They have some good players to go with Tom. Vegas seemed to like it. Went from 40 to 1 down to 20 to 1 for winning the SB.
  2. Of course I can't speak for others, but I don't know anybody as I mentioned and was just curious if others on the Klipsch forum did know somebody with Caronavirus. I think it's a fair question.
  3. Watching this video made me grin today. You post one that makes you grin.
  4. Try this. My right front channel disappears sometimes. I figured out that if I play music at a pretty high volume for a bit it will "wake" back up if you will. After sitting for a week or two, it will fall back off and not work again. repeat the loud music trick and it always will wake back up. Worth a try anyway.
  5. From reading your post, it appears you guys are really taking every precaution. According to this website, as of yesterday only 1 person has died as a result of the Caronavirus in Alberta. Good luck to you. https://www.alberta.ca/coronavirus-info-for-albertans.aspx
  6. Tax filing deadline moved to July 15th, so there is that.
  7. Anybody here actually know anybody with this? We have 60K people in the county where I live and not a single confirmed case yet.
  8. How does Coronavirus compare to H1N1? I don't remember all this panic over that one.
  9. I served '87 to '94 as a Sensor Systems Tech on the Phantom II. Here is one of our birds.
  10. I'm totally screwed. I admit it. I have not stockpiled a single roll of toilet paper. What was I thinking?
  11. They can't close the border anymore than we can. How's that wall coming along?
  12. We want to make and edit mp4 videos. What's a good software for doing that?
  13. I've got to get better at this. I get to watching the game at exciting times and stop taking pictures! I've got to train myself to take pictures all the time. I've already missed two great tag outs at home by him this season because I was watching the action!
  14. Awesome! Hardest working player on the field. We have had 5 varsity games and he caught all but 1 which was the second of a doubleheader. Fun times, but hard work. By the way, how are your knees holding up?
  15. That's my boy in the catcher gear!
  16. Orange juice from concentrate sprite Jose Quervo gold tequila Jose Quervo margarita mix Cuantro Triple Sec Gran Marnier splashed on top.
  17. The best looking speaker is the Belle. The best sounding is what billybob said.
  18. On the darts. I was throwing with a friend and loser was buying supper that night. We were throwing at a regulation board and at regulation distance and I had a moment of precision. I threw 3 darts into the double bull to end a 301 game. I had thrown 2 double bulls before a couple of times, but never a triple. That was a lot of fun. Mike, I bet you have thrown a bunch of those?
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